Quick History of Game Progression

*2014 At the game's state the world attempted to get grasp upon the situation of metahumans, aliens and the unknown, the approach was to say… lacking, all sides suffered.. This year is an all time new low for 'flatscans' against newly dubbed 'extranormals' an all encompassing term the designate the unknown. The first year of CoMuX became a back and forth struggle against terrorism culminating with the assassination of the US President by Hydra.

*2015 Began with Superman announcing himself as an alien in front of a press conference. The world again changed as people begin to look to the stars. That is until the oceans turned against them in the form of an Atlantean war machine. Metropolis is hit the hardest and it takes the combined effort of the Earth's Mightest to repel the invasion. Peace does not come easy and is all but shattered when Desaad of Apokolips attempts a second invasion on the planet. The world knows fear.

*2016 Was a year of reformation. The United States responded to the increasing difficulties with the formation of the 'Department of Extranormal Operations', in an attempt to approach unknown factors with more care and control. SHIELD went from US to UN control and struggled with funding, especially with the addition of SWORD to its umbrella. A new threat loomed in the form of Apocalypse and the Inhumans against the X-Men, while in Attilan civil war raged and the royal family was displaced.

*2017 To date the new year has seen Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen engineer disaster upon the Earth.'Terrigen bombs are unleashed across the globe awakening the NuHumans. One particular hybrid of immeasurable power named Alfie O'Meegan reboots some portions of the world and alters the reality of 626… people fade, the dimensional fabric tears just a bit more.

Current Timeframe

2016 A.D.

  • "Apocalypse declares war on the world and launches Terrigen Bombs towards strategic locations across the planet. He is ultimately defeated and his ship crashes in to the Atlantic. He is presumed dead as no remains are found."

*Storm, as leader of the X-Men, protected cocoons from SHIELD, as well as the current liason (Darce), threatening to remove cooperative status.
*Storm moved in and shut down the exterior branches of X. (X-Red, Blue, Black, etc.) and called them home as one front, no longer splitting their forces, as they are needed together for the Apocalypse.
*The X-Men are once more united.
*The Avengers form under leadership of Steve Rogers.
*D.E.O's armored division Knightwatch is announced and met with mixed reviews. Brotherhood of Mutants extremists begin an internet campaign against the D.E.O. and it's supporters.
*The African island nation of Genosha is revealed (by the X-Men) to engage in human trafficking and slavery. A trade embargo is initiated by a large number of world powers and the country itself falls under scrutiny on an international scale.
*The Cult of the Deep is put down by a cadre of mystery heroes.
*The Justice League is disbanded and becomes a heroic administration and networking service.
*Avengers leadership switches to Falcon.
*The mad External Apocalypse awakens from his rejuvenation chambers and begins to assault the world. Beast and Rogue of the X-Men are taken and transformed in to the Horsemen, Pestilence and Famine.

Recent Timeframe

2014 A.D
*Captain America's body found and 'unthawed'.
*Batman reappears.
*Justice League attempts reformation.
*Brotherhood of Mutants announced as a criminal threat once again after bombing Regal Towers in NYC and various other terrorist acts throughout the US. Secretly this is the first act of the Purifiers.
*A secret organization of super villains begins to make their first moves.
*Rumors of Avengers Initiative start to float around SHIELD.
*HYDRA introduces an experimental bio-weapon to the mutant population of the world. It's mark on Syria felt the hardest as the death toll reaches in to the thousands.
*Titan Towers in NYC demolished as a 'show of power' by Stormwatch.
*The Smooth drug is created and begins to circulate the Tri-Cities.
*The Justice League and the Avengers Initiative combine.
*A new aggressive faction of HYDRA is formed led by a man known only as der Zyklon.
*X-Red of the X-Men becomes the first public all mutant team.

