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February 11, 2018: Escaping Pleasantville and Other Bedtime Stories

Though it requires time, care, and coordination retrieving one Jessica Jones from her imprisonment in a certain soulgem seems simple enough…until the unstable nature of the magic within throws Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Kitty Pryde a really big curveball.

(permalink: log:6923 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones power-man rodb s_c shadowcat | posted: 13 Feb 2018 05:55)

February 09, 2018: Now that the Bear is Gone...

Looks like it is time to make Doctor Strange's life more complicated yet. Danielle Moonstar has a plan and she is not taking a no for response.

(permalink: log:6909 | tags: doctor_strange moonstar rodb | posted: 10 Feb 2018 23:19)

January 27, 2018: You Shall Not Pass

While the majority of the heroes took on the Demon Bear, Dani sent Illyana and Rachel off on a separate mission. This is what they got up to.

(permalink: log:7407 | tags: magik moonstar prestige rodb | posted: 16 May 2018 18:05)

January 27, 2018: Demon Bear: Cutscene: Goodbye

Dani says goodbye to her parents.

(permalink: log:6867 | tags: moonstar rodb | posted: 30 Jan 2018 14:11)

January 27, 2018: Demon Bear: Finale: Power Sundered


(permalink: log:6866 | tags: colossus daredevil doctor_strange dr._jane_foster groot iron_man john_constantine moonstar ripclaw rocket rodb samael the_winter_soldier zatanna_zatara | posted: 30 Jan 2018 12:30)

January 26, 2018: Taking a Sword to a Bear Fight

Illyana asks a favour of Piotr, involving her sword and Dani's Demon Bear.

(permalink: log:6840 | tags: colossus magik rodb | posted: 26 Jan 2018 21:40)

January 25, 2018: Searching for Plan B

Kinsey Sheridan, Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdock discuss what to do about Kinsey's virus if Jane Foster is beyond help.

(permalink: log:6846 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones know_my_name rodb six solving_for_self | posted: 27 Jan 2018 20:17)

January 24, 2018: Exorcism, Interrupted

Zatanna Zatara, Jessica Jones, and Matthew Murdock meet some roadblocks in their attempt to cast out the demons inside Kinsey Sheridan.

(permalink: log:6844 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones rodb six solving_for_self zatanna_zatara | posted: 27 Jan 2018 19:49)

January 24, 2018: Minds Like These

Phil Coulson and Sharon Carter meet up to discuss the latest mission, family matters, and Taco Tuesday.

(permalink: log:6831 | tags: agent-13 coulson molehunt rodb | posted: 25 Jan 2018 04:19)

January 23, 2018: Office Chatter

Matt Murdock and intern Stephanie Brown do some catch up after the NYC blackout.

(permalink: log:6845 | tags: daredevil know_my_name rodb spoiler | posted: 27 Jan 2018 20:05)

January 23, 2018: Demon Bear: Help Sought

Dani speaks with Emery, Brightwind does too. The Soul-Seeker agrees to help with the finale battle with the Bear

(permalink: log:6839 | tags: moonstar rodb samael | posted: 26 Jan 2018 21:39)

January 21, 2018: Breach

Kinsey tells Matt about her precarious position following the disaster at Stark Tower. Both of them make some fateful decisions.

(permalink: log:6817 | tags: daredevil rodb six solving_for_self | posted: 23 Jan 2018 03:57)

January 18, 2018: All The King's Men

SHIELD with the Teen Titans as backup has a plan to capture the corrupted JARVIS. Phil Coulson has a plan. Which naturally falls apart as soon as everyone starts shooting

(permalink: log:6816 | tags: agent-13 atli coulson hulk impulse iron_man merrow red_robin rodb rusalka_stojespal static_shock zatanna_zatara | posted: 23 Jan 2018 02:33)

January 15, 2018: Worst Parade Ever

The demon infested Stark bots march down the street to cause more trouble for SHIELD and assorted heroes and then because it's unexpected the Joker sends a present in the form of two buses and an ice cream truck full of goodies. No one throws even a single piece of candy.

(permalink: log:6800 | tags: agent-13 agent_carter batman boomerang captain_america iron_man jessica_jones merrow rodb rusalka_stojespal sensation spoiler | posted: 18 Jan 2018 18:53)

January 14, 2018: Of All the Bars in the World

Emma tracks down Tony Stark. Like most of Tony's days lately, it… doesn't really end well.

(permalink: log:6819 | tags: iron_man rodb white_queen | posted: 23 Jan 2018 04:15)

January 14, 2018: Tears for the Machine

SHIELD deals with a disturbance in New York as mad drones search for their former master.

(permalink: log:6795 | tags: agent-13 boomerang iron_guard jessica_jones kang rodb rusalka_stojespal | posted: 17 Jan 2018 05:55)

January 13, 2018: Rescuing Herself

Pepper Potts realizes something has gone horribly wrong in the House of Stark.

