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Plot Type: Micro Plot

Batmans return after he disappeared for months has thrown Gotham city into chaos.

It's been almost half a year since Batman disappeared out of the public eye… with Bruce himself only surfacing in private board meetings that required his attention.

Time the gangs of Gotham have used to reclaim turf the Bat kept them out of, make alliances, and build 'relationships' with elements of the GCPD.

Batmans return has thrown it all into chaos, and new wars are brewing on the streets.

Will you help to contain the situation, or take advantage?


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Gotham centric characters.
People looking to make a name for themselves and take a piece of the Gotham underworld pie.
Gang leaders
Superheroes who want to minimize collateral damage.

Plot Logs

February 02, 2018: The Worm in a Big Fat Apple

Batman learns the Joker has been busy in New York, and goes to take him down…. and ends up in the middle of pure Gotham exported Gang War.

(permalink: log:6884 | tags: batman joker red_hood resurgence sensation the_worm_fat_apple witchdoctor | posted: 03 Feb 2018 13:15)

January 24, 2018: Resurgence: Chinatown War, Part 1

A night of rooftop scouting for Batman and Spoiler detours into stopping a public street war of retaliation from the Penguin. Cassandra is found. Grifter is a good Samaritan

(permalink: log:6832 | tags: batman grifter orphan resurgence spoiler | posted: 25 Jan 2018 13:00)

January 15, 2018: Resurgence: Hells Cove

Two-Face and Penguins gangs fight for control of a smugglers Cove when Batman puts pressure on their other smuggling routes. Things go boom.

(permalink: log:6788 | tags: batman catwoman resurgence resurgence: sister_gertrude smugglers witchdoctor | posted: 16 Jan 2018 04:03)

January 09, 2018: ... With Bells On

Owen asks Harley to help him ask an illegal weapons dealer for a refund. It goes reasonably well until an opposing gang (The Shanghai Syndicate) starts murdering everyone to claim new territory.

(permalink: log:6773 | tags: boomerang harley resurgence | posted: 12 Jan 2018 01:34)

December 30, 2017: Catching up

Batman and Spoiler find Catwoman in a chance encounter after the Dockyard shootout.

(permalink: log:6736 | tags: batman catwoman resurgence spoiler | posted: 31 Dec 2017 07:01)

December 17, 2017: Tracking a Hood

Batman meets with Black Canary to discuss the new players in town, and the upcoming gang war.

(permalink: log:6684 | tags: batman black_canary resurgence | posted: 19 Dec 2017 09:42)

December 18, 2017: A Laugh at the HArbor

The Joker Gang is met by The Red Hood and a few members of the Shanghai Syndicate in what is a meeting of fate.

(permalink: log:6680 | tags: joker red_hood resurgence | posted: 18 Dec 2017 09:00)

December 10, 2017: The Dockyard Fight

What was supposed to be a simple black market Gotham deal… erupts into a gang war, with Gotham vigilantes coming to clean up the mess.

(permalink: log:6670 | tags: batman black_canary catwoman misfit red_hood resurgence sugar | posted: 15 Dec 2017 10:03)

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