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Science and Technology

The 21st Century is leaps and bounds ahead of the real world we are all familiar with. Heroes, villains and the resourceful have access to medicine, technology and military equipment far more sophisticated than some of our most cutting edge inventions.

There is a handful of key players responsible for these massive jumps in scientific and technological advancement; S.T.A.R. Labs, LexCorp, Stark Industries, Cyberdata, Sunderland., Roxxon, Reed Richards, WayneTech and so on.

Mankind is on the cusp of a technological Golden Age.

Medicine: Complex surgery is almost completely free without complications (transplant and open-heart are commonplace and risk free). Prosthesis, artificial limbs and organs are widespread and not an unfamiliar sight. Many forms of cancer are also curable. Skin and minor wounds can even be regenerated by the proper and quick enough treatment. Radiation sickness is curable by injections, drug addiction can be treated by vaccines, genetic testing can halt epidemics, nanoparticles make chemotherapy much easier and genome sequencing can predict or even map possible key traits for future children.

Even very expensive synthetic meats are allowing vegetarians the opportunity to indulge like other carnivores.

Full conversion cybernetic soldiers are also rumored to exist.

Recent discoveries have been the ability to isolate and designate variants on genetic anomalies. The mutant gene or strain is actually one of the many breakthroughs achieved which has been a boon and a social setback since it's isolation. The discovery of this specific DNA bit has lead to social persecution at an unexpected level as it gives a defined target for many pro-human or fearful individuals and movements. Scanning technology in recent years has become so advanced they can actually track and identify the X-Factor in a localized area. It is presumed they are still attempting to discover even more as the number of metahumans in our world isn't classified as just 'mutants'.

Advanced cosmetic surgery has become a booming rave among the mutant inspired population of the world. Flatscans or normals have taken to surgery to make themselves appear physically like mutants and metahumans, these unintentional trendsetters have put more than enough money in the pockets of skillful plastic surgeons. This trend is exceptionally popular around extra-normal strong communities like New York's M-Town and Gotham's Hill. The coined term of "Wannabe" has become the stereotype reference for these trend followers. It is not completely out of this world to encounter someone who has had their skin or eyes permanently modified or ears reconstructed to look 'elfy' or even individuals with whiskers and tails. Though there are obvious dangers to this especially with the current atmosphere's larger push on the Friends of Humanity movements.

Basic Artificial intelligence is an actual thing that can be considered "mainstream". A wealthy household can even own their own robotic butlers, fitness trainers, caretakers, maids and drivers (some even opt for security). Smart Homes are becoming an expensive trend.

Perfect Translators (Cellphone tech capable), Scrolls instead of Tablets (finer, thinner, single sheets that unravel and re-roll up in to tubes), 3D printing for just about anything from appliances, components to car parts, Smart Homes, Electric and automated cars, apps that predict traffic jams via roadside sensors, archived data and GPS, passwords are almost obsolete (now based off retinal scans, DNA, fingerprints, voice recognition and even heartbeat patterns).

Holographic projection technologies (thanks to WayneTech, LexCorp and Stark Industries) are widespread and the new 'fad' for the privileged. If you don't own a Wayne brand Tekwatch with Holoprojection functions you're just not in touch with the times.

Military Hardware: S.T.A.R. Labs, LexCorp and Stark Industries at one point almost completely dominated the world of advanced weapons. Expensive battlesuits and war machines that were experimental in the late 90's are now fully active and in service in several of the world's armies, fortunately their costs still prohibit wholesale adoption but highly advanced warfighter technologies and mechanized armored suits to even walking combat platforms are very much a thing.

Even conventional armed forces have seen adoption of advanced laser systems (L1 variety) and the black market itself has shown to be able to acquire rather significant criminal hardware. Companies like Hammer Industries bread and butter tends to apply to selling hi-tech at cheaper and affordable costs or sizable leaks to the underground community.

Benchmarks: L2 for top tier like LexCorp, Wayne, Stark, AIM, S.T.A.R. Labs and so on. L1 for the mid to low tier experts in these fields. L2 is rare and very expensive. L1 is uncommon and expensive. L3 is almost unheard of and extremely expensive.

