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Plot Type: Mini Plot

A race to discover the truth behind the firebombing of a scientific conference in Wakanda.


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October 04, 2017: Words of the King

Plot epilogue. The final report of Bhekizizwe "Blackstone" Wright, and remarks from King T'Challa, on the outcome of the troubles in Wakanda.

(permalink: log:6426 | tags: black_panther mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 02 Nov 2017 15:39)

October 03, 2017: Blind Trust

Michael Carter is debriefed by MI-6.5 during a stopover from Wakanda to New York.

(permalink: log:6362 | tags: cutscene mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 20 Oct 2017 00:58)

October 01, 2017: Hiari na Kitari ni Yako

With the rumble finished and the real bomber caught, only a single step remains in the fight to clear Bucky Barnes. When Jessica Jones realizes the final puzzle piece is a cultural one, she approaches Jane Foster to present her with a choice.

(permalink: log:6312 | tags: dr._jane_foster jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 08 Oct 2017 18:57)

October 01, 2017: Rubicon

Run by T'Challa. Acting on information regarding Blackstone gleaned from Elektra, Jane, Jessica, Matt, and Zatanna head to the hospital to ask him some questions… only to discover the true root of the infiltration in Wakanda. …And angry Wakandan gangsters.

(permalink: log:6311 | tags: black_panther daredevil dr._jane_foster jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi zatanna_zatara | posted: 08 Oct 2017 18:00)

September 30, 2017: Aletheia

Jane and Matt, having captured Elektra, bring her to the SHORO Investigation Deck for questioning. Jessica lets them in, and Elektra — backed into a corner — reluctantly gives them a key piece of the puzzle in the Wakandan infiltration.

(permalink: log:6290 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster elektra jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 01 Oct 2017 04:46)

September 29, 2017: With A Little Help From Her Friends II

After her afternoon with Peter Parker, Zatanna Zatara pops by Tim Drake's converted townhouse in Gotham.

(permalink: log:6301 | tags: mizizi_na_nyasi red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 04 Oct 2017 03:03)

September 29, 2017: With A Little Help From Her Friends

Peter Parker and Zatanna Zatara catch up on the serious business of ignoring the fact that they're college students with normal problems on top of their atypical ones.

(permalink: log:6288 | tags: mizizi_na_nyasi spider-man vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 29 Sep 2017 21:29)

September 26, 2017: Priority Return

After the bombing at Rizza's house Jessica Jones has a single request for one Zatanna Zatara. Will Luke Cage be pissed? Jones' money is on, "Yes."

(permalink: log:6298 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi zatanna_zatara | posted: 03 Oct 2017 04:45)

September 26, 2017: Aisthesis

Investigating the bombed-out ruins in Birnin Azzaria, Jane Foster and Matt Murdock run across Elektra Natchios — and an opportunity.

(permalink: log:6283 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster elektra mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 27 Sep 2017 15:00)

September 26, 2017: AKA Bad Decisions

Luke Cage brings Jessica Jones some bad news. The push-pull of tension between them comes to a rather explosive end.

(permalink: log:6281 | tags: black_panther dr._jane_foster jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi power-man | posted: 27 Sep 2017 02:58)

September 25, 2017: Kill Zone

Cutscene. Whither the Winter Soldier, after the plunge from Warrior Falls?

(permalink: log:6273 | tags: mizizi_na_nyasi the_winter_soldier | posted: 25 Sep 2017 05:29)

September 22, 2017: The Tundra and the Savannah

Part I. As the investigation team fights to find a way to exonerate James Buchanan Barnes, the execution proceeds apace. The erstwhile Winter Soldier fights a battle of his own against the claws of the Black Panther.

(permalink: log:6263 | tags: black_panther mizizi_na_nyasi the_winter_soldier | posted: 22 Sep 2017 14:12)

September 15, 2017: Deluxe Briefing

Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine and Azalea Kingston seek out one Jessica Jones in Wakanda. They get an update on the case so far and develop a starting point for their own efforts in the attempts to free Bucky Barnes once and for all.

(permalink: log:6258 | tags: jessica_jones john_constantine mizizi_na_nyasi the_dark_devil zatanna_zatara | posted: 19 Sep 2017 08:11)

September 10, 2017: Unavoidable Truth

After Michael is drugged by gangs, Peggy visits to make sure he is okay.

(permalink: log:6284 | tags: agent_carter mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 27 Sep 2017 15:05)

September 10, 2017: Background Check

On one of Matt Murdock's calls to check in with Kinsey Sheridan while he's abroad in Wakanda, fighting to exculpate James Barnes (again), the topic of conversation turns to his history with Elektra Natchios; her sudden, startling return; and what that could mean in an immediate sense for the people close to him.

Not discussed: what it could mean in the long term for the young woman closer to him than most, and whether or not it's worth it to ask your girlfriend to dig up dirt on your ex, even if she is possibly a Hydra assassin.

