Into the Mouth of Madness

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Plot Type: Micro Plot

Tony Stark fired up his mini Hydron-Collider after the first Sentinel attack and opened a rift in time and space. Pepper Potts was pulled in moments before Tony was able to seal the rift.

There are signs she is still alive and Tony is trying to find her.

This takes place also in an alternate timeline that paints New York as a hellscape created by the demons as if the heroes had not quelled their uprising.

This is an alternate timeline play where Tony Stark opens a rift into a world where the Demons took over and were not turned away. Pepper Potts has been brought through and any characters that wish to play a Dark Time Line version of themselves is welcome to request a scene.

Tony Stark has opened a rift into the alternate timeline of New York wherein the Demon Uprising succeeded and all our superheroes are surviving and trying to take back the day. Some have died, some have changed and some have switched sides. Pepper Potts gets to be witness to this hellscape and how it has changed the vary understanding of reality.


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

*Play an alternate version of your character - be good, bad, the same, and so forth.
*Join us to run mini scenes and your own little offshoot.
*There will be a rescue mission for Pepper.

Plot Logs

March 08, 2019: Not Quite Good Bye

Three days after Pepper disappears through the rift Tony finds himself still trying to fix what has been done. But he's not quite alone.

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March 08, 2019: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

After the attack on Stark Tower by the Sentinels, Tony fires up his collider to see if it actually works. Pepper walks in unexpectedly due to system failures. The collider loses power and thus loses integrity and opens a rift in time and space like a black hole. Pepper Potts is gone.

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