Malice Aforethought

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Plot Type: Mini Plot

Subtitle: My Cousin Murdock

The sequel to Nadryv.

James Buchanan Barnes has regained control of his own mind, and he's begun building a life. His friends see him as the man that he is. But the governments of the world see only The Winter Soldier. A flurry of politics and DC deals prompts US Attorney David Lee Archer to charge Barnes with treason.

The Trial of the Century is on, and the fate of an American Hero is placed into the hands of one relatively new Hell's Kitchen defense lawyer…


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Think your character should be a witness for the prosecution? Contact the GM. Think your character should be a witness for the defense? Call the Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock, and leave a message after the tone. Got some other angle in mind? Let Phil know.

Plot Logs

August 07, 2017: Kamma Niyama

Cutscene. A coda to the events of I Don't Want the World to See Me.

(permalink: log:6123 | tags: malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 07 Aug 2017 04:17)

August 05, 2017: T2C: Verdict

The finale to Malice Aforethought. The jury returns its verdict in the trial of James Buchanan Barnes.

(permalink: log:6122 | tags: agent_carter captain_america daredevil dr._jane_foster jessica_jones malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 06 Aug 2017 04:19)

August 04, 2017: Not Looking for Comfort

An unwelcome blast from the past arrives at Alias Investigations when Luke Cage shows up to ask Jessica Jones some hard questions.

(permalink: log:6157 | tags: jessica_jones malice mizizi_na_nyasi power-man tigers_flies | posted: 19 Aug 2017 03:55)

August 03, 2017: AKA Matlocked

Kinsey Sheridan visits one Jessica Jones, determined to broach the subject Jessica's feelings for Matt Murdock— and her identity as the woman Matt has been dating— head on.

(permalink: log:6180 | tags: jessica_jones malice six tigers_flies | posted: 27 Aug 2017 04:59)

August 03, 2017: T2C: Closing Arguments

Closing arguments in the trial of James Buchanan Barnes.

(permalink: log:6121 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 05 Aug 2017 21:31)

August 02, 2017: T2C Interlude: A Victory in Front of Me

Jessica Jones is left reeling from her own testimony. Raw from revealing her past to the world and assaulted by the prying eyes of the public, she receives a timely rescue from one Sally Stojespal. Nevertheless, Sally's seemingly innocuous restaurant choice casts Jessica into a perilous struggle with her inner demons.

(permalink: log:6133 | tags: jessica_jones malice rusalka_stojespal | posted: 11 Aug 2017 04:24)

August 01, 2017: Said What I Said

After I Don't Want the World to See Me, Bucky stops by Phil's apartment to thank him properly for his assist.

(permalink: log:6142 | tags: coulson malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 15 Aug 2017 02:42)

August 01, 2017: T2C: Final Moves

In their final strategy meeting before closing arguments, Jane Foster, Matt Murdock and Bucky Barnes each make some big decisions.

(permalink: log:6134 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Aug 2017 15:04)

August 01, 2017: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou

Michael and Peggy sort of talk about their past and James Barnes' trial.

(permalink: log:6124 | tags: agent_carter malice rule_britannia | posted: 07 Aug 2017 23:33)

August 01, 2017: Metamorphosis

Cutscene. Jane and Bucky, in the time between.

(permalink: log:6117 | tags: malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 01 Aug 2017 19:32)

July 31, 2017: T2C: The Rehearsal of Jessica Jones

Matt Murdock takes the role of the prosecutor and asks some hard questions to prepare Jessica Jones for her time on the stand.

(permalink: log:6129 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones malice | posted: 10 Aug 2017 06:23)

July 31, 2017: T2C Interlude: Gallows Humor

Bucky Barnes shows up at Alias Investigations to mend fences on the evening before Jessica Jones is scheduled to take the stand.

(permalink: log:6120 | tags: jessica_jones malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 03 Aug 2017 04:43)

July 31, 2017: T2C Interlude: I Don't Want the World to See Me

Everyone's got an opinion on the lives and actions of Barnes and Foster right now. Some feel inclined to take justice into their own hands.