(permalink: log:6264 | tags: daredevil mizizi_na_nyasi six | posted: 22 Sep 2017 19:21)

September 09, 2017: AKA Truth Juice

Members of one of Wakanda's more politically motivated street gangs decide to round up Michael Carter and Jessica Jones, determined to learn the truth about why they're really there. Michael and Jess end up having a drugged up heart-to-heart before the gang decides their story truly is exactly as it says on the tin.

(permalink: log:6252 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 16 Sep 2017 03:23)

September 08, 2017: The Mentos Affair

Spy and PI go hunting for more evidence in Wakanda. They don't have much in the way of resources, and they don't quite speak the same jargon, but Peggy Carter and Jessica Jones make it work as usual.

(permalink: log:6251 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 15 Sep 2017 05:35)

September 07, 2017: The Bartender and the Spy

Luke Cage may not make a great spy, but Michael Carter makes a horrible bartender. They're both out of their element. Follows "An Uncommon Reaction"

(permalink: log:6247 | tags: mizizi_na_nyasi power_man rule_britannia | posted: 15 Sep 2017 01:58)

September 07, 2017: An Uncommon Reaction

Jessica Jones decides to follow both her heart, and Matt Murdock's advice, and tells Luke Cage the truth about Reva Connors even knowing that the response could hamper the mission to clear James Barnes. The reaction both is, and isn't, what she expected. Then, back on the job, they find some evidence and make some promising new connections.

(permalink: log:6244 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi power-man | posted: 14 Sep 2017 02:11)

September 06, 2017: AKA Morgan Freeman's Voice

After an evening spent watching over Jessica Jones and contemplating what might be most useful, Melinda May chooses to leave Wakanda for good in order to see what might be found in Armenia. She offers Jessica a few gifts on her way out the door.

(permalink: log:6242 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi the_cavalry | posted: 13 Sep 2017 04:52)

September 06, 2017: AKA Merit Badge

Michael Carter and Jessica Jones check out a spot they suspect holds a drop box for certain elements moving stolen weapons around Wakanda. They find a bit more than they bargained for.

(permalink: log:6235 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 12 Sep 2017 02:54)

September 05, 2017: The Good Drugs

Melinda May catches Jessica Jones on her way back from her excursion at the Wakandan border. She offers a few case details, and decides to sneak a little TLC in the detective's direction.

(permalink: log:6233 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi the_cavalry | posted: 11 Sep 2017 06:48)

September 05, 2017: Talking Heads

Jane Foster invites Jessica Jones to come and help her with one of her own evidence gathering efforts in Wakanda. Jessica discovers Jane is playing with fire.

(permalink: log:6232 | tags: dr._jane_foster jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 11 Sep 2017 06:17)

September 03, 2017: Ego te Absolvo

Daredevil reveals the truth about Elektra to one Jessica Jones.

(permalink: log:6230 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 10 Sep 2017 04:50)

September 02, 2017: R.I.P., Grey V-Neck

In the city of Birnin Azzaria Elektra strikes again. This time, her targets are the smart-ass detective and the righteous ex-con.

(permalink: log:6227 | tags: elektra jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi power-man | posted: 08 Sep 2017 04:15)

August 31, 2017: Heads Up

Jessica Jones sits down for a "working breakfast" with one Agent Peggy Carter. But before they can dig into the case, there's a small personal matter to attend to…

(permalink: log:6226 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 08 Sep 2017 03:55)

August 30, 2017: Crossed Wires

Jessica Jones calls Captain America to ask a favor, thinking he hasn't come to Wakanda for political reasons. Instead, becomes the bearer of bad tidings yet again when she learns the the Man with the Star Spangled Plan didn't even know about Bucky's latest plight.

(permalink: log:6224 | tags: captain_america jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi vexed | posted: 07 Sep 2017 03:54)

August 30, 2017: Help Me, Toby Wan Kenobi

Jessica Jones calls Tony Stark so she can ask him to go to Tamoachan on Azalea Kingston's behalf.

(permalink: log:6223 | tags: iron_man jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi vexed | posted: 07 Sep 2017 03:34)

August 29, 2017: Bones of the Forgotten King

Jessica Jones calls Azalea Kingston to explain why she won't be at the final battle in Tamoachan. The detective gets considerably more than she bargained for.

(permalink: log:6222 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi the_dark_devil vexed | posted: 07 Sep 2017 03:21)

August 29, 2017: Divide and Conquer

Jessica Jones and Zatanna Zatara catch each other up on their cases.

(permalink: log:6217 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 06 Sep 2017 04:35)

August 28, 2017: A Long Walk to Birnan Zana

After Elektra's attack, Daredevil and Jane Foster chart their course forward in more ways than one.

(permalink: log:6238 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 12 Sep 2017 12:23)

August 28, 2017: Polarity

Shortly after Elektra's attack, Jessica Jones calls Daredevil and Jane Foster to verify their presence in the land of the living.

(permalink: log:6218 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 06 Sep 2017 05:20)

August 28, 2017: Oikeiôsis

Jane Foster, on her way to the south of Wakanda, is attacked and calls in Daredevil for backup. What neither of them expect is for their attacker to be a figure from Matt Murdock's past.

