Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung Setzen

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Plot Type: Mini Plot

A direct sequel of sorts to Mortal Instruments and part of the Vexed to Nightmare macro-plot.

Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen - lit. "put heaven and hell in motion." A German idiom.

Hermann Steinschneider (alias Gottfried Muller, Erik Jan Hanussen), the immortal Nazi sorceror who attempted to take the Liber Consecratus from Gotham City is still out there, and John Constantine and Bucky Barnes are determined to finish him once and for all. This latest adventure takes them to Germany in pursuit of the one thing that could potentially kill him - a copy of the famed Spear of Destiny that the Nazis managed to create while the true artifact was in their possession, inevitably leading them to Berlin's occult landscape and a specific community of clairvoyants bent on the protection of a young man that Steinschneider and the Cult of the Cold Flame seem to have a very unhealthy interest in….


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May 12, 2017: To Live Another Day

The finale to Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung Setzen. The rest of the Berlin team race to Brandenburg to stop Hermann Steinschneider from obtaining the Spear of Destiny, and the Cult of the Cold Flame's mysterious ritual. Many die.

(permalink: log:5790 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin talionis the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 13 May 2017 05:52)

May 12, 2017: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Bucky Barnes, Jane Foster, and Jessica Jones head to one of Berlin's hottest swing dancing clubs in the hopes of intercepting Wilhelm Kreuz, the contact who was suspiciously scarce when it was time for a rendezvous with Reiner Steinschneider. The three team members get to enjoy a few precious moments of fun and laughter before learning that here in Germany, nothing is as it seems. Kreuz proves to be frightened friend, not foe, and he arrives with a warning that comes a day late and a dollar short.

(permalink: log:5789 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 12 May 2017 19:34)

May 10, 2017: Good Intentions

Zatanna Zatara is in Brandenburg, Jessica Jones, Bucky Barnes, and Dr. Jane Foster are chasing another lead in a swing club, and John Constantine is performing his own due diligence. This leaves Red Robin with the unenviable task of convincing Reiner Steinschneider to open his grandfather's enchanted diary, and when the young clairvoyant acts on his good intentions, disaster strikes.

(permalink: log:5787 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed | posted: 11 May 2017 07:27)

May 09, 2017: Magical Ballistics

Takes place before Push and Pull, Zatanna Zatara visits Dr. Jane Foster in her workspace in Berlin to enlist her and Bucky Barnes' help with a project that might be able to solve her present conundrum regarding John Constantine and her father's secrets.

(permalink: log:5784 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 10 May 2017 05:58)

May 09, 2017: Push and Pull

Takes place before To Make an Omelette..., Zatanna Zatara seeks out John Constantine after their fight almost a week ago to update him on recent developments on the Steinschneider case, with every intent to convince him to go back to the penthouse while she chases a lead in Brandenburg, as the others will need a magician. Except the intended, quick discussion blows up under the strain of everything they aren't saying to each other.

(permalink: log:5778 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 09 May 2017 09:37)

May 09, 2017: To Make an Omelette...

…sometimes you've got to break some eggs.

John Constantine returns to the penthouse in Berlin after a week of absence, and Jessica Jones tries her level best to give him both comfort and advice, finding out in the process that John may not be the easiest person to comfort. After all, how does one soothe the feelings of a person who spends most of his time wishing he didn't have any?

(permalink: log:5777 | tags: himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 09 May 2017 09:03)

May 08, 2017: Extenuating Circumstances

Red Robin checks on Zatanna Zatara, knowing that things aren't fine with her and John Constantine. He also confronts her about telling Jessica about his deal with Wong.

(permalink: log:5807 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 19 May 2017 02:16)

May 05, 2017: Of Friendships and Faustian Deals

Jessica Jones discovers true friendships are harder to break than she thinks in the wake of Jane's ready, unspoken forgiveness. As they discuss the murder case that waits for Jessica back home, Jane learns she dodged a big bad bullet long before she ever met Bucky Barnes.

(permalink: log:5776 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones starkrevelations vexed | posted: 09 May 2017 06:11)

May 03, 2017: Enter the God #!*$ Dragon

Bucky Barnes, Red Robin, and Jessica Jones decide it's high time to speak to Adelaide Weir. Unfortunately, things get more than a bit hairy when the Cult of the Cold Flame comes to the exact same conclusion.

