Sentinel Uprising

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Plot Type: Macro Plot

Robots. Rebel A.I.s. More robots. The Day of the Sentinels has come.

Sentinels are a mutant nightmare.

Powerful machines built to eradicate mutantkind. But humankind has kept a short reign in these genocidal devices, and even used them with some success against super-criminals. So the public perception was Sentinels were there to protect humankind. From mutants, aliens, tin-plated dictators from Europe, whoever. Nothing like knowing the army has giant robots to deploy against the enemies of America.

But something has failed. Sentinels are not behaving as they should. And when the mutant menace feels worse than ever, is humankind first line of defense rebelling?


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Every mutant should fear the Sentinels.

Every human should fear a robot uprising.

This is a major plot and there is much to do for everyone. Even villains might want to act before the robots take over!

Plot Logs

June 16, 2019: No Alternatives

The X-Men track down Bastion for a showdown with the cyborg-making sentient Sentinel.

(permalink: log:8497 | tags: beast sage sup x-23 x-man x-men | posted: 16 Jun 2019 20:54)

June 02, 2019: The Code

Sage and Iron Guard met at the Avengers Mansion to talk about the Sentinels programming, the location of the Master Mold and the next steps to end the robot threat.

(permalink: log:8493 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 04 Jun 2019 10:49)

May 29, 2019: Back to the Medlab

Lorna and Nate got beat up by cyborgs when they recklessly attacked the Sentinel Services building. So again in the medlab…

(permalink: log:8491 | tags: polaris sup x-man | posted: 30 May 2019 19:18)

May 27, 2019: Master Mold

Sage and Iron Guard go hack a Sentinel, and find far more than expected.

(permalink: log:8489 | tags: kang sage sup | posted: 28 May 2019 00:44)

May 21, 2019: A Visit to Sentinel Services

The X-Men go looking for one 'Agent Brown' who they know is a murderous cyborg and stumble into the Sentinels cyborg HQ. Boss fight follows. Emits by Nate.

(permalink: log:8488 | tags: beast jubilee nightcrawler nyc polaris sup x-man x-men | posted: 24 May 2019 01:11)

May 06, 2019: Hi-Tech Help

Nate visits the mansion labs looking for better solutions for the cyborgs problems. He finds Hank, and Jubilee.

(permalink: log:8479 | tags: beast jubilee sup x-man x-men | posted: 07 May 2019 16:47)

May 03, 2019: Mutant Murder

A quiet afternoon in Greenwich Village is interrupted by Sentinel Services chasing a mutant. Lorna and Jubilee are witnesses, but not of a simple arrest, but a murders, as one of the agents happens to be one of the cybernetic killers. (Emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:8476 | tags: jubilee nyc polaris sup x-man | posted: 04 May 2019 14:06)

April 20, 2019: Science Talk

Sage calls Iron Guard to talk about the AIM underground factory and related problems.

(permalink: log:8455 | tags: kang nyc sage sup | posted: 21 Apr 2019 01:19)

April 17, 2019: Toymakers

The X-Men and the Punisher have tracked down the cybernetic technology used during the attack on Mutant Town to a distribution center in Brooklyn. They stumble on an AIM base. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8450 | tags: nightcrawler nyc punisher sage sup x-23 x-man x-men | posted: 18 Apr 2019 09:52)

March 16, 2019: Spy Run

Sage infiltrates the D.E.O. headquarters in New York to find out what they know about the killer cyborgs and the rogue Sentinels (emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8418 | tags: nyc sage sup x-man | posted: 17 Mar 2019 13:45)

April 12, 2019: Hey! I found you!

Kurt tracks down Frank Castle, in an extremely unorthodox manner.

(permalink: log:8480 | tags: nightcrawler punisher sup | posted: 09 May 2019 12:51)

March 08, 2019: Puzzle Pieces

An impromptu war room meeting leads to the X-Men start figuring out what is going on with the Sentinels and the mutant-killing cyborgs.

(permalink: log:8413 | tags: neon nightcrawler nyc polaris sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 09 Mar 2019 02:43)

March 07, 2019: A Visit to the Hall

Nightcrawler goes to the Hall of Justice to talk with Doctor Strange and Troia about the Sentinel attacks.

(permalink: log:8409 | tags: doctor_strange metropolis nightcrawler sup troia | posted: 08 Mar 2019 15:18)

March 06, 2019: No Tolerance

The Sentinels come for Tony Stark. But he is not easy to catch, and he has friends. (emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:8408 | tags: iron_man nightcrawler nyc pepper_potts punisher sup x-man | posted: 07 Mar 2019 04:59)

March 03, 2019: Crimes Against Food

Late night at the mansion, three Avengers met to chat briefly about current events. Tony crazy food tastes are unveiled.

(permalink: log:8402 | tags: avengers iron_man kang nyc spoiler sup | posted: 03 Mar 2019 19:14)

February 24, 2019: They Took Our Wizard!

A Sentinel rampaging through Brooklyn? X-Men to the rescue of… half of the Frightful Four, it seems. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8397 | tags: neon nyc polaris rogue sup x-man x-men | posted: 26 Feb 2019 00:17)

February 16, 2019: Man vs. Machine

Backdated to just after the Mutant Town Massacre. The Punisher tracks down one of the killer cyborgs, but the hunter becomes the hunted. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8392 | tags: punisher sup x-man | posted: 18 Feb 2019 00:55)

February 15, 2019: Highway to the Danger Room

Nate runs a Danger Room session with the dual goal of training and talking about the cyborg attack on Mutant Town. But multi-tasking doesn't work like that. (Dumb idea, Nate)

(permalink: log:8391 | tags: hulk magik nyc polaris prestige sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 16 Feb 2019 00:46)

February 12, 2019: No Rest

Rachel has a bad, strange dream. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8389 | tags: nyc prestige sup x-man | posted: 12 Feb 2019 21:07)

February 09, 2019: Aftermath

Sage and Lorna make it back to the medbay, following the attack on Mutant Town. Nate arrives and the events are discussed. Immediately follows: No Escape

(permalink: log:8386 | tags: nyc polaris sage sup x-man | posted: 10 Feb 2019 03:22)

February 09, 2019: No Escape

A brutal attack on Mutant Town and a murder attempt against Lorna Dane have a group of heroes and vigilants fighting killer cyborgs on the streets of District X. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8385 | tags: fairchild magik miss_america nyc polaris punisher rogue sage sup x-man x-men | posted: 10 Feb 2019 02:10)

February 06, 2019: No Mercy

A group of Gothamites, plus the Punisher, investigate a missing persons case in the Narrows. They find far more and far worse than they expected. Language warning. (Emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:8384 | tags: batgirl-c deadshot gotham huntress punisher red_hood sup the_punisher x-man | posted: 06 Feb 2019 04:43)

February 01, 2019: No Redemption

A cold winter night someone, something attacks Ryker's Island. Supervillains are expected loose and heroes are called to assist. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:8378 | tags: fairchild nyc red_hood sup troia x-man | posted: 02 Feb 2019 04:13)

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