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Mutants and those with powers run this world. Yet not everything is as perfect as it seems. Some will be living the dream, others will awaken and know that this isn't the real world. Who will you be?

The world is a very different place. Homo sapiens are the minority, and live as second class citizens. Mutants and those with powers rule the world. Opportunities, wealth, status and prestige are tied to those with extraordinary abilities.

This is the world of The House of M.

In the ‘80s one mutant came to the forefront, and a rallying cry came out as Magneto called the world’s mutants to unite and to fight against the corrupt system that held them down.

Some twenty odd years later, a mutant-human war later, and mutants (and those allies with powers) now rule the world. The roles have reversed with the release of an international conspiracy to rid the world of the X-gene and regulate powered individuals. The world is now a mutant/powered Utopia. With people trying genetic splicing and other interesting ways to fake being more than just human.

Magneto, King Magnus, now rules the world from his seat in Genosha, an island paradise that is a master of engineering, culture, art, science and the now center of world’s main super powers. Along with his family.

While a few countries remain independent (Wakanda, Latveria, Japan and Egypt) the US and other large super powers fell in the mutant-human war. Soon after, machines and tech that allowed anyone with even the slightest hint of the X-gene or other latent powers to become awakened, leading to a boom of powered and mutant people alike.

Mutopia is the cornerstone of power, celebrities and other rich and powerful individuals in the US. While now, humans, the unpowered and poor, are clustered into ghettos like Sapien town. Even worse, are the human centered ‘re-education’ centers where human ‘criminals’ and miscreants are sent to become reprogrammed to something more affable to the new world order.

Yet there are grumblings of rebellion in this house of cards. Some humans and powered individuals know the world is wrong. That something must be done about the House of Magnus, before humanity goes extinct forever. These rebels might be willing to fight, but at what cost? Especially with rumors of genetic bombs that can target mutant genes, or hints that the few free countries on the planet might yet band together against the House of M?

Either way, there will be giant robot death matches and some excellent entertainment. In this dream within a dream, who will awaken from this dream to the reality?


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

OOC: This is a vaguely House of M inspired plot. There will be creative license that will tweak the world of House of M to make it more available and open to those characters that are not Marvel properties, or even those that might’ve been dead in the original comics. There might be stories that work within the comic origins, but these are entirely based on who is interested in being part of the plot. All of this does not take place in the main universe, so don’t feel tied down to limit your rp (it takes place over a single night icly).

Anyone is welcome to join, powered or not, just give me or Scott a poke, as he is helping run scenes as well. There will be events posted for major events, as well as more individual scenes for those interested.

This is meant to be a free-form plot, open sandbox, where people are encouraged to play with and in the wider world of The House of M as they want (You do not need me to run things if you want to play around in, just make sure to tag the log).

Plot Logs

April 09, 2018: HoM: Find Aurora

The Cuckoos make a deal with a certain redhead. They go rescuing Marcos, Monet and finally little Aurora. (Emits by Nate).

(permalink: log:7292 | tags: eclipse goblin_queen hom m the_stepford_cuckoos x-man | posted: 22 Apr 2018 22:48)

April 09, 2018: HoM: Sinister Farewell

The X-Men limp out Sinister tesseract, but before leaving their 'host' has some words for them.

(permalink: log:7284 | tags: havok hom magik polaris x-man x-men | posted: 20 Apr 2018 18:18)

April 09, 2018: HoM: Marauder Dance

Continuing the escape from Sinister lab, the X-Men and Lois Lane face the murderous Marauders. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:7254 | tags: havok hom lois_lane magik polaris x-man x-men | posted: 13 Apr 2018 23:22)

April 09, 2018: HoM: Rude Awakening

A few hours after the crashed wedding in Genosha a few mutants (and Lois Lane!) wake up in a rather sinister place. (Emits by Nate)

(permalink: log:7253 | tags: havok hom lois_lane polaris the_stepford_cuckoos x-man x-men | posted: 13 Apr 2018 23:19)

April 08, 2018: HoM: Not Good At Being Happy

Nate was pushed by Madelyne into a nightmare. And that is where Illyana finds him a few minutes after.

