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July 01 2019 — Exploding Heads.

Spoiler Alert - no one's head ACTUALLY explodes. But there is some mouth melting curry, a violent sneeze, and talk of death-touch pay-per-view matches.

(log: 8500 | tags: bakeneko fairchild spoiler wasp)

June 28 2019 — Off Work X-Day

It is pool party and BBQ at Xaviers.

(log: 8499 | tags: beast jubilee nyc polaris x-man x-men)

June 19 2019 — Underground Underworld

Grifter gets unexpectedly recruited to clean up a vampire nest.

(log: 8498 | tags: grifter magdalena nyc)

June 16 2019 — No Alternatives

The X-Men track down Bastion for a showdown with the cyborg-making sentient Sentinel.

(log: 8497 | tags: beast sage sup x-23 x-man x-men)

June 11 2019 — Flushing Security

(log: 8496 | tags: ozymandias spoiler)

June 10 2019 — A guided tour at G.I.R.L

Nadia Van Dyne gives Spoiler a little tour around the lab at G.I.R.L

(log: 8495 | tags: nyc spoiler wasp)

June 08 2019 — On the Black Trail

After a few months of silence Magdalena has stumbled on the trail of the sinister Cyrus Black, and brings a fragment of a Wand of Watoomb to the Sanctum.

(log: 8494 | tags: doctor_strange magdalena nyc)

June 02 2019 — The Code

Sage and Iron Guard met at the Avengers Mansion to talk about the Sentinels programming, the location of the Master Mold and the next steps to end the robot threat.

(log: 8493 | tags: kang sage sup)

May 29 2019 — Back to the Medlab

Lorna and Nate got beat up by cyborgs when they recklessly attacked the Sentinel Services building. So again in the medlab…

(log: 8491 | tags: polaris sup x-man)

May 29 2019 — Rock 'Em Sock 'Em?

Betsy and a Confused Hulk watch a robot fight in the Danger Room.

(log: 8490 | tags: hulk psylocke)

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