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Active Plots

If you have questions, feel free to chat with one of our staff on the game or contact us through this site or email.

Below are the most recent plots we're running:

Into the Mouth of Madness

Tony Stark fired up his mini Hydron-Collider after the first Sentinel attack and opened a rift in time and space. Pepper Potts was pulled in moments before Tony was able to seal the rift.

There are signs she is still alive and Tony is trying to find her.

This takes place also in an alternate timeline that paints New York as a hellscape created by the demons as if the heroes had not quelled their uprising.

(plot: 82)

Sentinel Uprising

Robots. Rebel A.I.s. More robots. The Day of the Sentinels has come.

(plot: 81)

Dangerous Esterikos Wonderous Mystikos

Great occult artifacts of power that are meant to weapons and tools in the upcoming battles for the survival of humanity are sought out by a motley crew of experts.

(plot: 70)

A complete list of all plots posted to date may be found in the Plot Archive.



Types of Plots

There are three types of plots you'll see on this game:

  1. Macroplots: These plots affect the whole grid and could potentially affect every player on the game. They usually take weeks or months to complete and inevitably lead to further complications later on. You don't have to play in them. You do need to recognize that they happen — even if your character is off dealing with something else at the time. (Just because a big crisis hits the world doesn't mean the little ones go away, after all. And those little ones may be far more immediate for your character, sometimes.) These sorts of plots require staff approval to run.

  2. Microplots: These plots don't necessarily affect the whole grid, but still have moderate impact on the world. They typically affect things at the organization level, such as pitting two rival factions against one another. These sorts of plots require the approval of the heads of the factions involved and may require staff approval if they propose any significant or lasting changes to either those factions or the world. Submitting the plot for staff review is left your discretion (and that of the faction heads involved),but is highly encouraged.

  3. Miniplots: These plots happen between smaller groups of players, sometimes only two or three people, and don't generally have a great impact outside of those few people. They don't affect the grid at large and don't change the world's status quo. These plots are yours to run as you please.

Running Plots

We want you to run your own plots and run plots for other players as often as you can. Thus, staff doesn't often want to interfere in what you're doing.

You don't need to submit miniplots for staff review unless you want the outcome of that plot to make permanent changes to your +sheet. As long as the world returns more-or-less to status quo afterward, you can do what you want.

You should submit microplots for staff review only if they will affect the long-term status of a faction, the politics of the world (e.g. the assassination of a world, state, or municipal leader, or a major underworld figure), or some other significant area of interest to people beyond those immediately involved in the plot. If the chances are good the authorities, government, or some other outside agency may need to take action or investigate the incident after the fact, you need to submit it.

All macroplots must be submitted for staff review.

Submitting Plots

To submit a plot for staff review, use +request. That will open a plot-related +job and provide you with the means to structure the plot for easy review by the staff. The things to consider when you're making your plot include who its protagonists should be, who its villains will be, what the villains' goals are, what the plot's outcome will likely be, and an idea of what the events surrounding the plot are likely to be.

Once staff has reviewed your plot, they may:

  1. Request changes to better fit with other plots in progress;
  2. Approve the plot and leave you to run it;
  3. Deny it and explain their reasons for doing so.

Note: Denials should be very rare occurrences. Staff is committed to ensuring you can run as many plots as you wish. We just need to ensure everything meshes together so we can maintain a persistent, cohesive world. Thus, we're more likely to suggest you redirect a plot than deny it outright.

Once your plot has been approved, use +request to provide periodic updates to it, so everyone knows what's going on. Also, make sure you post regularly to the appropriate +bboards and send out @mail where necessary so other players know what's going on, too.

Escalating Plots

It's not unusual for a miniplot to become a microplot or a microplot to become a macroplot because of what happens in RP. In fact, it's actually a good thing when that happens, because it means more people are interested in it, and that's always cool.

When it happens, however, you need to escalate it properly. The easiest way to do this is by using +request to update the plot (or, in the case of a miniplot that grows bigger than expected, to actually submit it). The staff will review it and offer their suggestions as necessary.

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