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World Questions

Q: What is the population of Mutants and Metahumans? What is the difference between Mutants and other Metahumans?
A: The overall superhumanly powered, metahuman or meta- "capable" population of the world is a rough 1% estimate. This number are those capable of 'activating' or gaining powers by outside means due to carrying a metagene or some other unknown factor that is of alien origin, unexplained phenomenon or undocumented genetic abnormality. Mutants are only .50% of that estimation and possess the X-Gene; a very specific strain introduced to humankind's ancestors countless millennia ago by Celestials and further modified by the White Martians. As it stands that .50% is a scientifically isolated, defined and traceable /people/ thanks to that shared unit of heredity / DNA imprint, a genetic marker that obviously differs from the other .50% of the superhuman populace (which may be disguised aliens, dimensional beings, magically bestowed, etc).

*The estimated percentile includes those who have not activated or are dormant. Meaning the actual numbers of those with superhuman abilities are even lower than the given numbers.

Q: What is Magic what does it do and how does it work?
A: The magic of Earth-626 and it's universe is an ever-changing thing. There are uncountable approaches to the way it operates and how it affects reality and differs greatly from tale to tale, origin to origin. Very little about magic is static it is a highly dynamic force that is extremely versatile. What does hold true and is a staple rule for all magic is that it is built on a common ground of reshaping existing power and forming it to your desires, power found in yourself, the universe and from other dimensions.

The three techniques of magic: Personal Magic is derived from ones soul, mind and body. A beings own energies fuel their spells. These are generally coined "quiet spells" that require little to no gesture or action. They are not as powerful as universal or dimensional incantations but beyond threat to self are generally much safer. Universal Magic is harnessed by tapping in to ambient energy and the forces of the actual Universe of Earth-626. Dimensional Magic is harnessed by tapping in to other dimensional beings, objects or actual realms outside of our own. These are generally the most powerful spells and operate outside of the magical users own energies making them easier yet the danger is far greater.

These are very simple descriptions, all cultures and sciences of magic have their own methods, beliefs and applications. For the purpose of our Universe this is a simplistic base definition that can be reworded however one chooses. Magic is fairly broad-ranged and encompasses many things including (and not limited to); demons, the supernatural, spell casters, mythical monsters, artifacts, "gods" and so on. So in regards to what can be harmed by, affected or pertains to this sphere, consider all things within that category as /magical/ or supernatural. They are roughly tied to similar laws.

Group Questions

Q: How is SHIELD different from Project Stormwatch?
A: Project Stormwatch unlike SHIELD is only interested in American threats. Most of their activities are not sanctioned or authorized by the UN or SHIELD. They are an American outfit loosely affiliated with the CIA, SHIELD is a United Nations organization.

Q: Is the SRD anything like the MRD in the cartoons or comics? Are they connected to SHIELD or other government agencies?
A: The SRD is localized militia. They are given jurisdiction based on their territories and state location, it depends on the Governor, Mayor or Politician connected to them how much they get away with and each of the Tri-Cities has their own attached SRD. The Gotham SRD for example is run by Hugo Strange and act through him much like the TYGER mercenaries did in Arkham City meaning they are generally not favorable (to outright hostile) to metahumans or vigilantes where as the SRD in Metropolis is quite helpful and actually aids superhumans who have a good reputation, like Superman.

Q: What is the difference between a Prime group and a Dynamic group?
A: Prime groups are staff established, organized and generally run. Dynamic groups are player created, organized and run. It is mainly in regards to their origin and how much "say so" specific parties have with the involved organization. The names are purely aesthetic.

Character Questions

Q: I want to play a certain character but he/she is on the restricted list?
A: It is still possible to app restricted characters. These characters are just special cases that require more attention from staff and a willingness in the player to work with other players and staff to adjust them to game ready standards.

*At times characters may appear in the restricted list because they are currently being used as a plot device.

Q: Does DC have any mutants I can app?
A: Yes. You can alter some of the characters origins to reflect the mixed universe. Killer Croc is a good example of a character that could simply be a mutant with the X-Gene, the same can be said for Black Canary or any of the Gen-Factor characters. The Gen-Actives simply just having a catalyst other than puberty to awaken their mutant powers.

Q: Can I app a GI Joe or Cobra character?
A: Absolutely! They all fit in rather nicely with the SRD, SHIELD, Project Stormwatch and even Hydra. Cobra in the universe of 626 is actually a sub-group of HYDRA.

Q: The Blue are Atlanteans?
A: The Blue from Fathom comics /are/ Atlanteans in this universe. They are considered elite, royal or hermit variants off the normal Atlantean species and society due to their mixed heritage of Atlantean and the Black.

*This page is a work in progress and nothing is set in stone yet.

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