De Oppresso Liber

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Plot Type: Mini Plot

The Batman is a veritable one-man army, able to do things alone that would otherwise take whole platoons to accomplish. A model worth replicating. And now… someone has replicated it.

The Colony comes to Gotham, to pursue a mission staunchly against Batman's most important rule… and to recruit.

The Colony, a highly-classified military organization that strives to create an army of soldiers trained to be their very own Batmen, has turned its sights on Gotham with the intent to root out and purge insidious elements believed by most to be bogeymen.

In the process, they turn their attention on the street level elements of both Gotham and New York City, seeing in them the potential for new recruits to a cause of global peacekeeping.

But there are other elements at play here — deeply personal ones, years in the making, going all the way back to a fateful day in an alley in Gotham…

NOTE: This is a mini-plot tying in to The Last Days of Sodom!


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Investigating Colony agents as they begin their operations in Gotham!
  • Look into the Colony's activities in both Gotham and NYC! They're after something, but what, exactly?
  • Help Colony efforts in violently rooting out gang activity in Gotham and NYC!
  • If you are a street level character and are interested in having the Colony try to recruit you, page or @mail Batwoman! (@mail preferred!)

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