(permalink: log:5766 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 06 May 2017 05:21)

May 01, 2017: The Displaced Clairvoyant

The rest of the Berlin team, sans John Constantine, pelt Reiner Steinschneider with questions regarding his great-grandfather in an attempt to discover just the motives behind both camps that are seemingly after him.

(permalink: log:5760 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 04 May 2017 03:38)

April 30, 2017: Too Close

Miserable from her last fight with John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara receives a shoulder and an ear from one Jessica Jones, and the ensuing conversation triggers enough creativity in part of the young witch that may just solve a pressing problem she has been struggling with.

(permalink: log:5754 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 03 May 2017 07:05)

April 29, 2017: Sleep When You Gotta

Jessica Jones and Red Robin end up having an unexpected heart-to-heart after the private investigator approaches him to talk about Juno Hart.

(permalink: log:5763 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin | posted: 04 May 2017 07:03)

April 29, 2017: A Failure to Communicate

John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara regroup after encountering the false Zatara during their retrieval of Reiner Steinschneider, but when John asks Zatanna about the means and methods to destroy her father, she takes it as well as expected, causing yet another vicious row between the two lovers.

(permalink: log:5745 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 02 May 2017 04:15)

April 28, 2017: Messy Retrievals

As Jessica Jones decides to stalk Adelaide Weir's house, the rest of the Berlin team decide to visit the pub of Derrick Keller, leaders of Berlin's cell of clairvoyants. At the discovery of Cold Flame Cultists attacking the pub, what was going to be a stakeout becomes a messy rescue operation.

(permalink: log:5732 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 29 Apr 2017 05:26)

April 28, 2017: Punished Enough

As Jessica Jones watches over Adelaide Weir's house she receives some unexpected communication from one very confused Juno Hart.

(permalink: log:5740 | tags: himmel jessica_jones juno_hart | posted: 01 May 2017 19:44)

April 27, 2017: And The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Berlin Team, after giving Bucky Barnes a few days to shadow her, finally come face to face with Giovanni Zatara's contact, Maria Krueger, who is more than what she seems.

(permalink: log:5723 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 27 Apr 2017 06:25)

April 26, 2017: The Press of Business

In the middle of the Berlin case, Zatanna Zatara and Red Robin catch up on the press of other business waiting for them at home back in the States.

(permalink: log:5720 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 26 Apr 2017 05:06)

April 25, 2017: Workaholics Anonymous

Zatanna Zatara checks in with Jessica Jones after her apology during lunch. She promises to set her up with Jana Bodie, a therapist that practices in the Dreaming.

(permalink: log:5715 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Apr 2017 04:58)

April 25, 2017: Repentance

Cutscene. Takes place after Too Many Words and before Workaholics Anonymous. Jessica succumbs to both her addictions, but finds her own advice coming back to appeal to the angels of her better nature.

(permalink: log:5716 | tags: himmel jessica_jones | posted: 25 Apr 2017 05:15)

April 25, 2017: Too Many Words

Bucky Barnes falls back on his old habits as an NCO to try to pull Jessica Jones out of her funk. But Jessica is no Private. The two friends struggle to help each other through their personal emotional minefields. But when one walks in a minefield, the results are often messy, brutal, and painful.

(permalink: log:5702 | tags: himmel jessica_jones starkrevelations the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 22 Apr 2017 07:30)

April 24, 2017: On a Jet Plane to Berlin

It's time to tie up loose ends. The composite team of John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Bucky Barnes, Dr. Jane Foster, Jessica Jones and Red Robin board a private flight to Berlin with one goal - to find Hermann Steinschneider, immortal nazi sorceror, and neutralize him for good. Information is exchanged, an agenda is hammered out, and Jane promises sweet, sweet gear.

(permalink: log:5698 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 20 Apr 2017 06:06)

April 18, 2017: Devoted Sisters

Things get tense between Trish Walker and Jessica Jones, even as Trish struggles to help her sister in the aftermath of Xihunel's rampage.

(permalink: log:5701 | tags: himmel jessica_jones starkrevelations trish-walker vexed | posted: 22 Apr 2017 07:16)

April 14, 2017: His Greatest Work

John Constantine makes the long road back to Shadowcrest on foot in order to take the time he needs before telling Zatanna Zatara of the disastrous meeting he had with her father.

(permalink: log:5667 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 12 Apr 2017 22:30)

April 13, 2017: A Father's Reluctant Assistance

John Constantine contacts Giovanni Zatara for his assistance regarding the astral link that has developed between him and Zatanna Zatara, in hopes of capitalizing on his former mentor's knowledge and personal experience about the subject. Things come to a head when Giovanni tells John to get rid of it completely.