(permalink: log:7277 | tags: hom magik x-man | posted: 17 Apr 2018 22:46)

April 07, 2018: Cutscene: Abjuration

HoM. Sometimes, once the sparks take light, the ensuing fire is best watched from a distance.

(permalink: log:7272 | tags: hom quicksilver | posted: 17 Apr 2018 04:37)

April 07, 2018: Wakey Wakey - Cutscene - Owen's HoM End

The Owen Mercer of this world "wakes up" from the dream life of House of M, his memory of the other world in tact. There is much revelation not just about who he was there, but who he is period. His mother. His family. And what could be.

(permalink: log:7230 | tags: boomerang hom | posted: 09 Apr 2018 00:52)

April 07, 2018: The Wedding. The End.

It is the day of the victory celebration. Genosha is united. Magneto has won. Lorna Dane and Marcus Diaz are marrying… and some people doesn't believe in happy endings. The Wedding is crashed the worst way.

(permalink: log:7228 | tags: eclipse greb hom lois_lane m magik old_man_logan polaris the_stepford_cuckoos x-man | posted: 08 Apr 2018 00:29)

April 06, 2018: HoM: Wake Me Up

Captain Marcos Diaz finally finds Princess Lorna, and thanks to the telepathic aid of the Cuckoos… wakes her up.

(permalink: log:7221 | tags: eclipse hom polaris the_stepford_cuckoos | posted: 06 Apr 2018 20:10)

April 05, 2018: HoM: Dead Ends

Princess Lorna tries to figure out what is going on around the Palace, and finds no answers.

(permalink: log:7220 | tags: cyclops hom m polaris the_stepford_cuckoos | posted: 06 Apr 2018 20:06)

April 05, 2018: HoM: Perchance to Dream

Nate attempts to 'wake up' his family and gets more than he bargained for. Madelyn Pryor ran by Polaris

(permalink: log:7219 | tags: cyclops goblin_queen hom madelyne_pryor phoenix polaris x-man | posted: 06 Apr 2018 19:43)

April 04, 2018: HoM: It's the End of the World - I'm Fine

HoM Owen is acting suspicious; Dani investigates and both agents find closure.

(permalink: log:7218 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar | posted: 06 Apr 2018 16:58)

March 20, 2018: HoM: Destroy Me

Nate goes to 'wake up' Illyana from the her happy life as a SHIELD cadet and would-be hero. She takes is a well as expected. Angst warning

(permalink: log:7127 | tags: hom magik x-man | posted: 20 Mar 2018 20:52)

March 05, 2018: HoM: The Kick

Dani and Owen's search for powerful telepaths, on Pietro's behalf, yields one Nate Summers. Together, he and Wanda are able to see the world for the illusion it is, and plans form to break it apart.

(permalink: log:7048 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar quicksilver scarlet_witch x-man | posted: 05 Mar 2018 23:53)

March 04, 2018: HoM: Royal Clubbing

Princess Lorna and her friend Monet go to a club and gossip.

(permalink: log:7046 | tags: hom m polaris | posted: 05 Mar 2018 18:45)

March 02, 2018: HoM: All the King's Men

Dani and Owen find Nate Summers soon to be cadet for SHIELD and powerful telepath.

(permalink: log:7038 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar x-man | posted: 03 Mar 2018 03:57)

February 26, 2018: HoM: Vigil

Danielle finds Pietro after the events of The Prince. They talk about the wrongness of the world, and definitely NOT about treasonous things.

(permalink: log:7016 | tags: hom moonstar quicksilver | posted: 26 Feb 2018 05:33)

February 25, 2018: HoM: Can Vei La Lauzeta Mover

HoM. After disciplining Pietro for his disobedience, King Magnus turns his attention to Wanda. AU-Magneto played by Pietro.