2015 A.D.
*Gotham City's SRD is exposed as corrupt and Hugo Strange is arrested. The Gotham SRD branch is dismantled.
*Namor the Sub-Mariner declares war on HYDRA. King Arthur is assassinated. Atlantis enraged becomes a threat to the world.
*The UnterNet is launched by a mysterious cadre of super villains. The Calculator claims to be the true genius behind it.
*The Fantastic Four and the X-Men explore the Negative Zone.
*After a year of continued skirmishes and strikes Zyklon's HYDRA faction is defeated and scattered.
*The Atlantean Invasion led by the Ocean Master Orm is repelled. Arthur is revealed to be alive and all of Atlantean's people unite under his banner.
*Master Darque and his Death cult infect portions of the world with entropy in his pursuit for power. Darque and his forces are later defeated by the mystical defenders of Earthrealm, Doctor Strange and Primal Forces.
*The Superhuman Control Act endorsed by Sarah Traverstein is proposed and considered but and ultimately shutdown. Sentinels are however armed as per new articles as a contingency plan and for defensive purposes. In the wake of this X-Men members Rachel Summers-Grey and Scott Summers are declared terrorists yet are quickly pardoned due to mishandling by the government.
*Incited by the FoH's Purifiers riots in New York City's District X (M-Town) reach an all time record high.
*DeSaad of Apokolips tests the defenders of Earth in a series of assaults. One such attack lays waste to Hell's Gate Metropolis resulting in the disappearance of Fairchild, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman.
*JL:A tracks down and rescue their missing teammates from Apokolips, the end result is a broken truce between Darkseid and New Genesis. The League is spared and returns home to Earth.
*Stormwatch, SRD and various other government based organizations are dismantled. The DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) is activated and becomes the new face of United States defense against the "unknown".
*Justice League: Avengers is renamed Justice League: Alliance as SHIELD is placed under investigation.
*The mutant creator of 'Smooth', Damian 'Scales' Woods, is apprehended and placed into the U.S. Federal justice system.
*Budget cuts, setbacks, red tape and a lot of inside politics weakens SHIELD's influence in the United States.
*The Cult of the Deep begins to stir.
*The Authority is organized by Deathstroke as a top secret black operations unit with a hidden agenda.

Pre-Human History: The Cosmos

Countless Billions of Years Ago:

*Six singularities that embody concepts of Mind, Power, Soul, Time, Reality and Space are given physical anchor in the form of Infinity Stones.
*The Old Gods annihilate themselves in the first known battle of Ragnarok. This shatters their planet the "Second World" or Godworld. The cataclysm resulting creates a wave of cosmic energy known as the Godwave. This leads to the creation of many gods on many worlds.
*Apokolips and New Genesis form of the Godworld's remnants.
*The scientifically advanced beings from Maltus establish a base of operations on the planet Oa.
*The Watchers, Wanderers, Elders of the Universe, Collector, Grandmaster, Gardener and many other survivors from various ancient dead civilizations emerge. Galactus the devourer of Worlds awakens from his incubator.

Around 4 Billions Years Ago:

*The Nine Worlds are created (Asgard, Muspelheim, Nifflheim, Midgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svarthelheim, Jotunheim, Hel).
*The Demiurge, the Green and the Elder Gods take or are given form upon the Earth.
*Celestials (believed to be Old Gods survived) initiate the birth of Skrulls and Kree.

Around 1 to 3 Billions Years Ago

*The Maltusian scientist Krona creates a device that allows him to peer through time and manipulate it which results in the creation of an Anti-Matter universe. As punishment for his crime Krona is transformed to pure energy and exiled. And the rest of his race take on the role of Guardians of the Universe.
*A thousand year war begins with the Manhunters and the Guardians after a glitch in their programming creates an order to eradicate all life, Sector 666 suffers for this. A new corp is created to replace the Manhunters by tapping in to the 'will of light'; the Green Lanterns.
*The Skrull Empire begins.
*Kree slaughter the telepathic Cotati who share the planet Hala with them. A Kree-Skrull conflict begins that lasts a million years.

Pre-Human History: The Earth

Around 200 Million Years Ago

*Dinosaurs rule the Earth.
*A great war of elemental Earth spirits takes place. Leaders of the Green known as the Parliament of Trees take root and form a new grove in what will eventually become Brazil.
*The Savage Land and Skartaris are created by an alien race called the Nuwali on behalf of the other-dimensional Beyonders.

Around 60-80 Millions Years Ago

*Dinosaurs begin to go extinct. Some dinosaurs manage to survive in the other-dimensional Skartaris and the Antarctica refuge Savage Land. Those that remain behind are hunted to extinction by an alien race that later interbreeds with Atlanteans.

