You Know My Name

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Plot Type: Mini Plot

The sequel to Tigers and Flies.

A major arm of his operation wiped out in a single night. A group of do-gooders who are really starting to piss him off. Income that needs to be replaced and plans that need to move forward. The Kingpin furious and ready to strike back.

But the chess match may well grow even more heated when he realizes these heroes already have a crucial piece of information: his name.

Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
The coldest blood runs through my veins
You know my name


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Plot Logs

November 16, 2018: Respite

Set on Sept. 11, 2018. On the eve of their final confrontation with Fisk, Matt and Kinsey have one more talk about crime, punishment, and the past.

(permalink: log:8247 | tags: daredevil know_my_name nyc six | posted: 16 Nov 2018 05:05)

October 15, 2018: An Awkward Introduction

Jessica Jones brings Azalea Kingston back to Danny Rand's home. The introduction goes a lot less smoothly than anyone might have hoped.

(permalink: log:8131 | tags: iron_fist jessica_jones know_my_name ngnm samael the_dark_devil | posted: 16 Oct 2018 02:56)

September 28, 2018: TBD

The fate of Luke Cage's former self as Carl Lucas is up for debate.

(permalink: log:8083 | tags: daredevil foggy_nelson know_my_name power-man | posted: 06 Oct 2018 00:09)

September 30, 2018: Manly Feelings

Frank drops something off for Luke. They talk about their feelings. No, really.

(permalink: log:8077 | tags: from_the_ashes know_my_name power-man punisher | posted: 04 Oct 2018 06:40)

September 17, 2018: C-C-Changes

Luke, Danny and Emery sit down for some bro-talk about post Fisk and where their lives are headed now.

(permalink: log:8024 | tags: iron_fist know_my_name power-man samael | posted: 24 Sep 2018 03:03)

September 17, 2018: Pathways to Clarity

Danny Rand and his seemingly perpetual house guest Matt Murdock are both trying to find their centers after the fall of the Kingpin. They talk about clarity, strategy, and a path forward for their ragtag group.

(permalink: log:8005 | tags: daredevil iron_fist know_my_name | posted: 20 Sep 2018 00:12)

September 17, 2018: Always Watching

Emery becomes the next friend to stop by Jessica's bedside as she recovers from the attack that nearly took her life.

(permalink: log:8004 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name samael | posted: 19 Sep 2018 23:42)

September 16, 2018: Visiting Jessica Jones

Babs comes to visit Jessica at Stark Tower, and the two catch-up.

(permalink: log:7995 | tags: batgirl jessica_jones know_my_name | posted: 19 Sep 2018 03:24)

September 15, 2018: AKA Resting the F&@! Up

Matt Murdock stops by the bedside of a recovering Jessica Jones.

(permalink: log:8007 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones know_my_name | posted: 20 Sep 2018 03:05)

September 13, 2018: A Spy's Bedside Manner

Peggy Carter stops by to visit Jess in her hospital bed.

(permalink: log:7964 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones know_my_name | posted: 14 Sep 2018 02:51)

September 13, 2018: Long Story Short

Kinsey and Luke finally talk about her alter ego, and he gets to meet Five.

(permalink: log:7963 | tags: know_my_name power-man six | posted: 14 Sep 2018 02:35)

September 12, 2018: Don't Walk Into the Shiny Thing

Jessica Jones emerges from her week long coma to find Luke Cage by her side. A few blips in the conversation make it clear she's hardly at 100% yet.

(permalink: log:7956 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name power-man | posted: 13 Sep 2018 02:59)

September 12, 2018: Defenders: Dark Mirror

After a harrowing two years of facing off through proxies and trading blows, the Defenders corner Wilson Fisk and the last and most dangerous of his supporters in an abandoned subway station deep beneath New York City. The finale to "You Know My Name."

(permalink: log:7952 | tags: boomerang daredevil iron_fist kingpin know_my_name power-man samael six | posted: 12 Sep 2018 05:23)

September 10, 2018: No Revenge for the Righteous

Danny gives Luke a more creative outlet for his rage to finally disarm that ticking time bomb.

(permalink: log:7949 | tags: iron_fist know_my_name power-man | posted: 11 Sep 2018 02:24)

September 09, 2018: No Shortcuts Out of Hell

As the Defenders prepare to take on Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock and Luke Cage talk about crime, punishment, and what to do in the face of immeasurable loss.

(permalink: log:7947 | tags: daredevil know_my_name power-man | posted: 11 Sep 2018 01:23)

September 08, 2018: Justifiable Homicide

Frank comes bearing a confession for Foggy, but it isn't what the lawyer needs.

(permalink: log:7935 | tags: foggy_nelson know_my_name punisher | posted: 09 Sep 2018 03:05)

September 07, 2018: Mr. Sunshine

Owen comes to take Luke's mind off his vigil at Jess' hospital bed. It works for a little while.

