Mutant Town

District X, more popularly known as Mutant Town despite being politically incorrect, sits between Alphabet City and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan. Full of diversity and oddities the outside world can only dream of, M-Town is a hub of mutant culture, fashion, food, design, and even some cutting edge technology.

With one of the largest concentrated populations of 'muties' in the U.S. and the world, many other metahumans find it easier to get by here than elsewhere in a world that often hates and fears them.

In the late 90's, after the isolation of the X-Gene, anti-mutant sentiment soared. At the time, District X was a community of immigrants from all over the world. Mutants quietly began to move in, but it was a community secret that very few outsiders knew. Today, Mutant Town is a very public enclave of metahumans, freaks, and outcasts and a thriving—if insular—community.

The Morlock Massacre a decade ago and more recent events have done nothing to slow its growth.

The diversity of District X and its pro-mutant stance makes maintaining law and order a struggle within its boundaries. Outsiders therefore tend to view M-Town as an overcrowded ghetto, full of uneducated human-haters, criminals, prostitutes, druggies, and other undesirables. Listed as one of the world's most dangerous places to live in the world, much of the illicit activity has been traced to organized crime families. The 11th Precinct of the NYPD - a small and specialized task force that claims to have the city's toughest, meanest and hardiest law enforcement professionals - was assembled especially for this jurisdiction. (They come in hot or not at all and have a tendency to 'disappear' in this neck of the woods.)

Despite this, people continue to reside there and pursue happy lives. In fact, the cultural influence and natural abilities of the residents makes many of them feel that Mutant Town one of the most progressive, innovative, and unique places in the world.

The SRD's motto is "Expect the Unexpected." Here, they're words to live by.

Places of Interest

  • Cafe Des Artistes (A favorite for 11th Precinct officers, the Cafe itself is covered in photos of mutants and circus freaks, the more outlandish one looks the more likely they are to end up on a wall)
  • Daniel's Inferno (a popular nightclub that caters to the Dante's Inferno of the Divine Comedy with it's theme. This is a popular location for Angelic and Demonic looking metahumans)
  • Double Helix Restaurant
  • McCarthy Avenue Tenements (Low-income housing, subject to numerous health inspects and is over run by insects. It's in need of being condemned)
  • Mutatoo (A very popular tattoo parlor and mutant biker run joint)
  • The Power Plant (a fairly decent dive bar owned and operated by a tentacle sporting mutant woman named Lefty)
  • Shakespeare's (A posh nightclub located on Calley Avenue. It's got negative relations with Daniel's Inferno due to ownership issues)
  • Wannabees (Another posh nightclub that caters to humans who wish to have a taste of mutant and metahuman subcultures. Clubbers of Wannabees tend to dress up or accessorize to look just like metas)
  • Wildkat Klub (a mens club that focuses on mutant patrons and those seeking mutant companionship. It's very popular and very expensive)
  • X-Factory (a store that carries fashion and clothing for mutants and even superheroes and villains)
  • C-Street Medical Offices (a low cost, affordable to free clinic that caters to mutants)
  • 11th Precinct

Notable Residents


RP Logs & Journals

July 21, 2015: M-Town Prattle

Jean asks Partisan to meet and two different perspectives are shared as well as a lesson in weaponry. (GUNS!)

(permalink: log:2042 | tags: mtown partisan phoenix | posted: 22 Jul 2015 03:56)

July 11, 2015: Fixing M-Town

Mutants work together using their gifts to fix M-Town while Dario sews the seeds of destruction.

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June 26, 2015: Fridays in M-Town

A group of heroes deal with a mob in M-Town! Emits by Rachel (R) and Brinley (B).

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June 21, 2015: M-Town Meet and Greet

Hawkeye and Hawkeye hold a BBQ for the JL:A in M-Town.

(permalink: log:1666 | tags: hawkeye hawkeye_ii mtown red_hood tigra | posted: 21 Jun 2015 23:51)

May 16, 2015: Disappointing Mother

Mystique finds out who leads the Purifiers. And is disappointed.

(permalink: log:1683 | tags: aspect graydon_creed mtown mystique nyc | posted: 22 Jun 2015 11:40)

May 31, 2015: Burn M-Town, Burn

Fantomex and Traveler meet up to swap info, but then the Purifers attack at dusk while innocents burn.

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March 11, 2015: Flame Throwing M-Town

Wolf Cub, Partisan and Pepper Potts end up dealing with flame throwing fanatics in M-Town.

(permalink: log:1836 | tags: mtown pepper_potts | posted: 01 Jul 2015 05:09)

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