About CoMUX

CoMUX is more a piece of interactive fan fiction than it is a text-based dungeon crawl. The needs of the story outweigh the needs of dice-rolling mechanics. Indeed, while some facility for dice-rolling has been supplied, most of the time the deciding factor as to who wins or loses a confrontation has more to do with what makes for the more interesting situation or outcome in the story.

Still, it ultimately is a game, and every game has rules and structure. This is where you can find out more about ours.


There is such a thing as the right fit, when it comes to finding a MUX to play. No game is made for every player. That's okay.

Here on CoMUX, we focus on a combination of character-driven RP balanced with changing game-world situations. We strive to create a persistent, cohesive world that, while drawn from canonical sources, may not be exactly what you're used to from those sources. As a result, sometimes we lock in certain events that will affect your character's history. We ask that you respect that.

Further, we ask that you respect the play other people have done before you and maintain as much of their history with your character as possible. Changing players is no different than a comic book changing writers. While you're free to ignore or adjust the meaning of past events your character was involved with, even though you as a player were not involved, we ask that you avoid retconning them as much as possible.

We plan for the long-term, weeks and months worth of play with the potential to continue for years. What characters do on the game makes a difference. What's more, just because the plot staff have an idea of where the story should go mapped out, doesn't mean the story will go that way.

Our goal is to involve everyone that wants to be involved as much as we're able, given the realistic constraints of the IC situations. Plot staffers are in place to help guide RP, not to dictate it. No one likes a pre-scripted roleplay scene, after all. Including us.

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