(permalink: log:7941 | tags: boomerang know_my_name power-man | posted: 09 Sep 2018 21:21)

September 07, 2018: Defenders: Some Assembly Required

Daredevil escapes the Kingpin, crash landing injured back at Casa Rand. Owen delivers a tip once he's done digging glass out of his face.

(permalink: log:7927 | tags: boomerang claire_temple daredevil foggy_nelson iron_fist know_my_name nyc power-man samael six | posted: 07 Sep 2018 05:04)

September 06, 2018: Reaping the Whirlwind

Immediately follows You Know My Name. Months ago, Matt Murdock upended an alliance between Wilson Fisk and the twin leaders of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Now, a desperate captive on the Kingpin's yacht, he summons them to his aid. Like any good Faustian bargain, no one ends up happy with the results.

(permalink: log:7928 | tags: daredevil kingpin know_my_name quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 07 Sep 2018 13:03)

September 06, 2018: You Know My Name

Wilson Fisk and Matthew Murdock finally meet — face to face.

(permalink: log:7912 | tags: daredevil kingpin know_my_name | posted: 05 Sep 2018 02:00)

September 04, 2018: In Deep

Captain Carol Danvers finds out about Jess' condition and rushes to her bedside, only to be met by the unmovable force Luke Cage has become.

(permalink: log:7942 | tags: captain_marvel know_my_name power-man | posted: 10 Sep 2018 01:37)

September 03, 2018: AKA J is Down

Jessica Jones is dying, Daredevil has been captured by the Kingpin, and it's up to Claire Temple to stop the bleeding and rally the Defenders.

(permalink: log:7906 | tags: boomerang claire_temple iron-man jessica_jones know_my_name power-man | posted: 04 Sep 2018 00:33)

August 31, 2018: Matt and Kinsey Fight

Like the title says.

(permalink: log:7894 | tags: daredevil know_my_name six solving_for_self | posted: 02 Sep 2018 02:39)

August 20, 2018: Avenue of Discovery

Daredevil contacts SHIELD with important information about the Hell's Kitchen Bombing.

(permalink: log:7895 | tags: agent_carter daredevil know_my_name | posted: 02 Sep 2018 03:01)

August 19, 2018: The Death of Carl Lucas

Jess and Luke talk about the demise of his past self. Then they have Chinese food.

(permalink: log:7837 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name power-man | posted: 21 Aug 2018 02:53)

August 16, 2018: The Emerald Key

After patching up the metaphysical damage wrought upon Hell's Kitchen, John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara encounter Loki, the God of Mischief, intent on finishing some unfinished business…and starting a new one.

(permalink: log:7824 | tags: john_constantine know_my_name loki vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Aug 2018 02:45)

August 15, 2018: Mulling Motivations

Danny comes home after being threatened by Fisk and then meeting with his lawyers. He and Luke have a not-so-productive conversation about the motivations of the man called Kingpin.

(permalink: log:7893 | tags: iron_fist know_my_name power-man | posted: 02 Sep 2018 01:08)

August 15, 2018: Battles and Wars

Danny calls in his lawyers/allies after Wilson Fisk blackmails him. (Set directly after Competing Interests)

(permalink: log:7854 | tags: daredevil foggy_nelson iron_fist know_my_name tnp | posted: 25 Aug 2018 01:51)

August 15, 2018: Competing Interests

The murder of a Rand Industries whistleblower prompts a call from one Wilson Fisk. Danny Rand is not a happy camper.

(permalink: log:7818 | tags: iron_fist kingpin know_my_name tnp | posted: 16 Aug 2018 00:15)

August 14, 2018: Different Codes

When Daredevil tries to stop the Kitchen Irish from ambushing the Punisher, the two men's very different philosophies quickly bring them into violent conflict.

(permalink: log:7948 | tags: daredevil know_my_name punisher | posted: 11 Sep 2018 01:34)

August 14, 2018: Olive Branches Made of Scotch

Danny calls Owen to extend an olive branch. Surprise! Owen is a dick about it.

(permalink: log:7819 | tags: boomerang iron_fist know_my_name | posted: 16 Aug 2018 02:55)

August 10, 2018: See You Around, Stark

A scheduling snafu leads to a first-ever meeting between Tony Stark and his lawyer, Matt Murdock. It goes about as well as you might expect.

(permalink: log:7804 | tags: daredevil iron_man know_my_name | posted: 11 Aug 2018 19:18)

August 08, 2018: TRBL @ Foggy's, 10+ GUNS

The Mexican Cartel gets wind of where Foggy Nelson has stashed the young informant known as Taggy, and attack. Heroes rush to his defense…but a clash of values complicates matters immensely.

(permalink: log:7794 | tags: claire_temple daredevil foggy_nelson iron_man kingpin know_my_name punisher six | posted: 09 Aug 2018 04:27)

August 08, 2018: Breaking Point

Set a day after Defenders Disassemble. Daredevil tracks down the Winter Soldier and Jane Foster after they storm out of a Defenders meeting, resulting in a very tense meeting between three friends over the unconscious bodies of some of New York's less-than-finest.

