Vexed to Nightmare

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Plot Type: Macro Plot

Something is meddling with the fabric of all things, teasing threads out of the tapestry of what is. Seams split, edges fray. Everything stands at risk of being unraveled.

It begins with ripples felt across the veil underpinning reality, and in sudden, widespread spates of strange happenings…

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

-William Butler Yeats

This plot will revolve around the machinations of secret and powerful magical forces and the bizarre, dangerous side-effects of their agenda.

Somewhere in South America, an ancient cult of warlocks with prehistoric ties to dark magic has found a way to assault the very heavens. In order to do that, they must increase humanity's belief in the dark aspects of the supernatural and spread fear on a massive scale.

It begins with a spate of unusual happenings, felt even in the Tri-Cities area…

Ongoing mini-arc: There's an App for That

Additional GMs:

There are a few people running things that play off of this plot, but they're overseeing pretty much everything to do with their own arcs. They are:



RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Ask John! Magical characters may have an obvious 'in,' but I aim to create mini-arcs within the main plot that showcase the strengths of many different kinds of characters, so if you aren't sure how to get involved, let me know.
  • Keep an eye out for one of the many one-off scenes likely to be happening. There are also multiple mini-arcs under different GMs.
  • If you think you have an idea for a one-off scene or digression mini-plot that would play well off of this one, feel free to ping me.

Plot Logs

May 03, 2017: Enter the God #!*$ Dragon

Bucky Barnes, Red Robin, and Jessica Jones decide it's high time to speak to Adelaide Weir. Unfortunately, things get more than a bit hairy when the Cult of the Cold Flame comes to the exact same conclusion.

(permalink: log:5766 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 06 May 2017 05:21)

May 01, 2017: The Displaced Clairvoyant

The rest of the Berlin team, sans John Constantine, pelt Reiner Steinschneider with questions regarding his great-grandfather in an attempt to discover just the motives behind both camps that are seemingly after him.

(permalink: log:5760 | tags: himmel jessica_jones red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 04 May 2017 03:38)

April 30, 2017: Too Close

Miserable from her last fight with John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara receives a shoulder and an ear from one Jessica Jones, and the ensuing conversation triggers enough creativity in part of the young witch that may just solve a pressing problem she has been struggling with.

(permalink: log:5754 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 03 May 2017 07:05)

April 29, 2017: A Failure to Communicate

John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara regroup after encountering the false Zatara during their retrieval of Reiner Steinschneider, but when John asks Zatanna about the means and methods to destroy her father, she takes it as well as expected, causing yet another vicious row between the two lovers.

(permalink: log:5745 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 02 May 2017 04:15)

April 28, 2017: Messy Retrievals

As Jessica Jones decides to stalk Adelaide Weir's house, the rest of the Berlin team decide to visit the pub of Derrick Keller, leaders of Berlin's cell of clairvoyants. At the discovery of Cold Flame Cultists attacking the pub, what was going to be a stakeout becomes a messy rescue operation.

(permalink: log:5732 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 29 Apr 2017 05:26)

April 27, 2017: And The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Berlin Team, after giving Bucky Barnes a few days to shadow her, finally come face to face with Giovanni Zatara's contact, Maria Krueger, who is more than what she seems.

(permalink: log:5723 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 27 Apr 2017 06:25)

April 26, 2017: The Press of Business

In the middle of the Berlin case, Zatanna Zatara and Red Robin catch up on the press of other business waiting for them at home back in the States.

(permalink: log:5720 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 26 Apr 2017 05:06)

April 25, 2017: Workaholics Anonymous

Zatanna Zatara checks in with Jessica Jones after her apology during lunch. She promises to set her up with Jana Bodie, a therapist that practices in the Dreaming.

(permalink: log:5715 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Apr 2017 04:58)

April 25, 2017: Too Many Words

Bucky Barnes falls back on his old habits as an NCO to try to pull Jessica Jones out of her funk. But Jessica is no Private. The two friends struggle to help each other through their personal emotional minefields. But when one walks in a minefield, the results are often messy, brutal, and painful.