Drones are commonplace in all of the major cities of the world. They range from commercial use, entertainment, security, news, military and law enforcement. Daily the average American in a city like New York sees around half a dozen if not more.

Space Technology: All most all of the world's major governments have space shuttle technology and the majority of these have achieved moon landings. There are even very expensive space yachts that make trips around the Earth for those who wish to pay the insane fees. Mars is already a target in the for human voyage and possibly habitation ESA, S.T.A.R. Labs and Mars Direct are slated to launch within the next 3 years.

The real space technology of E-626 is held by private companies and individuals. Several companies even maintain their own operational space shuttles and stations (like the JL:A Watchtower which S.T.A.R. Labs and Wayne Aerospace are largely responsible for), namely firms specializing in aerospace technology.

Military weapons are still banned from space by international agreements but there is talk that S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.N. wish to field a defensive vessel. Russia and the USA have also undergone talks of a joint space defense treaty as well.

Scientific Community:
Amazing achievements in science can be accredited to a number of individuals around the globe. Many of these super scientists are heroes and villains who have helped (often inadvertently) improve the science and technological capabilities of the world. Through (people like Reed Richards, Ray Palmer, Lex Luthor, Howard Stark, Hank Pym, etc) them and many others geniuses advances have been made that skip in to the realms of science fiction.

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Composite Element - Metal


Aliases: Adamantium (Pro, True, Secondary), Supermanium (jokingly), Carbonadium

Inspired by the stories of the Greek Legend Hercules and his golden mace of made of Adamantine Dr. Myron MacLain sought to create an unbreakable alloy of his own.
Adamantium is an incredibly dense iron-based allow that is artificial in nature. It is virtually indestructible. It is also unfortunately extremely rare.

Adamantium comes in several known stages and it is the hardest man-made metal in the reality of E-626.

Proto-Adamantium originally created by Dr.MacClain it has been unable to be replicated. The only object in existence hosting Proto-Adamantium is Captain America's shield. It was created with a combination of steel, Vibranium and a yet unknown element.

Primary Adamantium or True Adamantium is an attempt to recreate McClain's original discovery. It unfortunately did not prove to herald the same results but it is nearly as indestructible which says quite a bit.
The creation process for Primary or True Adamantium is very expensive and requires a fortune alone, extensive resources, specialized expertise and timing (once liquid Adamantium hardens and cools it cannot be manipulated again).

*Wolverine's claws are made of True Adamantium.

Secondary Adamantium or "Carbonadium"

This resilient metal composition is an attempt at creating True Adamantium but once again falls short, it is far stronger than steel and more flexible than Primary but less durable. Comparable to most metals Carbonadium is still nearly indestructible and most importantly far more cost effective than True Adamantium.

*Omega Red's tentacles are made of Carbonadium.

First Appearance

Captain America's Shield, Wolverine's Claws

Resource Name


Bioengineered Compound


Recorded Designation: CC-CV1 (see log: http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:1373)
Alias: Basilisk, Venom Strain C, Snakespit, Zombie Juice

CC-CV1 was created based off of works of Bannerman Pharmaceuticals by the combined efforts of Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isley, Archibald "Doctor Venom" Monev and Hugo Strange. Funded by Cobra's Anastasia "the Baroness" DeCobray to create her Neo-Vipers.

CC-CV1 is a bio-engineered compound that drastically augments a subjects physical strength, hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, reflexes and focus to peak human levels.

Side effects are a decrease in cognitive thought and personal 'will'. The subject becomes highly susceptible to outside coercion, hypnosis and mental domination. There is also a recorded lack of pain registry that makes the subject psychologically immune. The receptors are simply blocked.

The adrenal surge given by CC-CV1 is also highly addictive and possible long term mutations are suspect (if a metahuman strain is present in the host genome). This cocktail has a lot of plant and reptilian DNA spliced in to it.

OOC Note: This is a variant off of Venom. The super-steroid that Bane use(d).