(permalink: log:6119 | tags: coulson dr._jane_foster malice | posted: 03 Aug 2017 04:32)

July 31, 2017: T2C: The Testimony of Dr. Jane Foster

Dr. Jane Foster takes the stand and center stage in a grueling legal battle between USA Archer and defense attorney Matt Murdock.

(permalink: log:6116 | tags: coulson daredevil dr._jane_foster iron_man john_constantine malice noemi_nogueira rusalka_stojespal the_cavalry the_winter_soldier zatanna_zatara | posted: 01 Aug 2017 04:31)

July 31, 2017: Disclosure

In a recess during Jane Foster's testimony at trial, Bucky and Matt converse about Matt's strategic choices on direct. Matt makes a decision regarding his most guarded secret.

(permalink: log:6112 | tags: daredevil malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 31 Jul 2017 06:06)

July 28, 2017: AKA #TeamBucky

Sequestered due to her status as a witness and unable to watch the trial directly, one Jessica Jones contents herself with settling into a cafe across the street to watch the tweet storm until she's called to the stand. She's joined briefly by Stephanie Brown.

(permalink: log:6110 | tags: jessica_jones malice spoiler | posted: 29 Jul 2017 04:36)

July 28, 2017: T2C: The Testimony of Captain America

Captain America takes the stand as the Trial of Two Centuries Continues.

(permalink: log:6109 | tags: captain_america coulson daredevil iron_monger malice noemi_nogueira shadowcat the_cavalry the_winter_soldier zatanna_zatara | posted: 29 Jul 2017 04:28)

July 26, 2017: T2C: Opening Statements

U.S.A. David Archer and defense counsel Matt Murdock make their opening arguments in the trial of Bucky Barnes.

(permalink: log:6107 | tags: daredevil malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 27 Jul 2017 00:35)

July 24, 2017: What We Are

Figuring that out? An ongoing process.

There's some shop-talk, too, and in the end it helps to hold everything together, even if nothing's clearer in the end than at the beginning.

(permalink: log:6126 | tags: daredevil malice six | posted: 08 Aug 2017 07:46)

July 24, 2017: Punctuation

Bucky Barnes meets with Phil Coulson to discuss the possibilities for the future should he actually make it through the trial.

(permalink: log:6103 | tags: coulson malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 25 Jul 2017 00:40)

July 21, 2017: Peggy Is Your What?

Michael Carter, in search of Bucky Barnes to assess who he is outside of the Winter Soldier, finds both Bucky AND Steve in the midst of hanging out. Things get inevitably awkward.

(permalink: log:6096 | tags: captain_america malice rule_britannia the_winter_soldier | posted: 22 Jul 2017 06:22)

July 21, 2017: Lost in the Mail

When traitors inside of SHIELD's very walls conspire to keep valuable evidence about Bucky Barnes away from the defense team, Daredevil and Agent Phil Coulson forge an unlikely team-up, traveling to a remote Hydra facility so they can get it back.

(permalink: log:6095 | tags: coulson daredevil malice molehunt | posted: 22 Jul 2017 05:41)

July 20, 2017: AKA Parallels

Sizani of the Kupaa and one Jessica Jones come to an unspoken understanding about the Mizizi investigation. Then, the Dora Milaje ambushes the PI with a very specific question, one that proves that Jess still has a long way to go if she's going to be ready to take the stand in the upcoming trial of Bucky Barnes.

(permalink: log:6089 | tags: jessica_jones malice sizani | posted: 20 Jul 2017 21:13)

July 17, 2017: Stir Crazy

Michael Carter makes good on a low-key promise to Jessica Jones. Michael gets himself a dose of the infamous Jones temper, but handles it with grace as spy and detective come to understand some of what they have in common.