(permalink: log:5662 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed | posted: 11 Apr 2017 10:17)

April 12, 2017: The Rare Social Scene

A rare dinner out with another couple has John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Bucky Barnes and Dr. Jane Foster talk about their impending hunt for an immortal Nazi sorceror in Germany, as well as the end of the world. But they also talk about capes and dancing, and there's alcohol involved. It counts.

(permalink: log:5673 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 14 Apr 2017 04:16)

April 12, 2017: Taking a Hard Pass on Those Feels

Jessica Jones brings her purloined portals to Tony Stark. He sciences, she speculates. Then, the inventor offers a gesture of trust which floors the PI.

(permalink: log:5668 | tags: himmel iron_man jessica_jones starkrevelations vexed | posted: 13 Apr 2017 02:53)

April 08, 2017: Litanies of Impossible Kindnesses

John Constantine uses his gifts on behalf of one Jessica Jones, safeguarding her mind against psychic tampering.

(permalink: log:5651 | tags: himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 08 Apr 2017 04:55)

April 03, 2017: The Moment When Want Graduated To Need

Fresh out of her encounter with Ulysses Armstrong, Zatanna Zatara delivers proof of life to a worried John Constantine, who in his worry insists that they start looking into the astral link that has developed between them, in hopes of using it as an early warning system. The effects are unexpected, bordering on disastrous. And yet…

(permalink: log:5647 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 07 Apr 2017 09:51)

March 25, 2017: AKA: Sodding Primordial What?

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen seeks out one Jessica Jones on the eve of the Radio City Music Hall attack. They team up with John Constantine to begin investigating the deadly case of Auspex International.

(permalink: log:5664 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 12 Apr 2017 02:50)

March 22, 2017: Drinking and Dancing

Bucky Barnes catches up with Zatanna Zatara in Shadowcrest, in where she introduces him to Sidhe whiskey and gives him a belated birthday present in the middle of discussing Jane's dangerous transaction with Midnite, and how things were in the 1940's.

(permalink: log:5589 | tags: himmel the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Mar 2017 03:45)

March 21, 2017: Sub Rosa

Stir crazy from a Chas Chandler-imposed bedrest, and after a run-in with Bucky Barnes, John Constantine finally manages to reach Shadowcrest to visit Zatanna to catch up on a few key things, namely the deals struck by Red Robin and Dr. Jane Foster, and the secrets of the sub rosa, the hidden chamber in which Giovanni Zatara keeps his heart. John is surprised by what he finds there.

(permalink: log:5591 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Mar 2017 05:40)

March 18, 2017: Paying the John Tax

Jane Foster and John Constantine finally catch up for the first time since the events of Nadryv. Jane pacifies a very cranky, bed-arrested John with cupcakes, John finds out that Jane is on the hook for a very dangerous favor with a very dangerous man, and there are careful conversations about personal things.

Also, John gets pegged in the face with a tennis ball.

(permalink: log:5583 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine vexed | posted: 23 Mar 2017 16:44)

March 16, 2017: A Small Price to Pay

A deadly situation forces Red Robin to use the magical out Zatanna Zatara provided for him, and after she heals him, he is forced to tell her about the deal he made with Wong.

(permalink: log:5541 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Mar 2017 04:24)

March 16, 2017: Odd Company

John Constantine, grumpy and confined to his bed, receives a visit from one Jessica Jones.

(permalink: log:5537 | tags: himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 17 Mar 2017 03:13)

March 10, 2017: Getting the Hell Out of Hell

With a deal struck with Papa Midnite, Jessica Jones, Red Robin, Bucky Barnes and Dr. Jane Foster finally breach Limbo to retrieve John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara, but their own exploits in Hell only ensure that the party lands in the midst of a desperate firefight between the magicians and Mammon, the Demon Prince of Excess, and his demonic horde.

(permalink: log:5526 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 16 Mar 2017 06:09)

March 09, 2017: Hex Breaker

Jane uses everything she has learned, working with John, Zatanna, and Ritchie, to break the hex of weakness cast on Bucky by the servant of Papa Midnite. Bucky is bad at story telling.

(permalink: log:5607 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 28 Mar 2017 01:43)

March 09, 2017: Love and Spite in Limbo

Exhausted from their efforts and relieved at their reunion, John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara spend what they hope is one last night in Hell.