First Appearance

Resource Name


Element - Metal


During the 80s a media craze and global phenomena quite literally hit the Earth in the form of meteorites, glowing green and red ones. This sparked a wild public paranoia that spoke of Alien invasion, creatures from outer space, nuclear attack and all manner of Science Fiction spawned nonsense. Most notable about this event was a collector's craze that tilted the stock markets for a short period of time. This "green rock" frenzy was both ridiculous and monumental also thankfully very short lived (mainstream it lasted just short of three years).

The discovery of this unique metal reportedly hit several locations at once among those documented are Canada, the United States, South America, Eastern Europe on through Russia and even to a lesser extent China. These glowing alien space rocks were quickly hunted down, confiscated and vaulted away by various governments around the world, the announced reason? Radiation.

It has since been confirmed the Green (sometimes Red) rocks do have a low range emission of electromagnetic type radiation that is similar to gamma or X-ray that somehow on an isolated level disperses, displaces and can even ionize photovalic and photosynthetic cells. This unique radiation is not directly harmful to humans and even many plants but continuous or prolonged exposure can and will have negative effects. Oddly enough this Metal-K radiation does not penetrate lead.

Since its discovery many names for the rare element have been tossed around for a period of time Kryptonium was the most popular but that over the last ten years has fallen out of popularity for the word "Kryptonite". Several science boards have even tried to have Kryptonium/Kryptonite added as the periodic element 126 these attempts seemed inconclusive and are only mentioned in passing by the general science community.

How did it get here? The most popular theory is a large singular meteoroid (quite possibly asteroid) exploded or collided with something outside of our galaxy and the remnants of this broken space voyager found their way to Earth and surrounding planets (and even galaxies).

Variants of the glowing rocks include crystallized versions and ore. The only colors documented so far (and as far as anyone is aware) are green and red. No one really knows the reason behind the two colors but another and possibly true reason behind this but after destruction of the original meteoroid several chunks passed through a mysterious red space mist or dust that attached itself to the green rocks and actually mutated them, the core sample is still the same but some properties change, the discoloration the most obvious. There is a minor difference in the radiation emission but scientists have yet to determine what sort of effects this may have if it is any at all it is very minor.

OOC Note: The real story behind this is upon the destruction of Krypton the unique warp drive system that helped Kal-El escape pulled much of the debris of the planet with it to our own.

Also the theory in regards to the red Kryptonite is also truth. Only the wealthy, influential and powerful have access to Kryptonite, the red is even harder to get hands on.

What this means is that a finite surplus of Kryptonite exists on Earth but it is an almost traceable number that is extremely rare and has been rigorously studied under lock and key for the past two decades or more by underground science divisions usually of those government nature.

As it stands Cadmus is the premiere expert on all things Kryptonian in origin (and not shockingly also cloning) they are aware of aliens and specialize in Kal-El's people, the Kryptonians (as limited as that knowledge is at this point in time). It is assumed much of their intelligence comes from DNA mapping and a form of genetic memory delving technology which is currently not an exact science.

Though, it's name Kryptonite is a leak of knowledge and origin that cannot actually be pinpointed as the world at large really has no clue aliens are amongst us, there is theory, speculation and paranoia but aliens as a whole are not a known commodity on Earth (the governments know otherwise as do those who travel in such circles but the general populace of the world has no idea, Superman himself has yet to out himself as one on any public forum - mutants are a thing as the x-gene was discovered in the early 90s and metahumans are a documented oddity but aliens are only suspect).

This also means there is at this point in time ONLY green and the even rarer red Kryptonite exists.

(8) toughness benchmark but near impervious to heat.

First Appearance


Infectious Agent


Legacy-0 or the HYDRA Retrovirus (Strains A, B and C) is an experimental and lethal bio-weapon tailored to target mutants and potential mutant by means of their specific X-Gene. It breaks down the organism's 'X-Factor' strain and any DNA associated on a molecular level, causing massive cardiopulmonary failure and wide spread tissue necrosis within hours of exposure.

This was originally developed by a now defunct arm of HYDRA and all research and production facilities related were hunted down and destroyed by a joint SHIELD/X-Men venture in a months long operation to rid the world of it, though it is probable that small aches remain undiscovered. The virus itself responds poorly to extremes of heat and must be kept refrigerated.