(permalink: log:6818 | tags: iron_man pepper_potts rodb | posted: 23 Jan 2018 04:12)

January 13, 2018: All the King's Horses

In the aftermath of the Demon Bear's attack on Stark Tower, heroes of all types respond.

(permalink: log:6791 | tags: agent-13 batman fairchild rodb rusalka_stojespal | posted: 16 Jan 2018 16:12)

January 13, 2018: Blackout Drunks

Owen and Emery try to get their drink on when someone knocks out the power to NYC. Thanks a lot Spiderman! The blackout means Emery's security is down, so his enemies come out of the woodwork to try and kidnap Kennis.

(permalink: log:6786 | tags: boomerang rodb samael | posted: 15 Jan 2018 14:30)

January 13, 2018: Processing, Please Wait

Phil Coulson responds to Tony Stark's distress call. He and Lola get up close and personal to an event that knocks out large portions of the city's power grid.

(permalink: log:6783 | tags: coulson iron_man rodb | posted: 13 Jan 2018 21:28)

January 13, 2018: Demon Bear: Clean Slate

Winter comes to Tony Stark, as the Demon Bear's former heralds — now its masters — resurface to pay him a polite call, and take all that is his.

(permalink: log:6781 | tags: dr._jane_foster iron_man rodb the_winter_soldier | posted: 13 Jan 2018 10:48)

January 05, 2018: Demon Bear: The Guardians of the Galaxy

This occurred in December before Dani was freed from the Bear.

(permalink: log:6760 | tags: dr._jane_foster groot moonstar rocket rodb shadowcat starlord the_winter_soldier | posted: 06 Jan 2018 17:19)

January 02, 2018: Treble and Bass

Alias Investigations has a new neighbor. Azalea Kingston has her groove back. Jessica Jones makes a promise.

(permalink: log:6744 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name rodb the_dark_devil | posted: 03 Jan 2018 06:03)

January 02, 2018: Oh Hey, I'm Dating Your Brother

Rachel and Illyana combine retail therapy and a late lunch with discussing Demon Bear related developments and Ray dating Illyana's brother. Who says they can't multitask?

(permalink: log:6743 | tags: magik prestige rodb | posted: 02 Jan 2018 23:41)

December 26, 2017: Demon Bear: Exit Interview

Now that Dani Moonstar is free from the demon bear Jessica Jones has a few questions.

(permalink: log:6710 | tags: jessica_jones moonstar rodb | posted: 27 Dec 2017 04:32)

December 25, 2017: Demon Bear: Allies Gathered

John Constantine and Zatanna question Moonstar about the Bear. Plans take shape.

(permalink: log:6724 | tags: john_constantine moonstar rodb zatanna_zatara | posted: 29 Dec 2017 13:02)

December 20, 2017: Time to Collect: Part 1

Illy and Dani discuss Demon Bear without the watchful eye of Scott there.

(permalink: log:6688 | tags: magik moonstar rodb | posted: 21 Dec 2017 01:43)

December 17, 2017: The Disciple's Return

After a few weeks absent Illyana returns to the Sanctum to talk with Doctor Strange. The main subject of the conversation is the Demon Bear, of course.

(permalink: log:6675 | tags: doctor_strange magik rodb | posted: 17 Dec 2017 23:08)

December 15, 2017: Flailing Around Down Here

Kinsey Sheridan and Jessica Jones enjoy a long-anticipated night out. Featuring: light shop talk! Excruciatingly embarrassing stories! Girl talk! And philosophy!

(permalink: log:6672 | tags: jessica_jones know_my_name rodb six | posted: 17 Dec 2017 04:32)

December 14, 2017: Demon Bear: Beared Souls

Dani Moonstar, free of the Demon Bear, returns to the Xavier Institute. Scott wants proof, but his only expert on demonic possession is Illyana. And he doesn't exactly trust her…

(permalink: log:6665 | tags: cyclops magik moonstar rodb | posted: 14 Dec 2017 22:57)

December 14, 2017: #Delegation

Spoiler, still disturbed by her vision, comes to check on one Jessica Jones. To check…and to find out how she can help.

(permalink: log:6663 | tags: jessica_jones rodb spoiler vexed | posted: 14 Dec 2017 06:17)

December 11, 2017: Demon Bear: Change of Orbit

Demon Bear, Jane, Bucky and Dani search for powerful artifacts. They encounter Emery, Jess, Constantine and Zee. There's both winning and losing.

(permalink: log:6656 | tags: dr._jane_foster jessica_jones john_constantine moonstar rodb samael the_winter_soldier zatanna_zatara | posted: 13 Dec 2017 14:18)

December 11, 2017: Demon Bear: An Abomination In The Eyes Of The World

Scott needs to understand what he saw in the Demon Bear's shadow realm. Illyana doesn't like his questions. Scott doesn't like her answers.

(permalink: log:6652 | tags: cyclops magik rodb | posted: 12 Dec 2017 18:38)

December 09, 2017: The Wall

Having received the story of the soulless state of Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster, Luke Cage hastens to check up on one Jessica Jones.