Around 15 Million Years Ago

*A crew of spacers from New Genesis land on Earth in pursuit of a fabled Celestial.
*The transpiring event provokes a biological catastrophe that results in a second "Extinction Event" that cripples, dramatically alters or destroys almost half of the planet. It is believed during this events transpired which are responsible for the "mutant" gene that exists in humanity to this day. ''(On Earth-81 this event did not transpire, there was no mutant gene introduced in to what would become humanity resulting in the inability of meta-humans or mutants to exist unless by magical or solely technological means - this is essentially the birthing difference between E-81 and the rest of E-6A's alternate realities)''
*What remains of the New Gods camp on Earth splits in to two factions: the benevolent Eternals and the now warped Deviants. These beings would become stuff of legend for many cultures throughout the Earth's history and mythology.

Around 1-10 Million Years Ago

*Genus of hominids develops.
*Serpent men are created by the Elder God, Set.
*An alien spaceship crash lands and tears open a dimensional portal to Earth, this entrance exists in what will become the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. Created inside of this extra-dimensional realm is a city named K'un-L'un.
*A war between Elder God's is waged. The Parliaments of the Elements, Ancient Demons, Eternals and Deviants are all involved. The end result is the exile of many savage Elder Gods and their allies.
*The Angelus and Darkness are born. Their origins murky and convoluted, but both are tied heavily to the Darkforce and Lightforce dimensions.

Early Human History: The Gods

80,000-500,000 Years Ago

*A union between the Eternal Kronus and the Elder God Rhea creates what will later become the Gods of Olympus.
*Eternals build the city of Titanos (later Olympus). The brothers Kronus and Oranus battle one another due to differing views. Oranus and his ilk are banished to the other-dimensional Tartarus (where Oranus had condemned many of his children who resembled the hated Deviants) those who surrendered peacefully are given quarter and travel to Titan, Saturn's moon to start anew.
*The appearance of Modern Man (Homo-sapien).
*The first human and perhaps greatest civilization arises on a continent known as Atlantis. This landmass is one of the strongest nexus points on all of Earth, in time, due to this the Homo-magi evolve from the Atlantean people.
*The Witchblade joins with it's first wielder, Una.
*Agamotto the first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth is appointed.

Around 50,000 Years Ago
*Kronus is overthrown by his son Zeus and the Olympian Gods, Kronus is presumed dead but actually exists confined as a gnarled tree in Limbo.
*A meteorite crashes before a two battling men, Klarn and Vandar Ang.
*A group of Atlanteans following ley lines find themselves in the dimension of Skartaris. It becomes a new home for them.
*''Guardians of the Universe accomplish mass genetic tampering with the Martian species granting them a weakness to fire and splitting them in to two distinct species of White and Green.''
*Arion of Atlantis is appointed the second Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and protects the city of Atlantis from enemies, storms, glaciers and rolling ice. His brother Garn Daanuth becomes an agent of the Lords of Chaos in direct opposition of his brother.
*The Godwave makes it's first pass over Earth and elevates Kronus children along with many other 'pantheons' of Earth to even greater powers and 'true' Godhood. Also a source of superhuman abilities in 'man'. ''(The Godwave has no effect the human beings of Earth-81)''

Around 9,000-25,000 Years Ago

*The island of Mu and the pirate kingdom Lemuria is conquered by Deviants and falls under their rule until it's downfall.
*A consecutive Kree-Skrull War spills over in to the Milky Way Galaxy and Uranus is used as an outpost. During this time the Kree perform genetic experiments on a select group of proto-humans by means of a mutagen called the Terrigen Mist. This tribe of early meta-humans would travel the Eurasian continent for centuries later becoming the Inhumans and establishing a hidden city named Attilan in the north Atlantic Ocean.
*The Annunaki begin to make their appearances on Earth.
*Atlantean mystics discover a page of the Elder God Cthon's secrets forming the Cult of Darkholders and create the first Vampires. The Vampires slay their creators and flee to the lands of Eurasia.
*Zherad-Na becomes the third Sorcerer Supreme and 2nd chosen Atlantean to hold the title.
*Atlantean settlers discover the Nuwali created Savage Land and improve on it's technologies, expanding the land and experimenting on the inhabitants, human and animal alike.
*A being known as Uxas of Apokolips visits Earth.
*The Avalonian (Tuatha De Danaan) Crom and his associated pantheon (Angus, Arawn, Badb, Caber, Cernunnos) become popular amongst mortals.
*In the last days of Atlantis Vandal Savage visits the continent and forms a secret society called the Children of Light (later to be known as the Illuminati).
*A great war is fought between Lemuria and Atlantis resulting in the Great Cataclysm which destroys both societies scattering them.
*Atlantean refugees found twelve new cities; these become fabled and mysterious lost cities. Unknown to the rest of the surface Atlanteans there are survivors of their kin beneath the waves. This same ordeal spreads the Homo-magi seed across the globe.
*Poseidonis is ruled by King Orin and Shalako rules over Tritonis. Through magic, evolution and science Homo-mermanus comes in to existence within these sunken kingdoms.
*Yazatas (Gods of Persia) develop strong worship.
*''A plague wipes out the Martian race.''

