The Last Days of Sodom

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Plot Type: Macro Plot

Violence. Depravity. Madness. As Gotham City begins to unravel at the seams, what would its protectors do to save its soul?

"Today we settle the age-old question once and for all. Which is strongest? Good? Or evil?"

…And she said unto the Caitiff, I have wandered far in search of knowledge, but know not of your teacher or his lessons, for mine are the lessons of another; Pray speak of them, and I shall listen.

And thus the Caitiff told her all of the First, and of His Lessons; and the Caitiff spake of the First lesson, and taught her of Deceit.
And she asked unto the Caitiff, I know this lesson, but what is the Truth in it?

And thus the Caitiff spake of the Second lesson, and taught her of Lust.
And she asked unto the Caitiff, I know this lesson, but what of Regret?

And thus the Caitiff spake of the Third lesson, and taught her of Greed.
And she asked unto the Caitiff, I know this lesson, but is there no Charity?

And thus the Caitiff spake of the Fourth lesson, and taught her of Murder.
And she asked unto the Caitiff, I know this lesson, but where is Mercy?

And the Caitiff gazed upon her, and saw then that she was without faith, and empty; and too, he saw his reflection upon her face.

And the Caitiff said unto her, Faithless I name thee, as once was I; come, sister, and sojourn with me, that I may teach you the ways of my master, and so answer your questions all…


In the cracks of the civilized world, an ancient order that worships the worst aspects of us has thrived in secret for countless years. Growing, thriving, teaching the good word and spreading their missionaries throughout the globe preaching the glorious revelations of crime.

And now they have set their sights their very own holy land so long denied to them.

In Gotham, sinister elements spread their influence as nightmares from the Bat Family's past work on a masterpiece of vengeance and vice, with repercussions that will affect the Tri-Cities area beyond…

The Last Days of Sodom is a street-level meta-plot that will primarily be focused in Gotham with events and spillover in New York City and beyond, involving a slow-simmering conspiracy designed to fracture and compromise the very soul of Gotham City and its defenders, destabilizing the infrastructure of the city and whatever tenuous trust it may have in its Batman.

Last Days will be a longer-term macro plot supported by several smaller, interconnected mini-plots involving aspects from a number of Gotham's shadier elements. Ideas for stories that play off this plot are more than welcome!

Current mini-plot: De Oppresso Liber


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Get involved in the on-going mini-plots!
  • Investigate unusual criminal activity in both Gotham and New York!
  • Are you a villain? Do you have a grudge against Gotham's vigilantes? Are you perhaps interested in metaphysical wagers over the souls of cities and the battle of good and evil and would like yourself a piece of that? Contact Batwoman!
  • Are you a villain except you would like to do the opposite of helping? Also contact Batwoman!
  • If you're interested in running any kind of plots related or adjacent to this one, that would be amazing and wholly welcomed! Page or @mail Batwoman and we'll work something out!

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