Demon Lord of New York

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Plot Type: Micro Plot

A powerful demon manages to escape Hell with plans that would ruin New York.

The fallen god Bal-Pteor manipulates some unskilled occultists to summon him to New York. His plans would drag New York into Hell. And he seems very able to hide from the supernatural defenders of the city.


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Plot Logs

June 26, 2017: Into the Dark Sanctum

A handful of supernatural beings finally find and confront the Demon Lord Bal-Pteor

(permalink: log:6015 | tags: darkedge dlony doctor_strange magik ripclaw | posted: 26 Jun 2017 21:32)

June 12, 2017: Silent Conversation

Doctor Strange talks to Darkedge about the attack by the Thralls a few days ago. But the elf is not very friendly.

(permalink: log:5973 | tags: darkedge dlony doctor_strange | posted: 16 Jun 2017 18:11)

June 09, 2017: To Find and Kill

After four months searching Illyana finally finds a clue on the identity of the demon lord that stalked her and her friends. When she tells Strange, it is all bad news.

(permalink: log:5935 | tags: dlony doctor_strange magik | posted: 09 Jun 2017 23:29)

June 07, 2017: Midnight Ambush

Darkedge is being hunted and Ripclaw is on the way. Fortunately for both Tattoo is also in the area. (Emits by Dr. Strange).

(permalink: log:5931 | tags: darkedge dlony doctor_strange ripclaw tattoo | posted: 08 Jun 2017 12:46)

January 20, 2017: It's a ... an Ambush!

Illyana, Nate and X-23 finally confront the Demon Lord.

(permalink: log:5150 | tags: dlony magik x-23 x-man | posted: 21 Jan 2017 00:02)

January 11, 2017: Blood Search

Illyana, Nate and Laura are able to scry out the escaped Demon Lord that has caused so much trouble.

(permalink: log:5128 | tags: dlony magik x-23 x-man | posted: 16 Jan 2017 12:49)

January 10, 2017: The Thralls Have It

Nate and Laura go shopping, thralls soon attack the duo and Kenth (who's not-so-sneakily tailing them)

(permalink: log:5127 | tags: demonspine dlony x-23 x-man | posted: 16 Jan 2017 12:45)

December 28, 2016: Demonic Healing

The demonic blood that entered Laura's bloodstream isn't easily healed by her healing factor and so, Laura looks for help and finds Nate and Illyana.

(permalink: log:5011 | tags: dlony magik x-23 x-man | posted: 28 Dec 2016 21:57)

December 28, 2016: Summoning Gone Wrong

Four college students mess around with a summoning spell, only to find out they summoned a Lordling, versus an imp.

(permalink: log:5009 | tags: demonspine dlony x-23 | posted: 28 Dec 2016 15:33)

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