Early Human History: The Dawn of Civilization

Around 6,000-9,000 Years Ago

*Nabu a Lord of Order takes physical form.
*The Gods of Canaan give a young Shepard named Jebediah words of power.
*The surface Atlantean colony of Kor in Africa is destroyed in a battle between Felix Faust and Nommo.
*Neptune becomes the chief patron of many Homo-mermanus.
*Egyptians begin worshiping the Ennead or Heliopolitans (the Gods of Heliopolis and descendents of Nun the primordial chaos - also known as the Demiurge).
*An Atlantean colony in the north Antarctic constructs the city of Kamuu.
*En Sabah Nur; the first 'mutant' is born ''(En Sabah Nur is but a mere mortal on E-81 - he becomes insignificant to history)''.
*The Book of the Vishanti (re)appeared in Babylon.
*Nabu aligns himself with the rulers of Egypt.
*The Eternal Gilgamesh is born.
*The immortal Vandar Adg calls himself Pharaoh Khafre and rules part of the ancient Egyptian kingdom that will one day be known as Bialya.

Around 3,000-5,000 Years Ago
*En Sabah Nur is worshiped by many Egyptians as a god being.
*Hercules is born.
*Shazam now a great wizard gives power to Teth-Adam in the later years of Ramses I rule.
*Lemurians begin worshiping the Elder God, Set.
*Several warring alien vessels crash on Earth during the Kherubim/Daemonite Wars.
*The Greeks begin actively worshiping Olympians as gods and the Avalonians/Tuatha De Danaan arrive on the British Isles while the Xian are actively worshiped by the people of China.
*Inhumans genetically engineer a slave race, the Alpha Primitives.
*The Asgardian god Tyr makes his presence known to the Teutonic peoples of Scandinavia and Germany and the Vedic pantheon becomes popular in the Middle East.
*Teth-Adam's power is withdrawn and he is buried in the tomb of Ramses II.
*A Thanagarian starship crashlands in the desert.
*The Kami become the chief deities of the Japanese people as the Dievas and Slavic Gods are worshiped by Russians, Latvians and the Slavic/Baltic people.
*Ordeal of Moses, Ramses II and the Great Exodus
*The journey of Odysseus and his crew.
*Nabu enters a state of suspended animation that will last thousands of years in the land of Sumer, Valley of Ur.
*The souls of unjustly slain women are given form again by Greek Goddesses and become the Amazons led by Hippolyta. These women proceed to create the city-state of Themyscira in what is now Turkey but are attacked by Greek and Coda warriors led by Hercules and his allies (presumably they were under the influence of Ares who promised the Coda aid in their war against the Daemonites for this boon.) This begins a heated rivalry that lasts for thousands of years between Amazons, Hercules and the Coda.
*The Coda claim dominion over what remains of Themyscira but find it uninhabitable over the years and create Coda Citadel off the coast of Africa as the Amazons flee and build a new home upon the Atlantic Ocean's Paradise Island and in Egypt within the hidden city of Bana-Mighdall.
*Idylists leave Poseidonis and the allied kingdom of New Atlantis.
*Atlanteans travel north to the Antarctic and construct the city of Thakkor in honor of their leader; the son of a former Atlantean ruler Immanu.
*A large number of winged Inhumans create another city called Aeria above Attilan. The sky city is soon cut off by decree of King Nestor where it then proceeds to drift free above the Earth.
*En Sabah Nur sighted in India once again posing as a god, Kali.
*A group of war hungry Atlanteans lead by Honsu the Conqueror wage war on the surface and are eventually defeated by Egypt and Pharoah Ramses III.
*The Trojan War.
*Shazam retreats to the Rock of Eternity.
*The Heliopatians battle each other in a centuries long war. Seth achieves victory over Horus and the focus of the Egyptian religion and leadership changes.
*A Spirit of Wrath threatens to destroy the entire world but is imprisoned in a black diamond called the Heart of Darkness.
*A fallen angel named Aztar is transformed in to a new spirit and bound to a human host named Caraka. The first Spectre manifests.