The HYDRA Retrovirus on Earth-626 is considered Legacy-0 as it is similar to (yet not quite) Legacy-1 (it is much less refined, messier, not as selective and considerably more inhumane) . It is essentially the proto-legacy virus for E-626.

Resource Name


Power Armor - Combat Exoskeleton


This is the DEO Mandroid Armor Variant also called Cape-Killers

Mandroid armor features sophisticated sensor array systems, advanced communications (loud speaker included for crowd control), a powered musculature, high-impact resistant armor plating, multi-role weapon payload and an on-board life support system.

Armor (BM10 - BM9 sensitive locations): Titanium Composite Surface Layer.
Musculature Enhancements: Strength amplification 20 times (Integrity overload occurs in excess of 24,000lbs). *This is above head lift, crushing to impact projection power.

Size* The suits add 15 inches of height to the pilot and 325lbs. Most pilots are expected to be above 5'5" but below 6'4" any larger or smaller requires (expensive) modifications.

Life Support: High altitude to deep pressure 70,000 above to 800 below. Air Supply is 2 hours.
Temperature Resistance: 73F internal. 185F+ to 1600 external.
Completely sealed, full spectrum chemical, biological and radiation/nuclear environment protection. Filtered air is two months external.

Maximum Running Speed: 50 MPH for 13 minutes.

Onboard Weapon Systems
Neuronic High-Frequency Stun Cannon (mounted on right forearm)
Effective Range 175feet.
A non-lethal projected beam that disorients and stuns targets. Sustained or multiple shots can cause unconsciousness.

Laser Offensive Torch (mounted on left forearm)
Effective Range 90feet.
A focused high-watt laser torch. Not effective in clouds, fog, smoke, or anything that blocks 'light'.
(BM9 sustained up to BM11 - less effective at greater ranges)

Electrostatic Discharger "Punch Blasters" (housed in both hands)
Effective Range close quarters to 60feet.
Discharges electric surges that can act as focused EMPs, electro-stunners, sustained electric 'bolt' or an electro-magnetic discharge.

Interchangeable shoulder mountings: VARIOUS

*Most if not all DEO Mandroids have an external weapon they carry. For serious situations it can range up to mini-guns and missile launchers.

On-board Communications feature secure audio and visual channels with an average range of up to 30 miles. for crowd control. Sensory systems of the pilot are fully protected.

On-board Communication Systems feature secure audio and visual channels operable up to 30 miles range. Loud speaker for crowd control, infra-to-thermal vision up to 175feet, on-board radar and sonar options and complete sensory protection for the pilot. Remote options are also available at a limited range.

The on-board computer system has routine house keeping protocols, supervises the exoskeletons systems and allows for autonomous action under certain situations. The targeting system can track up to three tags up to a range of a half a mile.

Suit is accessed by means of verbal recognition.

Additional Sponsors and Contributors to the DEO Mandroid Program

First Appearance

February 2016

Resource Name


Element - Metal


Nth metal is an extraterrestrial mineral that is composed of morphic “super-heavy atoms” or transuranium elements. It is perhaps one of the most mutable metals ever discovered.

Even beyond Earth sciences have been unable to determine what it is exactly that makes Nth metal exhibit almost magical properties, some have assumed that is exactly that while others of the scientific mindset claim quite simply magic is just a yet to be understood science.

At it's most base Nth metal is self-collecting and will attempt to reconfigure or clump to it's designated shapes (which turns into a form of self-healing or regeneration) and is highly resistant to outside influence and natural elements even magical energies , to a very limited extent psychic forces

(This may have something to do with another theory that Nth is alive. That is of course only a theory).

The easiest “magical” properties that can be activated by Nth metal is it's anti-gravity properties that allow close proximity objects the ability of levitation or flight.

OOC Note:

This information is only known by the Hawk People and SHIELD (including some, but not all, WAND contractors). There are more properties to this metal that will be added as the RP is conducted.

Contact Staff for more details.

First Appearance

They Are An Old Race - http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:3225

Resource Name


Subatomic Particles


Pym Particles - Discovered and isolated by Doctor Henry "Hank" Pym in 2014 these subatomic particles can alter the size and mass of inorganic and organic material. It is theorized that when mass is displaced by Pym Particles it ends up in another dimension.