(permalink: log:5702 | tags: himmel jessica_jones starkrevelations the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 22 Apr 2017 07:30)

April 24, 2017: On a Jet Plane to Berlin

It's time to tie up loose ends. The composite team of John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Bucky Barnes, Dr. Jane Foster, Jessica Jones and Red Robin board a private flight to Berlin with one goal - to find Hermann Steinschneider, immortal nazi sorceror, and neutralize him for good. Information is exchanged, an agenda is hammered out, and Jane promises sweet, sweet gear.

(permalink: log:5698 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 20 Apr 2017 06:06)

April 23, 2017: Executive Decisions

After Elinor Ravensdale tells one Jessica Jones that Constantine has essentially sent her right back to Jess, the PI decides that it's time to step up, start marshaling some resources, and start exercising some leadership, for good or for ill.

(permalink: log:5717 | tags: jessica_jones morella vexed | posted: 25 Apr 2017 05:28)

April 18, 2017: Devoted Sisters

Things get tense between Trish Walker and Jessica Jones, even as Trish struggles to help her sister in the aftermath of Xihunel's rampage.

(permalink: log:5701 | tags: himmel jessica_jones starkrevelations trish-walker vexed | posted: 22 Apr 2017 07:16)

April 17, 2017: Keeping the Murdered God

Unable to simply return Azalea Kingston to her apartment, Jessica Jones enlists the help of Tony Stark and Trish Walker to ensure that she won't be a danger to herself or others while a solution is found.

(permalink: log:5696 | tags: iron_man jessica_jones starkrevelations the_dark_devil trish-walker vexed | posted: 20 Apr 2017 05:04)

April 17, 2017: Temptation, Clarity, and Faith

Blaming herself for Xihunel's attack, Jessica Jones tries both to apologize to Matt Murdock, and to explain the latest supernatural mess he's found himself embroiled within. He is sorely tempted when she reveals the depths she's willing to go to in order to protect his secrets.

(permalink: log:5694 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones starkrevelations vexed | posted: 20 Apr 2017 02:34)

April 17, 2017: Unleashing the Murdered God

Itzpapalotl decides to drive home her point to one Jessica Jones by chaining Azalea Kingston inside her own body and unleashing the full might of Xihunel upon the world. Xihunel begins his reign of terror by choosing to challenge the Daredevil, resulting in an epic confrontation on the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen that comes perilously close to bringing doom upon the world.

(permalink: log:5691 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones the_dark_devil vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 18 Apr 2017 05:28)

April 14, 2017: Inauspicious

Jessica Jones and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen continue to follow up on information gathered at Radio City Music Hall immediately after bizarre supernatural events interrupted a musical performance. Zatanna Zatara joins them in exploring the offices of Auspex International, and what they discover, as usual, leaves them with more questions than answers. (GM: Constantine)

(permalink: log:5699 | tags: daredevil jessica_jones john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 20 Apr 2017 23:37)

April 17, 2017: Keeper Of a Murdered God

The goddess Itzpapalotl herself corners Jessica Jones for an involuntary chat. She makes an offer and, in the course of trying to sell it, reveals something that hits Jessica right where it hurts. Things go downhill from there.

(permalink: log:5675 | tags: jessica_jones the_dark_devil vexed | posted: 14 Apr 2017 05:58)

April 14, 2017: His Greatest Work

John Constantine makes the long road back to Shadowcrest on foot in order to take the time he needs before telling Zatanna Zatara of the disastrous meeting he had with her father.

(permalink: log:5667 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 12 Apr 2017 22:30)

April 13, 2017: A Father's Reluctant Assistance

John Constantine contacts Giovanni Zatara for his assistance regarding the astral link that has developed between him and Zatanna Zatara, in hopes of capitalizing on his former mentor's knowledge and personal experience about the subject. Things come to a head when Giovanni tells John to get rid of it completely.

