Connect to CoMUX

All players 18 years of age and over are welcome to connect to the game and create a character. (For more information, see our Policies and Character Generation pages.)

Point your MUD or TELNET client to:

Don't be afraid to peruse the support pages or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

MUD Clients

If you don't have a MUD client, a simple TELNET app will work. However, MUD clients really are the best way to go. The ones we've found worthwhile include:

  • SimpleMU
    One of the best Windows clients out there. Free to download and use. Small cost to register for advanced features, which are more 'nice-to-haves' than necessary functions. Can also be run successfully on Linux under 'wine'.
  • Atlantis
    A popular and fairly robust Mac client that's entirely suitable for connecting to a game like ours. It allows for multiple windows and multiple world connections, which is useful, since one alt is rarely enough.
  • TinyFugue
    Widely touted as the best 'nix client out there, we can't really say if that's true or not. We've never bothered to boot it up. But, we'll go with popular opinion. If there's something you like better, let X-626 know.

The MUD Connector has a listing of MUD clients, if you want to look at alternatives.

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