(permalink: log:7787 | tags: daredevil jane_foster know_my_name the_winter_soldier | posted: 08 Aug 2018 17:04)

August 04, 2018: Cleanup On Aisle Scumbag

Batgirl finds Frank Castle just after he finishes dealing with some members of the Mexican Cartel.

(permalink: log:7773 | tags: batgirl know_my_name punisher | posted: 04 Aug 2018 18:27)

July 22, 2018: Spooky Urban Legends

A vigilante and a mercenary's very different approaches to pumping a mid-level crook for information about the Hell's Kitchen bombings intersect.

(permalink: log:7750 | tags: daredevil domino know_my_name | posted: 29 Jul 2018 15:41)

July 28, 2018: Rainswept Reconnaissance

Frank follows some of the Cartel out of NYC and meets a Bat instead.

(permalink: log:7747 | tags: batgirl from_the_ashes know_my_name punisher | posted: 29 Jul 2018 05:52)

July 26, 2018: Finding the Line

Kinsey Sheridan confronts Jessica Jones about her recent forays as a Brotherhood sympathizer.

(permalink: log:7730 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name six | posted: 27 Jul 2018 04:18)

July 26, 2018: Fall Down Seven

Owen Mercer has a case for Jessica Jones. Jessica has a demand for him.

(permalink: log:7729 | tags: boomerang jessica_jones know_my_name | posted: 27 Jul 2018 03:48)

July 24, 2018: Options Open

After shaking loose some news about Wilson Fisk's operations and potential whereabouts, three Defenders decide what to do about it.

(permalink: log:7726 | tags: daredevil iron_fist know_my_name power-man | posted: 26 Jul 2018 13:35)

July 23, 2018: Some Cain and Abel Business

Matt, Foggy, and Claire discuss how to protect their new informant in the Mexican Cartel.

(permalink: log:7788 | tags: claire_temple daredevil foggy_nelson know_my_name | posted: 08 Aug 2018 17:35)

July 23, 2018: Contingency Planning

Jessica Jones asks Emery Papsworth an important question about his daughter.

(permalink: log:7716 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name samael | posted: 24 Jul 2018 03:44)

July 22, 2018: Crime and Punishment

Frank comes looking for Foggy after their brief run-in at Graham's. Frank goes vigilante, and Foggy makes a decision that challenges his ethics.

(permalink: log:7745 | tags: foggy_nelson know_my_name punisher | posted: 28 Jul 2018 23:50)

July 21, 2018: Keeping Up With the Maximoffs

Billy Kaplan, Tommy Shepherd and Kate Bishop touch base over their recent encounter with the Maximoffs, and discuss a few additional items regarding the anti-mutant agenda going around.

(permalink: log:7708 | tags: hawkeye_ii know_my_name pthe speed wiccan | posted: 22 Jul 2018 02:32)

July 21, 2018: Nobody Expects Morgan Freeman

Foggy Nelson goes after answers from the Dogs of War just as Frank Castle arrives to execute them. Jessica Jones tries to stop Frank, with mixed results.

(permalink: log:7707 | tags: foggy_nelson jessica_jones know_my_name punisher | posted: 21 Jul 2018 06:48)

July 20, 2018: Cutscene: Luchshe Pozdno Chem Nikogda

"Better late than never." Directly after Defenders Disassemble.

(permalink: log:7705 | tags: know_my_name the_winter_soldier | posted: 20 Jul 2018 17:38)

July 18, 2018: For Want of a Vision

Everyone is looking for the person who called in the bomb threat at PS 135. Claire Temple finds him.

(permalink: log:7698 | tags: claire_temple kingpin know_my_name | posted: 19 Jul 2018 04:28)

July 18, 2018: Make It Better

Jess helps Luke try to reconcile the implications of their actions in taking down Fisk.

(permalink: log:7696 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name power-man | posted: 19 Jul 2018 03:50)

July 07, 2018: Suitable Response

Kinsey has that meeting with Tony in the aftermath of the HK bombings. (Backscened, takes place the day after Blowin' Up The Kitchen, pt. 2.)

(permalink: log:7685 | tags: iron_man know_my_name six | posted: 17 Jul 2018 08:37)

July 16, 2018: About the Witching Hour

Raven and Impulse return from their rotation in Hell's Kitchen to look for Zatanna Zatara in order to see to the former's injuries.

(permalink: log:7683 | tags: impulse know_my_name raven red_robin zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Jul 2018 03:32)

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September 14, 2018: A King of Crime Falls
Three months after bombs leveled buildings around Hell's Kitchen and claimed 8000 lives, a suspect is now in custody. Wilson Fisk arraigned at federal courthouse in Manhattan.
(permalink: news:30 | tags: agent-carter boomerang daredevil foggy-nelson iron-fist jessica-jones kingpin know_my_name power-man samael six | posted: 03 Nov 2018 14:26)

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