(permalink: log:5662 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed | posted: 11 Apr 2017 10:17)

April 12, 2017: The Rare Social Scene

A rare dinner out with another couple has John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Bucky Barnes and Dr. Jane Foster talk about their impending hunt for an immortal Nazi sorceror in Germany, as well as the end of the world. But they also talk about capes and dancing, and there's alcohol involved. It counts.

(permalink: log:5673 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 14 Apr 2017 04:16)

April 12, 2017: Taking a Hard Pass on Those Feels

Jessica Jones brings her purloined portals to Tony Stark. He sciences, she speculates. Then, the inventor offers a gesture of trust which floors the PI.

(permalink: log:5668 | tags: himmel iron_man jessica_jones starkrevelations vexed | posted: 13 Apr 2017 02:53)

April 09, 2017: Dark, Darker, Darkest

Darkedge visits Jessica Jones to tell her about an incident in which a rip in the Veil between the fae world and the human world spilled a dragon onto the streets of NYC. He Shadow-steps with her…and she does not enjoy this experience one bit.

(permalink: log:5687 | tags: darkedge jessica_jones vexed | posted: 17 Apr 2017 03:56)

April 08, 2017: Litanies of Impossible Kindnesses

John Constantine uses his gifts on behalf of one Jessica Jones, safeguarding her mind against psychic tampering.

(permalink: log:5651 | tags: himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 08 Apr 2017 04:55)

April 07, 2017: Mental Health Night

Takes place directly after AKA: A Great Record. Jessica slips up to the roof of her building to brood over Schism's words, and runs into one Elinor Ravensdale.

(permalink: log:5653 | tags: jessica_jones morella vexed | posted: 08 Apr 2017 06:00)

April 03, 2017: The Moment When Want Graduated To Need

Fresh out of her encounter with Ulysses Armstrong, Zatanna Zatara delivers proof of life to a worried John Constantine, who in his worry insists that they start looking into the astral link that has developed between them, in hopes of using it as an early warning system. The effects are unexpected, bordering on disastrous. And yet…

(permalink: log:5647 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 07 Apr 2017 09:51)

April 01, 2017: Fate of a Murdered God

A forgotten souvenir from Limbo creates a potential crisis for one Azalea Kingston. John Constantine arrives on the scene to do what he does best, getting the situation under control. Jessica Jones grapples with her emotions as she attempts to help where she can.

(permalink: log:5623 | tags: jessica_jones john_constantine the_dark_devil vexed | posted: 02 Apr 2017 03:05)

March 25, 2017: AKA: Sodding Primordial What?

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen seeks out one Jessica Jones on the eve of the Radio City Music Hall attack. They team up with John Constantine to begin investigating the deadly case of Auspex International.

(permalink: log:5664 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 12 Apr 2017 02:50)

March 25, 2017: RCMH Disaster

Kinsey Sheridan and Matt Murdock go on what was intended to be a fun date at a live show. They're quickly separated when a clandestine effort to summon something monstrous culminates in widespread panic. Of course, being separated leaves Six and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen free to do what they do best in trying to contain the outbreak of insanity, but by the time the worst is over, there more questions than answers…

(permalink: log:5595 | tags: daredevil six vexed | posted: 25 Mar 2017 20:28)

March 23, 2017: Rocket Boot Envy

Kinsey Sheridan, Trish Walker, and Jessica Jones try to unwind from all that is bothering them by playing some Oreo Poker. Cindy joins them briefly. Talk turns to the incredibly serious matter of a certain pair of AWOL rocket boots.

(permalink: log:5585 | tags: jessica_jones silk six tigers_flies trish-walker vexed | posted: 24 Mar 2017 06:08)

March 22, 2017: Drinking and Dancing

Bucky Barnes catches up with Zatanna Zatara in Shadowcrest, in where she introduces him to Sidhe whiskey and gives him a belated birthday present in the middle of discussing Jane's dangerous transaction with Midnite, and how things were in the 1940's.