(permalink: log:7011 | tags: hom quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 25 Feb 2018 05:59)

February 24, 2018: HoM: We Are Doing Something Wrong

Saturday Morning in HoM Genosha. Illyana goes to tempt Nate to be lazy. Because nothing interesting ever happens in Genosha.

(permalink: log:7010 | tags: hom magik x-man | posted: 25 Feb 2018 02:11)

February 23, 2018: HoM: It Was All A Dream?

Dani and Owen finally talk about what they each saw in that dream world presented by Wanda.

(permalink: log:7004 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar | posted: 24 Feb 2018 04:24)

February 23, 2018: HoM: You're Red Sonja In Another Life?

HoM: Illyana (SHIELD cadet) brings Rachel (Lady-in-waiting to the Princess Royal of the UK) to Genosha to catch up with her brother, Nate (unemployed student)

(permalink: log:7001 | tags: hom magik prestige x-man | posted: 23 Feb 2018 23:55)

February 21, 2018: HoM: Isn't This Nice?

HoM: Maddie Emitted by Lorna. Madelyn Pryor calls her son Nate and her ex-husband Scott for a chat at a cafe in New York.

(permalink: log:6979 | tags: cyclops goblin_queen hom polaris x-man | posted: 21 Feb 2018 23:29)

February 21, 2018: HoM: The Prince

HoM. Pietro confronts his father about the events of Garden of Forking Paths. AU-Magneto played by Wanda.

(permalink: log:6972 | tags: hom quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 21 Feb 2018 06:01)

February 19, 2018: HoM: Building a Rebellion

HoM: Two rebel groups meet and combine, while Captain Eclipse of SHIELD crashes.

(permalink: log:6964 | tags: are astrea batman built eclipse hom hope mockingbird on rebellions sensation | posted: 19 Feb 2018 20:43)

February 19, 2018: HoM: Garden of Forking Paths

HoM. In punishment for removing Wanda from her room, Erik Magnus commands two members of Pietro's own Red Guard, Agents Moonstar and Mercer, to attempt psychic rehabilitation on Wanda behind Pietro's back. In the process the mad princess shows them something which none of them could have expected. AU-Magneto cameo by Pietro.

(permalink: log:6958 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 19 Feb 2018 05:39)

February 09, 2018: HoM: Eye for an Eye

In the HoM reality Agent Moonstar and Agent Mercer are dispatched to deal with a possible human terrorist cell.

(permalink: log:6913 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar | posted: 11 Feb 2018 01:18)

February 03, 2018: The Tower

HoM. Pietro dares what has been forbidden with his sister, Wanda.

(permalink: log:6883 | tags: hom quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 03 Feb 2018 05:37)

January 31, 2018: HoM: Hub One

Batman, Red Hood, and the Sensation family work to deal with the aftermath of the prison massacre, with round the clock rescue efforts in the middle of a crackdown

(permalink: log:6875 | tags: batman hom red_hood sensation | posted: 01 Feb 2018 04:44)

January 30, 2018: The Princess and the Captain

HoM: Marcos awakens in another version of the world, and knows something is wrong.

(permalink: log:6869 | tags: eclipse hom polaris | posted: 30 Jan 2018 20:10)

January 28, 2018: Prison Break

HoM: A band of human rebels act to try to rescue the human prisoners in the Maximum security prison in New York. SHIELD operatives of the Red Guard fight back. Emits by Polaris for Pulse and NPC's

(permalink: log:6861 | tags: astrea batman deathstroke hom old_man_logan polaris sensation witchdoctor | posted: 29 Jan 2018 17:19)

January 27, 2018: Sibling Rivalry(?)

HoM. The eldest and youngest children of Magnus have a brief conversation on their father, the state of the world, and not Wanda.

(permalink: log:6852 | tags: hom polaris quicksilver | posted: 28 Jan 2018 06:51)

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