(permalink: log:6079 | tags: jessica_jones malice rule_britannia starkrevelations | posted: 18 Jul 2017 02:21)

July 13, 2017: Tarazed

Jane Foster gave Tony Stark the rights to her nanotube-aggregate cloth, in trade for the money for Bucky Barnes' bail. Now, Tony arrives with paperwork for Jane to sign in re: formation of the company to manage production of said cloth. …He also gets a magical cape, because John Constantine is a troll when setting up wards. Tony is unhappy about it.

(permalink: log:6293 | tags: dr._jane_foster iron_man malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 03 Oct 2017 00:03)

July 12, 2017: To Be Too Much

Jessica Jones and Zatanna Zatara meet up for lunch to catch up.

(permalink: log:6066 | tags: jessica_jones malice vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 13 Jul 2017 05:44)

July 11, 2017: Toska

Natasha Romanova pays a visit to James Barnes on the matter of his trial.

(permalink: log:6056 | tags: black_widow malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Jul 2017 06:16)

July 05, 2017: AKA Cluster

Jessica Jones continues to have an absolutely freaking fantastic night. Checking up on Sizani throws her into one of the Dora Milaje's own investigations. Jess finds herself tangling with a truly disturbing foe in her second lethal battle in as many hours.

(permalink: log:6060 | tags: jessica_jones malice sizani | posted: 12 Jul 2017 03:09)

July 05, 2017: Echoes of Widows

Bucky Barnes shows up at Alias Investigations directly after Jessica Jones concludes her business at the Wakandan Embassy. Things get tense.

(permalink: log:6046 | tags: jessica_jones malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 07 Jul 2017 07:11)

July 05, 2017: Boundaries

Peggy and Steve discuss and argue about James Barnes' arrest (backdated to June 5th)

(permalink: log:6041 | tags: agent_carter captain_america malice | posted: 06 Jul 2017 03:59)

July 05, 2017: Duel Citizenship

Jessica Jones appears before T'Challa in a bid to gain access to the details of the investigation which has led Wakanda to accuse Bucky Barnes of terrorism at the Mizizi Conference. But poking angry panthers is a dangerous act that carries a high price.

(permalink: log:6038 | tags: black_panther jessica_jones malice mizizi_na_nyasi sizani | posted: 05 Jul 2017 19:10)

July 04, 2017: Cutscene: When Justice is Done

U.S.A. Archer and Catherine Grey butt heads over the matter of Wakanda's influence on the Trial of Two Centuries.

(permalink: log:6036 | tags: coulson malice | posted: 05 Jul 2017 04:16)

July 03, 2017: Hostile Witness

Matt Murdock stops by Alias Investigations to prep one Jessica Jones for trial. She reveals helpful information. He drops bombs…and makes promises.

(permalink: log:6034 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones malice tigers_flies | posted: 04 Jul 2017 08:01)

June 30, 2017: Laundry Day

Trish Walker and Jessica Jones share a rare, normal moment of sisterly bonding.

(permalink: log:6032 | tags: jessica_jones malice starkrevelations trish-walker | posted: 03 Jul 2017 05:03)

June 25, 2017: Wrench in the Works

Wakanda's sudden statement on the matter of the Winter Soldier throws a significant curveball at Matt Murdock's defense strategy. Matt calls Bucky in to figure out just what the hell went on from the source.

(permalink: log:6058 | tags: daredevil malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 11 Jul 2017 14:45)

June 25, 2017: Veritas Liberabit Vos

In the wake of Wakanda's public investigation of James Buchanan Barnes, Jane Foster begs a private audience of King T'Challa.

(permalink: log:6012 | tags: black_panther dr._jane_foster malice mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 26 Jun 2017 06:17)

June 24, 2017: A Better Trade Pact

Sizani, daughter of the Kupaa and member of the Dora Milaje, shows up at Alias Investigations, and Jessica Jones learns yet another force may be aligning itself against James Buchanan Barnes.

(permalink: log:6008 | tags: jessica_jones malice sizani | posted: 25 Jun 2017 01:25)

June 23, 2017: Cutscene: Forbidden Information

T'Challa elects to have Wakanda reveal the truth behind the events in the secretive nation some weeks ago, but in doing so, creates as many questions as he answers.