Pym Particles are known to have a bonding aspect that works on a molecular level. This is only incurred with prolonged use or too much of a concentration of Pym Particles.
There is another dangerous side effect as well (beyond the obvious of simply getting stuck in an altered state) is the potential for instability. This instability extends beyond the physiological by means of what is likely chemical imbalances, these can lead to severe memory loss, mental breakdowns, developmental personality disorders and outright insanity.

Pym Particles are patented by Hank Pym and to date only used by Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) and Ant-Man (Hank Pym).

OOC Note: Without Staff notice or approved plot Pym Particles should not be at use by anyone beyond a Hank Pym or approved character.

First Appearance

June 2014

Resource Name


Extradimensional Compound


Aliases: Red Matter, Red Mercury, Compound R, Red "K"

This highly radioactive composition of chemicals is a scarlet red mercuric dust at its base form (through processing it can be a liquid or solid) that consists of several foreign elements combined to create a superconductive, volatile and powerful substance known to the world (other worlds - it is "unheard of" in E-626) as Red Mercury or Compound R.

Largely a mystery to this reality it is known in other realities it's properties are incredibly mutable and its applications are widely varied but applied properly it creates fusion, fission and even singularities.

Red Mercury is very deadly and produces varying degrees of radiation that course through stages of gamma decay and electromagnetic emissions. Even metahumans and extraterrestrials immune to such things find themselves hindered and even harmed, it can even halt the regeneration process.

OOC Note: The origin of Red Matter is Earth-81. It's creation is a mystery in Earth-626 and technically does not exist as more than a hoax.
A prime component of Red Matter is actually Red Kryptonite which in the world of E-81 rained down heavily (more so than Green) on their world in the late 1930s (1938 to be exact). Red K (mutated naturally and artificially) applied to certain chemicals having created Red Matter also means it has a disturbing effect on Kryptonians, this being artificial processed it causes isolation of cells, separating them and halting healing as well as photovoltaic properties because it actually alters the cells themselves upon contact (meaning EXTREME PAIN and power neutralization).

First Appearance

Resource Name


Robot, Weapon


Sentinel Mark I

Created and manufactured by Boliver Trask (an expert in anthropology, biophysics, cybernetics and robotics) and Trask Industries to contain, hunt and if forced exterminate metahuman, alien and mutant threats. The initial plans for Sentinels supposedly began in the 1980s but the actual working Sentinel models were not manufactured until the late 1990s. These wouldn't see official use beyond testing until 2014.
The Sentinel Mark I has been perfected, updated and reconstructed for around 20 years and were about to be shelved until the outcry against superhumans became loud enough Trask Industries finally had backers and business.

The Mark I is an 18foot tall robotic humanoid that weighs in around 5,000 lbs.

Operation and command of the Sentinels runs off an autonomous system called the Master Mold. A large computer mainframe with human technicians that operate and maintain it. (Master Mold at this point in time is a barely sentient and requires command and instruction). The Master Mold can control Sentinels up to several hundred miles but operates at a child like level of intelligence without it's operator's aid.
Benchmark: Range of control (10). Intelligence of Master Mold is a (3) on most scenarios and applied knowledge. It's individual thought process without operators is a simple (1) it is a very basic AI (at this point in time).

Power Supply:
Sentinels have only 4 hours of constant use before requiring recharge and maintenance mode. 1 hour if spent in constant combat or use.

The armor of the sentinels is combination of ceramics and metal.
Benchmark: (9) Armor. (8) Sensors, Electrical, Joints.

Dual Trask 873K Energy Blasters: These high-tech ionic lasers have enough damage output to rip through steel, concrete and trees (as well as other Sentinels). They can damage stone, volcanic rock and even Atlantean steel. Payload consists of about 40 shots each blaster before requiring a recharge.
Benchmark: (10) Damage. (6) Range.