0 A.D/CE to around 500 A.D.

*As the religion of Christianity spreads throughout most of the 'known' world, Zeus of Olympus and the Olympians begin to break their ties with the Earthly realm.
*Elementals and Fae that once roamed the Earth begin to degenerate in numbers. This degeneration not only affects their population but also their very essence as they become more demonic in nature.
*The mysterious and alien Asgardians descend upon Earth as Tyr had before them and are worshiped as Gods. This occurs during the 'Convergence' or alignment of all Nine Realms.
*The Children of Danu return to the realm of Otherworld.
*Valkyrie begin taking worthy humans to Valhalla for Odin.
*A fragment of the Starheart falls lands in Eastern China and is shaped in to a lamp.
*Malekith leads the Dark Elves in an attempt to destroy the Nine Realms using the Reality Stone.
*The city of London is founded.
*The Battle of Tonsberg. Odin leads an army of Asgardians in defense of Midgard against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. A truce is established with King Lufey and the war ceases.
*The Roman Empire expands in to Britannia. A campaign to destroy druids and their culture is undertaken.
*Huns from Asia invade Europe.
*Rome adopts Christianity.
*First Mongol Empire established.
*Middle Eastern nation of Bialya is formed.
*Roman Empire falls.

Early Human History: The Middle Ages

Around 500 A.D. to 1,000 A.D.
*Merlin the half-demon son of Belial and half-brother of the demon Etrigan becomes the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.
*The era of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
*Sir Percy of Scandia, Sir Brian Kent of Greystone and Sir Justin the Shining Knight all join the ranks of Arthur's Pendragons Knights of the Round Table.
*Morgan Le Fay and her Darkhold cult attempt to bring the elder god Chthon back to Earth but cannot control him and instead imprison him in Wundagore Mountain. The Darkhold is then hidden.
*Merlin is en-scrolled to prevent the fall of Camelot by his student Nimue Inwudu but not before he sends Etrigan in to the body of a human host, Jason Blood.
*By means of a contingency plan Merlin is able to relocate Camelot in the Otherworld realm of Avalon yet remains enchanted for years to come.
*After many years of enchanted imprisonment Merlin returns and appoints a new Sorcerer Supreme then departs the Earthly realm to Otherworld where he will take on the role of Omniversal Guardian and create the Captain Britain Corps and the Starlight Citadel.
*A 'cold war' begins between the Tuatha De Danaan and Asgardians as their worshipers begin to clash. This enmity lasts for centuries.
*The Stones of Life are created and scattered.
*In northern Turkey close to the ancient ruins of ancient Themyscira the Hidden City is created. Many Homo magi retreat here out of fear of cultural and genetic assimilation by the non-magical world at large.
*In China, Jong Il, the only surviving monk of the Temple of Dragon Lords becomes the Earth's first Green Lantern.
*''On the planet of Apokolips the New God Uxas conquerors the world and claims the Omega Force as his own. He is now called Darkseid.''
*The third meeting of the Council of Godheads is held on Earth.

Around 1,100 A.D. to 1,500 A.D.
*An immortal mutant named Garbha-Hsien discovers a crashed spaceship in the Ho-Lo Shan Mountains of the Mongolian Steppes in Northern China. En Sabah Nur later seemingly slays Garbha-Hsien and enters the mysterious vessel.
*Varnae, Lord of Earth's vampires invades Rome with an army of undead but they are driven off.
*The Catholic Church renames the Darkhold the Book of Sins and much of it is translated in to Latin.
*Sir Eobar of Garrington gains possession of the Ebony Blade becoming the Black Knight where he then joins the Crusades.
*''Avalon in the Otherworld is threatened with destruction.''
*Odin hides the 'Tesseract' in Norway.
*The Cult of Brother Blood is established.
*The sorcerer Belasco forges an alliance with Elder Gods and attempts to open a gateway bringing them back to this realm. Thwarted Belasco is frozen for hundreds of years.
*Derwydden, last of the Druids, awakens from suspended animation and goes on a rampage against Christianity by means of creating living Gargoyles.
*The Bubonic Plague sweeps across England claiming millions upon millions of lives in it's wake.
*Ra's al Ghul is born amongst nomadic tribes of the Arabian peninsula.
*Birth of Vlad Tepes Dracula.
*Yao the Ancient One is born in the Tibetan village of Kamar-Taj and later becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.
*Vlad Tepes becomes the new Lord of the Vampires.
*An area of Transylvania is captured and named Latveria by the brothers Rudolfo and Karl Haasen. Rudolfo becomes the first King of Latveria and the Haasen bloodline will rule for 600 years.
*Christopher Columbus lands at San Salvador.

