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Plot Type: Mini Plot

Strange activities are taking place in both organized crime and occult circles. Vampires of all manner are working together, it seems - but to what ends? And what is the 'great darkness' that has been mentioned more and more frequently by those under observation in these circles?


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Vigilantes engaged in the war on crime may have come across information that suggests various criminal families/organizations are involving themselves in strange and arcane businesses.

Vampire/monster hunters may have heard rumors about - or even come into contact with - concerted efforts to collect long-lost artifacts and summon some sort of great dark power.

Plot Logs

January 27, 2019: Raining Vampires

Blade and Moon Knight are forced to land a glider in Gotham while evading vampires. Spoiler is on patrol and offers them support, short-term and long-term.

(permalink: log:8374 | tags: blade gotham moon_knight ouroboros spoiler | posted: 28 Jan 2019 03:58)

December 30, 2018: It was Zen-Driving

Moon Knight and Blade drive to the Sanctum for a chat with Dr. Strange about dark gods.

(permalink: log:8315 | tags: blade doctor_strange magdalena moon_knight nyc ouroboros | posted: 31 Dec 2018 03:28)

December 13, 2018: A Frosty Coven

Blade and Moon Knight converge on a vampire data mine; Neopolitan and Lena are already there, working their own angle.

(permalink: log:8289 | tags: blade captain_cold_l moon_knight neon nyc ouroboros | posted: 14 Dec 2018 04:44)

November 30, 2018: A Tale of Two Knights

Darkedge meets Moon Knight when both are, for different reasons, on the trail of the same vampire. They exchange information that might help each achieve his goals.

(permalink: log:8263 | tags: darkedge moon_knight nyc ouroboros | posted: 01 Dec 2018 03:37)

November 10, 2018: Names Writ in Blood and Darkness

Blade and Dead Girl are each drawn to a house in Long Island where unspeakable horrors have occurred. There, they are forced to deal with the cause and effect of those horrors. (NPCs emitted by Moon Knight.)

(permalink: log:8237 | tags: blade dead_girl nyc ouroboros | posted: 11 Nov 2018 04:34)

November 01, 2018: Bladesport

Blade is invited to participate in a martial arts tournament with an occult undertone.

(permalink: log:8216 | tags: blade gotham moon_knight ouroboros | posted: 02 Nov 2018 05:54)

October 23, 2018: Demons and Other Unwanted Things

Jake Lockley, a cabbie alter ego of Moon Knight, goes sniffing for information on mobster-related activity in Hell's Kitchen by talking with the staff at Luke's Bar. Owen Mercer and Luke Cage are more than a bit skeptical of the cabbie's intentions.

(permalink: log:8178 | tags: boomerang moon_knight nyc ouroboros power-man | posted: 24 Oct 2018 03:08)

October 20, 2018: Ink and Dagger

Blade, Huntress, and Moon Knight converge on criminal and occult goings-on in a criminally run tattoo parlor. Then they trade information about their targets.

(permalink: log:8159 | tags: blade gotham huntress moon_knight ouroboros | posted: 21 Oct 2018 04:19)

October 12, 2018: For Czernoborg?

June Moon encounters the vampire hunter Blade after discovering she's been hired by the Czech Vampire Court to assess some stolen artifacts.

(permalink: log:8154 | tags: blade enchantress_m moon_knight ouroboros | posted: 20 Oct 2018 00:27)

October 10, 2018: "Fangs" for the Cab Ride

Blade and Moon Knight take on a nest of vampires.

(permalink: log:8119 | tags: blade moon_knight nyc ouroboros | posted: 14 Oct 2018 01:04)

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