(permalink: log:6643 | tags: jessica_jones power-man rodb | posted: 10 Dec 2017 07:16)

December 08, 2017: Sharing and Smokescreens

Scott Summers visits Alias Investigations to find out what Jessica Jones knows about the demon bear. Jess is willing to share…to a point.

(permalink: log:6639 | tags: cyclops jessica_jones rodb | posted: 09 Dec 2017 00:34)

December 08, 2017: Demon Bear: The Arrow Lost

An angry Ripclaw goes to the Sanctum to warn Strange about the latest activities of the Bear and Dani Moonstar

(permalink: log:6638 | tags: doctor_strange ripclaw rodb | posted: 08 Dec 2017 22:43)

December 07, 2017: Back in the Loop

Red Robin and Wonder Girl stop by Alias Investigations to get Jessica Jones caught up on the iDoL case once more.

(permalink: log:6636 | tags: jessica_jones red_robin rodb vexed wonder_girl | posted: 08 Dec 2017 05:37)

December 07, 2017: Demon Bear: Nahkoheso

Robert and Dani meet up to discuss the sacred arrow that they retrieved from the spirit realm.

(permalink: log:6633 | tags: moonstar ripclaw rodb | posted: 08 Dec 2017 01:23)

December 07, 2017: Demon Bear: Demon... Beard?

Rachel returns to the Xavier Institute to pass on information about the Demon Bear. Illyana tries to avoid telling Piotr about her last run in with the creature. Piotr is suspected of harbouring infernal facial hair.

(permalink: log:6632 | tags: colossus magik prestige rodb | posted: 07 Dec 2017 23:50)

December 05, 2017: Demon Bear: The Aenohe's Visit

Rachel Summers visits Black Eagle, Dani's grandfather. Black Eagle wasn't necessarily prepared to be visited by such a being.

(permalink: log:6628 | tags: moonstar prestige rodb | posted: 07 Dec 2017 03:21)

December 04, 2017: Nightmare News

Jessica Jones calls Daredevil to the aftermath of her disastrous dinner party to issue a warning about their mutual friends. A new nightmare begun, but he has news of his own…a tale of nightmares ended.

(permalink: log:6635 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones know_my_name rodb | posted: 08 Dec 2017 05:02)

December 04, 2017: Demon Bear: Snow Covers Blood

Zatanna Zatara, on the trail of the Demon Bear, discovers its thralls. John Constantine shows up to assist her in the most robust armor possible.

(permalink: log:6610 | tags: dr._jane_foster john_constantine rodb the_winter_soldier zatanna_zatara | posted: 05 Dec 2017 19:12)

December 04, 2017: Demon Bear: Twice Gifted

(Graphic Violence Warning) Ripclaw and Moonstar take a little trip through the Spirit Realm in search of a relic.

(permalink: log:6605 | tags: moonstar ripclaw rodb | posted: 05 Dec 2017 07:51)

December 04, 2017: Demon Bear: Worst Dinner Party Ever

Emery Papsworth comes to Alias Investigations at Jessica Jones' urging to give Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster their soul check-ups. Everything's great. Until it isn't.

(permalink: log:6603 | tags: dr._jane_foster jessica_jones rodb samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 05 Dec 2017 05:26)

November 17, 2017: Demon Bear: An Astral Visitation

This takes place after log:, Demon Bear: The Fall: Scott and Illyana. Illyana's astral form visits Rachel, as Ray begins her own investigation on what the Demon Bear is.

(permalink: log:6597 | tags: magik prestige rodb | posted: 05 Dec 2017 00:18)

December 01, 2017: Demon Bear: A Question of Lineage

Strange goes in search of Dani's grandfather, Black Eagle.

(permalink: log:6611 | tags: doctor_strange moonstar rodb | posted: 05 Dec 2017 20:07)

December 01, 2017: Demon Bear: In the Beginning

Doctor Strange manages to find one of Danielle Moonstar relatives, the shaman Black Eagle.

(permalink: log:6609 | tags: doctor_strange moonstar rodb | posted: 05 Dec 2017 14:58)

November 28, 2017: Chocolate and Pancakes

Luke spends the night over Danny's house and walks around shirtless. Emery makes Pancakes. Both parties are satisfied.

(permalink: log:6566 | tags: power-man rodb samael | posted: 28 Nov 2017 21:58)

November 27, 2017: Knocking, Praying, Singing

It sometimes takes a trickster to find a trickster.

(permalink: log:6563 | tags: cyberforce ripclaw rodb velocity | posted: 28 Nov 2017 08:19)

November 26, 2017: What the Hell is Bear Herpes?!

Luke and Owen catch up on their respective bear attacks. Luke offers to help, Owen is a dick about it. Oh and there might be a demonic version of an STD goin' round.

(permalink: log:6556 | tags: boomerang power-man rodb | posted: 27 Nov 2017 13:56)

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