Trask v1.7 Stunner aka "The Humanitarian" : This electrical discharge is fired from the chest and arcs out at a radius of up to 60' feet from the Sentinel. It acts as both a low powered EMP (knocking out unprotected electronics) and a disable method that will render targets hit stunned to possibly knocked though lethality has been known to happen at closer ranges-though painful it is not meant to kill.
Benchmark: (4) Standard ranges (10-50'), (5) Close range (under 10'), (3) Maximum range (over 50'). EMP is a (4) across the board for electrical shut down and damage meaning anything not protected by rubber or more resilient safeguards against ampere/voltage is shut off.

Tracking System: The Sentinels are equipped with a short range motion and target acquisition tracker that allows them to effectively pinpoint their prey; this also engages command protocols for combat and apprehension. This system can pace up to four standard human speed individuals.
Benchmark: Any individual who moves at speeds of more than a (5) decreases it's capabilities by one. It is incapable of tracking individuals of a (10+) or more and must divert all systems for anyone of (8+) to singular focus. The range of this is up to 1.7 miles.

Additional Info
Propulsion System: Two G302-TI-99 enhanced performance ion thrusters which allow the Sentinel to move up to speeds 270mph in flight. Sentinels have been programmed to use their ionic thrusters for jump and short burst movement more so than actual flight, flight is rarely used for pursuit and is typically kept simply for travel.
Benchmark: (8)

The Sentinel itself is robotic in strength and capable of exerting almost three times it's weight in concentrated force. It can also maintain non-moving a lift factor of almost four or five times that (around 20 tons MAX).
Benchmark: (9)

First Appearance

Resource Name



Element - Metal


A unique Asgardian element that is incredibly resilient. This strange ore possesses a natural affinity for magic and is capable of storing vast amounts of energy. Only the most capable can truly enchant Uru.

This metal is extraordinarily rare on Earth and generally only found where Asgardians dwell.

*Uru metal can absorb and store energy it also has mystical properties based off of how it is molded initially (or remolded) - a process that requires great talent and power usually beyond mortal capabilities.

First Appearance


Resource Name


Element - Metal


Aliases: Anti-Metal, Nuform, Vibranium

Vibranium is extraterrestrial ore that in origin and comes from one of two massive deposits that struck Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago. One of those in the African country of Wakanda and the other in the Antarctic.

Vibranium is recorded to have various elements that have higher than recorded atomic weights native to planet Earth hosting more proof of it's alien origins.

Vibranium A, Common Vibranium , Wakandan Vibranium or Vibranium is the most common and found almost exclusively in Wakanda.
Wakandan Vibranium is one of the most durable substances on Earth and acts as a composite for Adamantium. Vibranium's special qualities allow it to absorb kinetic energy and vibrational waves, it actually stores these things and it's molecules bond even tighter. As such it creates no sound, cancels/nullifies sound waves, absorbs impacts and transfers no force. Which makes it incredibly useful and of course valuable.
It is also capable of amplifying magical 'energies' (wildly so) and acts as a mutagen substance in it's purest forms and concentrated forms (something that cannot be replicated).

Vibranium B, _Antarctic Vibranium or Anti-Metal

The second deposit or B to hit the Earth is found only in the Antarctic and is known as Anti-Metal for a good reason unlike it's Wakandan relative it does not absorb vibration but instead generates a vibrational 'cancer' or field that actually destroys metallic bond that are in close proximity of it. Exposure to Anti-Metal for prolonged lengths can actually liquify most metals, even the most dense such as Adamantium, Nth and Promethium.

Not as expensive or sought after as Vibraniun, Anti-Metal is still very expensive and useful.

Vibranium C, Roxxon Vibranium or Nuform

Rumors have it that Roxxon expeditions to the Antarctic have heralded them their own surplus of Roxxon Vibranium they are calling Vibranium C which acts just like Wakandan Vibraninum. They will soon be launching a campaign to mass market Wakandan Vibranium they're calling Nuform to the world!

OOC Disclaimer: Nuform has not been ICly released yet and is OOC knowledge for the wiki only. DO NOT USE without Staff consent.

Nuform is an artificial composition that incorporates some of Antarctica's Vibranium elements in to it. Nuform acts exactly like Wakandan Adamantium as long as it is getting constant stabilization treatments, without these it breaks down in to Anti-Metal.

First Appearance

Black Panther

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