No Gods, No Masters

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Plot Type: Mini Plot

Gods are disappearing throughout the cosmos. Strange beasts assail the pantheons of creation. Gorr the God-Butcher has come.

And he brings with him the dream of a godless age, and the tools with which to make it reality.


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

This will be a largely space-focused plot with some minor elements on Earth! Space-types, supernatural-types and deity-types alike can get involved. Action, investigation and madness for all!

Concerned about gods going missing? Rumors of strange happenings throughout the galaxy? Are you a god? Come investigate, and/or be hunted!

Plot Logs

November 06, 2018: By Their First and Last Breath Pt. 2

As the citadel of the dead gods of Sisyx crashes down around them and Atli wrestles with the deicidal impulses implanted in her, the heroes (and Various Others) of the Milano seek to escape with the one survivor in tow, with the God Butcher's shadowy horde nipping at their heels. (GM'd by Loki!)

(permalink: log:8230 | tags: angela atli darkness hercules loki ngnm phoenix sister_grimm starlord | posted: 06 Nov 2018 16:36)

October 23, 2018: By Their First and Last Breath Pt. I

A group of heroes from Earth are gathered to hunt down the killer of gods known as Gorr; tracking his presence down to the distant world of Sisyx, they instead find a planet dying for the lack of its gods… and the horrors that lie in wait within, as one of their number falls to tragedy. (GM'd by Spider-Man!)

(permalink: log:8176 | tags: angela atli darkness hercules ngnm phoenix sister_grimm spider-man starlord | posted: 23 Oct 2018 20:28)

October 18, 2018: Of Odin Blood and Phoenix Force

Atli Wodendottir crashes her space shark in the X-Men's pool. Again. Jean Grey fixes everything, and finds herself recruited on a mission to save the universe.

(permalink: log:8147 | tags: atli ngnm phoenix | posted: 18 Oct 2018 04:11)

October 15, 2018: An Awkward Introduction

Jessica Jones brings Azalea Kingston back to Danny Rand's home. The introduction goes a lot less smoothly than anyone might have hoped.

(permalink: log:8131 | tags: iron_fist jessica_jones know_my_name ngnm samael the_dark_devil | posted: 16 Oct 2018 02:56)

October 11, 2018: Get Back Out There

Jessica Jones checks up on Zatanna Zatara in the aftermath of the events of Ties that Bind. She finds Zee may not be physically injured, but she's wounded nonetheless.

(permalink: log:8111 | tags: inferno jessica_jones ngnm zatanna_zatara | posted: 12 Oct 2018 04:01)

October 10, 2018: My Only Sister

Jessica Jones visits Azalea Kingston in Titans Tower.

(permalink: log:8107 | tags: jessica_jones ngnm the_dark_devil | posted: 11 Oct 2018 03:30)

October 03, 2018: Eight for the Wish

Angela chases Loki through a very magical and very complicated ritual. The two play a small game and make a deal that will surely kill at least a few gods.

(permalink: log:8074 | tags: angela loki ngnm | posted: 03 Oct 2018 19:53)

September 18, 2018: The Enemy of Our Enemies

As promised, Angela hunts down Jackie following the fight in the park. They, and the Darkness, come to an agreement. The evilness of Choco Tacos is established.

(permalink: log:8002 | tags: angela darkness ngnm | posted: 19 Sep 2018 21:57)

September 09, 2018: Glories in Godlessness

Angela and Nico attempt a ritual in the dead of night, only to be interrupted twice. The second interruption becomes much more deicidal. Angela finds greater reason to be furious with Gorr while Nico and Jackie are introduced to the concept of god-butchery. GMed by Spider-Man.

(permalink: log:7940 | tags: angela darkness ngnm sister_grimm spider-man | posted: 09 Sep 2018 17:37)

September 08, 2018: A Most Glorious Quest

Atli's trying to fix things again. With her noble companions Hercules, Rocket and Groot, they set out to find something key to defeating Gorr the God Butcher.

(permalink: log:7938 | tags: atli groot hercules ngnm rocket | posted: 09 Sep 2018 07:08)

September 06, 2018: Wafflicious Exposition

In the aftermath of the Black Berserkers' attack, Atli, Angela and Hercules join Loki for some quality exposition and waffle consumption, in which everyone learns that their current predicament is entirely Atli's fault and everyone lives happily ever after. Hurray!

(permalink: log:7921 | tags: angela atli hercules loki ngnm | posted: 06 Sep 2018 05:53)

August 30, 2018: Upon This Rock

Beset by strange and monstrous foes in the middle of attempting to enjoy a Grecian indoor bath of debatable authenticity, two gods and an angel (and two unlikely but truly marvelous allies) find themselves brought together by fate and deicidal machinations…

(permalink: log:7876 | tags: angela atli hercules loki ngnm | posted: 30 Aug 2018 06:29)

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