(permalink: log:6206 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster elektra mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 03 Sep 2017 08:15)

August 28, 2017: Riding in a Car with Spies

First, Jessica Jones and Michael Carter talk Peggy Carter out of a Wakandan jail with some back-up from Melinda May. Then, Jess gets a text that freaks her out, one that prompts a frantic, if futile, ride back towards the capital.

(permalink: log:6200 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia the_cavalry | posted: 31 Aug 2017 03:33)

August 28, 2017: Professional Courtesies

Jessica Jones welcomes Agent Melinda May to the Mizizi na Nyasi investigation team. She wastes little time setting May on the trail of some of their leads.

(permalink: log:6188 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi the_cavalry | posted: 28 Aug 2017 21:11)

August 27, 2017: Chirality

On her way to a mysterious job out in the reclusive country of Wakanda, Elektra finds herself stalked by the Black Widow.

(permalink: log:6208 | tags: black_widow elektra mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 03 Sep 2017 22:18)

August 27, 2017: AKA Wizard Hoagie

Takes place after Rivers and Stars and before Professional Courtesies. Still intent on watching out for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage makes the trip to spend the night in Birnin S'Yan before returning to his investigative 'assignment.' Things continue to get complicated.

(permalink: log:6196 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi power-man | posted: 30 Aug 2017 04:20)

August 27, 2017: Rivers and Stars

Cutscene. Jessica Jones reacts when she hears from Jane Foster at last.

(permalink: log:6187 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 28 Aug 2017 19:17)

August 27, 2017: Yanantin

Cutscene. The path to James Barnes is marked with lines, and Jane must cross many.

(permalink: log:6186 | tags: dr._jane_foster mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 28 Aug 2017 18:06)

August 27, 2017: An Interlude

Sizani pays a visit to the Winter Soldier in his solitary confinement.

(permalink: log:6181 | tags: mizizi_na_nyasi sizani the_winter_soldier | posted: 27 Aug 2017 06:57)

August 25, 2017: Welcome to the Freakin' Team

Team Bucky gains a new member, forcing Daredevil to play referee. Luke Cage has arrived in Wakanda for his own purposes, and Jessica Jones is not happy to see him.

(permalink: log:6184 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi power-man | posted: 28 Aug 2017 01:44)

August 18, 2017: Fair Selfies

Jessica Jones reaches out to Caitlin Fairchild, the last name on her current call list. The conversation demonstrates why no private investigator worth her salt would ever complain about the selfie generation.

(permalink: log:6160 | tags: fairchild jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 20 Aug 2017 04:11)

August 17, 2017: A Warrior's Greeting

Jessica Jones tries to use her connection to Sizani to get one gift…but gets something entirely different instead…something that will, perhaps, ultimately be even more valuable.

(permalink: log:6156 | tags: jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi sizani | posted: 18 Aug 2017 04:29)

August 16, 2017: CSI: Hell's Kitchen Division

Daredevil and Jessica Jones team up to walk the scene of the Mizizi na Nyasa arson, and discuss a few more things they can try in the ongoing quest to clear Bucky's name.

(permalink: log:6155 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 18 Aug 2017 04:17)

August 15, 2017: A Person of Interest

Michael Carter, Peggy Carter, and Jessica Jones compare notes. The most promising lead? A person of interest named "Blackstone." But in Wakanda, investigation is a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process, prompting Peggy to reach out to another ally back home…

(permalink: log:6148 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia the_cavalry | posted: 16 Aug 2017 04:02)

August 14, 2017: Slow Going

Agents Carter and Carter and one Jessica Jones find investigation in Wakanda to be one big slow, uphill battle. Nevertheless, a few bits of info and a couple of courses of action begin to shake themselves out of their efforts.

(permalink: log:6143 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 15 Aug 2017 03:01)

August 11, 2017: Sankhara

Jane Foster takes the first step down her path to save James Barnes.

(permalink: log:6163 | tags: dr._jane_foster mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 21 Aug 2017 05:21)

August 10, 2017: Making God Laugh

In the aftermath of the Barnes trial, Matt Murdock and Kinsey Sheridan finally reunite to chart a course forward on the case of the mysterious multinational company causing so much havoc in both their lives. And then? Matt gets a text.

(permalink: log:6225 | tags: daredevil mizizi_na_nyasi six tigers_flies | posted: 08 Sep 2017 03:49)

August 10, 2017: Snow Against the Mountain

America may have acquitted the Winter Soldier, but Wakanda has not. The Black Panther arrives to deliver the Soldier back to his home country for judgment.

(permalink: log:6130 | tags: black_panther dr._jane_foster mizizi_na_nyasi the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Aug 2017 00:08)

August 05, 2017: AKA Theory of the Crime

Hours after the verdict Jessica Jones makes plans to travel to Wakanda in the hopes of getting out in front of T'Challa's plans for Bucky Barnes. Her theory of the crime prompts her to reach out to a pair of friends who are deeply at odds with one another…

(permalink: log:6132 | tags: agent_carter jessica_jones mizizi_na_nyasi rule_britannia | posted: 11 Aug 2017 04:05)

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