Early Human History: Age of Discovery

Sometime after the 1500s in to later 1600s
*Kagenobu Yoshioka brings together members of ninja clans that will form the Hand in Feudal Japan.
*Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory compete for victims.
*Yao the Ancient one becomes Sorcerer Supreme.
*Dormmammu the Lord of the Dark Dimension invades and engages in battle with the Sorcerer Supreme at Stonehenge yet ultimately loses and is sealed away from the Earth realm.
*Fort Adolphus is renamed Gotham Town and competes in trade with De Vries Village (later known as the City of Metropolis).
*The Salem Witch Trials.
*''The Highfather and Darkseid create the Pact and send one another their sons.''

Around 1700 A.D. to 1800s A.D.
*Big Barda is born on Apokolips.
*The Hellfire Club is founded in England.
*The New York Chapter of the Hellfire Club later founded under the leadership of Patrick Clemens and Diana Knight.
*Declaration of Independence is signed.
*Victor Frankenstein brings his monster to life.
*Vandal Savage is employed as Napoleon's adviser.
*The Daily Planet is founded in Metropolis.
*Nathaniel Essex is born in England.
*Birth of the Yellow Claw.
*American Civil War.
*''Birth of Thanos on Titan.''
*Wayne Chemical and Wayne Shipping expand massively with Wayne Manufacturing.
*Members of Hydra begin plans for a Kree Monolith that was unearthed previously.
*Cyrus Gold is murdered outside of Gotham at Slaughter Swamp.

A World at War and the Golden Age of Heroes

The early 1900s to 1940 A.D.
*Birth of Baron Heinrich Zemo, Germany.
*Birth of Nicholas J. Fury, United States.
*Birth of Johann Schmidt, Germany.
*First confrontations of World War I.
*Births of James Buchanan "Bucky Barnes" and Howard Stark.
*Joseph Rogers dies while fighting with the 107th. Posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
*Steve Rogers is born.
*The Freedom Five are formed and battle against Germany. They are perhaps the worlds "first" heroic team; consisting of Phantom Eagle, Union Jack, Crimson Cavalier, Sir Steel and Silver Squire.
*Thomas Gloucester orchestrates the Wall Street Crash.
*In the Antarctic, Capt. Leonard McKenzie of the ship Oracle encounters and marries an Atlantean from this union Namor the Sub-Mariner is born.
*Franklin D. Roosevelt elected President of United States.
*Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
*An android is created by Professor Phineas Horton; he names it the Human-Torch.
*Dr.Erskine begins working on Project: Rebirth.
*Hindenburg dies and Adolf Hitler becomes dictator of Germany.
*Sarah Rogers dies of tuberculosis.
*The Soviet 'Red Room' program begins to recruit young women as master assassins.
*Germany invades Poland.
*Namor becomes known to the surface world as The Sub-Mariner.
*German ace pilot Hans von Hammer earns the moniker "Hammer of Hell" for his skills.
*British explorers discover Vibranium in Wakanda.
*The Human Torch becomes the first 'legal' superhero of New York City.
*Human Torch and Sub-Mariner engage in combat.
*The Blackhawk Squadron undergo their first mission.
*The Lensherr family is rounded up by Nazi agents.
*The Strategic Science Reserve (SSR) is founded.
*Steve Rogers is chosen as the first volunteer for the Super-Soldier Serum developed by Dr.Abraham Erskine.
*Hippolyta of the Amazons, The Sandman, Crimson Avenger, Hour-Man, Blonde Phantom, Phantom Lady, Hooded Justice, Doll Man, the Flash, the Green Lantern, the Whizzer, Mr. Scarlett, Blazing Skull, Black Condor, a new Spectre, the Whip, Spy-Smasher, Bulletman, Red Torpedo, Thin Man, Magno, Red Bee, Uncle Sam, Dr. Mid-Nite, Red Tornado, the Ray, the Atom, Max Mercury, Mr. America, the Wing and Avenging Angel all become the first documented 'Golden Age' superheroes.
*Hitler's Black Cross troops acquire the Spear of Destiny.
*The Justice Society of America is officially formed and charged with hunting down spies by decree of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
*Asgardians lend aid to Hitler's forces. Valkyries join the war.
*Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos begin to fight against Nazi Germany.
*Baron von Strucker flees from Germany after failing one too many times. Strucker conspires with Eastern allies and forms what will eventually become HYDRA. Soon becoming Supreme Hydra Strucker returns to Hitler's side and begins funneling armaments and resources to his secret society. A.I.M. is also formed as a science division at this point in time.
*The All-Star Squadron and several other human forces discover the HYDRA threat and begin attacking it directly routing them. The organization seemingly disappears.