(permalink: log:5539 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Mar 2017 03:24)

March 08, 2017: The Meaning of Family

Takes place after AKA Get That Girl Some Netflix. Jessica Jones and Azalea Kingston get into a confrontation when Jess asks her ward to stay home from Hell.

(permalink: log:5506 | tags: himmel jessica_jones the_dark_devil vexed | posted: 13 Mar 2017 02:26)

March 08, 2017: AKA Get That Girl Some Netflix

Takes place after Breathe. Spider-Gwen attacks Matt Murdock, thinking he's the Murderdock of her world and behind her displacement. Jessica Jones intervenes, a move which leaves Gwen reeling in confusion.

(permalink: log:5493 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones spider-gwen vexed | posted: 10 Mar 2017 04:49)

March 08, 2017: Bad Bargains

Bucky Barnes adopts the mantle of the Winter Soldier again to interrogate the mouthpiece of Midnight. Jane Foster assists. Nothing goes as they expect; a death curse strikes Bucky and a parlay with Papa Midnite triggers an impulsive act on Jane's part that may have disastrous consequences later on…

(permalink: log:5484 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 08 Mar 2017 07:20)

March 07, 2017: Breathe

Takes place directly after AKA Dr. Philgood. Trish Walker struggles to find her composure in the aftermath of her encounter with the Joker.

(permalink: log:5489 | tags: himmel jessica_jones trish-walker vexed | posted: 10 Mar 2017 01:05)

March 05, 2017: Destroying Dross

The Winter Soldier prepares to get answers from Kalfu's servant. Jessica Jones asks Bucky Barnes for training, and gets exactly what she asked for.

(permalink: log:5476 | tags: himmel jessica_jones the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 07 Mar 2017 03:18)

March 04, 2017: Chopping Wood

Jessica Jones awakens into the aftermath of the Hell's Viper attack, and comes to several important decisions.

(permalink: log:5464 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed | posted: 04 Mar 2017 21:46)

March 04, 2017: Into the Lair of the Fanged Children

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen leads Red Robin, Bucky Barnes, Jessica Jones, The Dark Devil, Elinor Ravensdale and Silk into the hideout of the gang known as Hell's Vipers, a gang with plenty of man power and meta-human leadership. Elinor discovers she gives a shit about someone alive, Azalea fights the good fight through the power of death metal, Red engages in the art and science of herding cats, Bucky Barnes is ready to turn this whole battle around right now, Jessica Jones has a bad day, Silk does something stupid and gets away with it, and Matt? Matt's just tired of these motherf'in' snakes in his motherf'in' neighborhood.

(permalink: log:5462 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones morella red_robin silk the_dark_devil the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 04 Mar 2017 07:59)

March 03, 2017: The Broken Jewel and the God-Fearing Devil

Jessica Jones finds the Devil of Hell's Kitchen at last and secures his help in the quest to rescue John and Zee.

(permalink: log:5454 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones vexed | posted: 03 Mar 2017 06:12)

February 28, 2017: Cindy Stages an Intervention!

Cindy Moon steps up to stop one Jessica Jones from making Poor Life Choices.

(permalink: log:5442 | tags: himmel jessica_jones silk vexed | posted: 28 Feb 2017 21:38)

February 25, 2017: The Foster Child

Jane Foster pays Jessica Jones a visit at her request, and gets caught up on the Case of the Missing Magi.

(permalink: log:5420 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones vexed | posted: 25 Feb 2017 10:35)

February 23, 2017: The Broken Clock, The Windy Vale, The Woman in White

Spoiler sends Tim Drake a timely text which allows him to follow another of the signs he has paid for. Tim gets some beat-the-crap-out-of-monsters therapy.

(permalink: log:5416 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin spoiler vexed | posted: 24 Feb 2017 06:11)

February 23, 2017: Tallying Favors

Elinor Ravensdale deals with the dead after Red Robin and Jessica Jones rush off to take care of their respective duties.

(permalink: log:5414 | tags: himmel morella vexed | posted: 24 Feb 2017 04:29)

February 23, 2017: Ashes to Ashes

Jessica Jones, Red Robin, and Elinor Ravensdale venture into Abyss. What they learn doesn't make anyone particularly happy.

(permalink: log:5410 | tags: himmel jessica_jones morella red_robin vexed | posted: 23 Feb 2017 07:30)

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