(permalink: log:6007 | tags: black_panther malice mizizi_na_nyasi | posted: 25 Jun 2017 01:24)

June 20, 2017: Two Very Valuable Cents

Captain America stops by WNEX for an appearance on 'Trish Talks' to weigh in on the more personal side of The Winter Soldier.

(permalink: log:5996 | tags: captain_america malice trish-walker | posted: 22 Jun 2017 20:31)

June 20, 2017: Nothing But Net

Jessica Jones sits down with Bucky Barnes to give him a piece of positive news.

(permalink: log:5986 | tags: jessica_jones malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 21 Jun 2017 04:27)

June 17, 2017: Disclosure

Matt Murdock interviews his key witness for the defence of Bucky Barnes. Jane spills everything she's been bottling for six months.

(permalink: log:5984 | tags: daredevil dr._jane_foster malice | posted: 21 Jun 2017 01:25)

June 17, 2017: Anger is Magic

Juno Hart and Jessica Jones embark on a mission to make testifying an attractive option for one Peter Smirnov, former Kindergarten and Project Wolf Spider trainer. The mission itself barely phases Juno…but the aftermath creates some new realizations in the mind of the recovering assassin all the same.

(permalink: log:5978 | tags: jessica_jones juno_hart malice | posted: 17 Jun 2017 07:17)

June 15, 2017: Professional Opinions

Matt Murdock preps Agent Peggy Carter and talks time travel, hearsay, and his honest opinion on Bucky Barnes' chances of prevailing at trial.

(permalink: log:6101 | tags: agent_carter daredevil malice | posted: 24 Jul 2017 00:50)

June 15, 2017: 1+1=Grymalkin

Jessica Jones seeks out the elusive and mysterious Grymalkin, hoping to secure his aid. Unexpectedly, she receives his advice instead…and a plan to snag a new witness for the defense is born.

(permalink: log:5971 | tags: grymalkin jessica_jones malice | posted: 16 Jun 2017 04:55)

June 15, 2017: No Bullet in the Chamber

Jessica Jones finally gets her meeting with Juno Hart's mysterious handler, the woman known as Elena. Elena provides her with a little something that might just help Bucky's case, if she can figure out how best to use it.

(permalink: log:5969 | tags: jessica_jones juno_hart malice | posted: 16 Jun 2017 00:36)

June 15, 2017: Polaris

Cutscene. The past, present, and uncertain future of James Buchanan Barnes.

(permalink: log:5963 | tags: malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 15 Jun 2017 04:55)

June 12, 2017: Blood to Root Him Down

A small ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds of darkness and uncertainty surrounding the lives of Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster. Members of the Proctor family, the branch launched and mothered by Bucky's younger sister Rebecca, show up on their doorstep to offer a whirlwind of love and support.

(permalink: log:5956 | tags: coulson dr._jane_foster malice the_winter_soldier | posted: 13 Jun 2017 12:07)

June 11, 2017: The Ties That Bind

Things have gotten complicated for John Constantine over the last seven months. With threats on all sides and the interior of his life expanding to allow for an alarming amount of investment in other people, what's a Hellblazer to do?

Indulge in a lengthy internal monologue. Obviously.

(permalink: log:5948 | tags: john_constantine malice vexed | posted: 12 Jun 2017 07:43)

June 11, 2017: First Field Exam

As James Barnes' trial date approaches, opportunists in DC decide to take aim at SHIELD's funding. Phil Coulson enlists Sally Stojespal, one of SHIELD's newest agents, to help nudge things in a better direction.

(permalink: log:5946 | tags: coulson malice rusalka_stojespal | posted: 11 Jun 2017 22:07)

June 10, 2017: Fears of a Murdered God

T'challa gives Jessica Jones a brief moment of his time. She gets her chance to ask him why he wanted Xihunel to feel fear. But what was he doing at the Federal Courthouse, exactly?

(permalink: log:5941 | tags: black_panther jessica_jones malice vexed | posted: 10 Jun 2017 08:44)

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