1941 A.D. to to 1949 A.D.
*The Sub-Mariner becomes a menace as he starts attacking the surface world.
*Meranno of Thakorr reveals the locations of undersea Atlantean cities to the Germans. Hitler commits to the destruction of the Atlanteans in a surprise attack. Cities are bombed and colonies are destroyed.
*Namor realizes the Nazis are true enemies of Atlantis shifts his allegiance and teams with his nemesis the Human Torch to fight off the German threat. They form the Invaders.
*Super-soldier Captain America is revealed and becomes a tool of propaganda to inspire the American people. He is largely looked upon as a joke by his peers; soldier and hero alike.
*The Hand begins to infiltrate the island of Madripoor.
*The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.
*Declaration of United Nations signed.
*Members of the JSA enlist in the military and the JSA temporarily disbands so it's members alongside the Invaders and many other Golden Age hero teams form the All-Star Squadron. America's superhero war effort.
*Mussolini deposed.
*Nick Fury loses his eye.
*"Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense" / BPRD was founded by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm.
*The All-Star Squadron gains a lot of notoriety and enemies as they battle the Axis until through use of the Spear of Destiny and the help of Asgard Hitler is able to keep the magical empowered members out of Germany and away from his army.
*Blue-skinned corpses of extraterrestrials are discovered by Nazi officer Warner Reinhardt.
*Allies invade Normandy on D-Day.
*Hitler attempts to use the Spear of Destiny in the war and what transpires is another Ragnarok. The Asgardians have an internal war and the bulk of the All-Star Squadron is involved in a conflict that lasts throughout the end of the war.
*Team Zero is formed during the later half of the war tasked with infiltrating and recovering Nazi secrets.
*Franklin D. Roosevelt dies.
*The Darkforce is encountered by soldiers on the battlefield.
*Hitler is killed by the Unknown Soldier and later sets it up as a suicide.
*Captain America and Bucky disappear.
*Strucker flees East to his Hydra holdings.
*Red Skull enters suspended animation.
*Japan surrenders after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ending the Second World War.
*Arnim Zola and many other Nazi "warlords" begin to take over portions of HYDRA from Strucker's command.
*SHIELD is formed of the SSR to combat advanced technology and beyond normal threats.
*Howard Stark founds Stark Industries.
*Nick Fury receives the Infinity Serum.
*North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed.
*Howard Stark's Labs are raided in an attempt to steal his research.
*An unidentified Iron Fist is documented by the Chinese Government. Caught on old footage defending an entry point to K'un Lun.

1950 A.D. to to 1956 A.D.
*A.I.M. and the Secret Empire split away from HYDRA.
*The House Un-American Activities Committee demands the JSA and many other 'superheroic teams' reveal their civilian identities. Fear and propaganda begins to fuel an intolerance and anti-bias towards masked heroes and vigilantes.
*McCarthyism becomes a widespread cultural phenomenon that affects all levels of American society, especially the 'super hero' front. It is at this point the public superhero disappears and a great fear of the unknown meta-human overtakes much of the United States.
*Korean War begins.
*Nick Fury Jr. is born.
*Namor, fed up with the surface world returns to what remains of his kingdom.
*Warsaw Pact signed.

The Cold War, Space Age, Bronze and Silver Age of Heroes

1957 A.D. to 1970 A.D. (Silver Age)
*Russians launch Sputnik I.
*Communist China and Soviet Union split.
*Moscow announces first man in orbit.
*A Winter Soldier operation is documented and leaked by KGB.
*Many banished Asgardians return home.
*Berlin Wall erected.
*International Operations is founded by the CIA.
*Vietnam War officially begins supposedly orchestrated by Hydra.
*Team X is formed by the CIA (following the footsteps of Team Zero these two teams become the prototype for the Suicide Squad project).
*Emil Zadrok discovers 'god-tech' and Cyberdata is founded.
*The Howling Commandos are reformed for missions in Vietnam.
*Anton Vanko and Howard Stark begin work on arc reactor.
*President Kennedy assassinated. Hydra manipulations hinted and Winter Soldier primary suspect.
*First appearances of the Maggia in the United States.
*Asgardians battle the great dragon Fafnir.
*Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) goes public as a think tank organization.
*Eli Schodt leaves A.I.M.
*Subterranean battle is engaged between a Skartaris outpost, Tyrannus an immortal and the Mole Man.
*The Skrull Empire become aware of Earth's new found space capabilities.
*Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered.
*Man takes his first walk on the Moon.

1971 A.D. to 1985 A.D. (Bronze Age)
*Weapon Plus program expanded in to Canada and handed to Department K. CIA, I.O. and the US Government seemingly cuts ties.
*Britain takes over direct rule of Northern Ireland.
*Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories (shortform: S.T.A.R. Labs) is founded by scientist Garrison Slate.
*Stories of vigilantes run rampant up and down the East Coast of the United States.
*Stormwatch (also goes by Taskforce X) is founded on what remains of International Operations.
*Teams 1, 2, 3 an 4 become active during this timeframe and are jokingly dubbed "Suicide Squad" due to their turnover rate.
*Slade Wilson joins Team 3.
*Latverian forces invade Wakanda after the rare mineral Vibranium.
*Asgardians engage in combat with Mephisto and his minions.
*Oil spills pollute ocean waters in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Hostilities with Atlantean kingdoms and surface world begin to arise.
*Ronald Reagan elected President.
*Team 5 is active.
*Challengers maiden voyage undertaken.
*Mutant gene isolated in humans but remains a secret.
*The Darkhold is unearthed once again.
*Odin sacrifices his eye to prevent another Ragnarok.

The Modern Age

1986 A.D. to 1999 A.D.
*Oscorp founded.
*Berlin Wall opens to the west.
*A Kryptonian vessel crash lands near Smallville, Kansas.
*Martha and Thomas Wayne are gunned down in Crime Alley, Gotham City.
*The Inhumans relocate Attilan to the Moon and manage to repel the early stages of Skrull Invasion. This puts the Skrull proposed plan of attack on Earth behind another 10 years or so.
*World Wide Web debuts. Becomes known as the internet.
*Persian Gulf War.
*Team 6 is mobilized.
*Warsaw Pact dissolves.
*Formal end to Cold War.
*The super science R&D branch of Stormwatch, Cadmus comes in to being.
*With the X-Gene previously identified more than a decade ago the "Mutant Condition" becomes public knowledge.
*Cadmus initiates Project Genesis and experiments with the mutant gen creating the 'Gen-Factor' affect. Dubbed mostly a failure Project Genesis is cancelled.
*Brotherhood of Mutants forms.
*Special Response Mobilization Act is finalized.
*Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning established.

2000 A.D. to 2013 A.D.
*The Batman first sighted.
*Xavier's graduates become the 1st of his X-Men.
*Themyscira House established on Earth in East Side, New York City.
*Morlock Massacre takes place.
*Team 7 is activated with Slade Wilson as CO. (It later disbands before 2006)
*Illyana Rasputina is stolen away to Limbo by Belasco.
*Arthur Curry and Mera of Atlantis are wed.
*The BRPD is "drafted" by Stormwatch.
*Dr. Calvin Bainbridge's Digital-All-Purpose Weapon System becomes a reality.
*Unknown events trigger a massive earthquake on the east coast of the United States. Gotham is hit the hardest of the eastern board cities and has to undergo massive reconstruction. Most simply call this the '09 Cataclysm.
*Justice League forms as a loose alliance of heroes. Later disbanded.
*Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. initiated by Cadmus.
*Jim Gordon retires as GCPD Commissioner.
*Batman disappears for a year.
*The SRD are mobilized in Gotham.
*Friends of Humanity begin to make appearances.

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