(permalink: log:5589 | tags: himmel the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Mar 2017 03:45)

March 21, 2017: Sub Rosa

Stir crazy from a Chas Chandler-imposed bedrest, and after a run-in with Bucky Barnes, John Constantine finally manages to reach Shadowcrest to visit Zatanna to catch up on a few key things, namely the deals struck by Red Robin and Dr. Jane Foster, and the secrets of the sub rosa, the hidden chamber in which Giovanni Zatara keeps his heart. John is surprised by what he finds there.

(permalink: log:5591 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 25 Mar 2017 05:40)

March 20, 2017: Pretty Close to Perfect

Jessica and Trish lean on one another for entirely different reasons in the aftermath of Trish's latest run of bad luck in Hell's Kitchen.

(permalink: log:5584 | tags: jessica_jones trish-walker vexed | posted: 24 Mar 2017 04:05)

March 20, 2017: Counting Crows

James Barnes decides to drop by John's flat in Brooklyn to check on him — and raid his fridge for Chas' cooking. Instead of finding the Englishman on bedrest, however, he catches him sneaking out (sloppily) to see Zatanna, and nearly gives John a heart attack in the process. The two catch up a bit about the usual roster of dire crises, someone is turned invisible just on a lark, and there's a lot of talk about crows.

(permalink: log:5575 | tags: john_constantine the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 22 Mar 2017 03:48)

March 20, 2017: Exercise Due Caution

Jessica Jones catches up with Zatanna Zatara in Shadowcrest Manor, as well as asks her for her aid in an unusual, magic-related case.

(permalink: log:5561 | tags: jessica_jones vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 21 Mar 2017 04:20)

March 19, 2017: The Most Beautiful Place

Takes place directly before Blowing Up the Rabbit Hole. Jane Foster invites Jessica Jones to spend a few hours hanging out with her at her lab. They catch up, and she gives Jessica advice on matters of the heart. Jessica awkwardly sticks her foot in her mouth here and there, but Jane bears it with good grace.

(permalink: log:5562 | tags: dr._jane_foster jessica_jones starkrevelations vexed | posted: 21 Mar 2017 05:26)

March 18, 2017: Paying the John Tax

Jane Foster and John Constantine finally catch up for the first time since the events of Nadryv. Jane pacifies a very cranky, bed-arrested John with cupcakes, John finds out that Jane is on the hook for a very dangerous favor with a very dangerous man, and there are careful conversations about personal things.

Also, John gets pegged in the face with a tennis ball.

(permalink: log:5583 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel john_constantine vexed | posted: 23 Mar 2017 16:44)

March 16, 2017: A Small Price to Pay

A deadly situation forces Red Robin to use the magical out Zatanna Zatara provided for him, and after she heals him, he is forced to tell her about the deal he made with Wong.

(permalink: log:5541 | tags: himmel red_robin vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Mar 2017 04:24)

March 16, 2017: Odd Company

John Constantine, grumpy and confined to his bed, receives a visit from one Jessica Jones.

(permalink: log:5537 | tags: himmel jessica_jones john_constantine vexed | posted: 17 Mar 2017 03:13)

March 13, 2017: Cookies and Tea

Strangely enough, Elinor Ravensdale and Darkedge of Avalon end up at Alias Investigations for a more or less casual visit with Jessica Jones. Nevertheless, Jessica realizes there may have been some unintended consequences to sharing information with the elf.

(permalink: log:5516 | tags: darkedge jessica_jones morella vexed | posted: 14 Mar 2017 04:35)

March 10, 2017: Getting the Hell Out of Hell

With a deal struck with Papa Midnite, Jessica Jones, Red Robin, Bucky Barnes and Dr. Jane Foster finally breach Limbo to retrieve John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara, but their own exploits in Hell only ensure that the party lands in the midst of a desperate firefight between the magicians and Mammon, the Demon Prince of Excess, and his demonic horde.

(permalink: log:5526 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine red_robin the_winter_soldier vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 16 Mar 2017 06:09)

March 09, 2017: Hex Breaker

Jane uses everything she has learned, working with John, Zatanna, and Ritchie, to break the hex of weakness cast on Bucky by the servant of Papa Midnite. Bucky is bad at story telling.

(permalink: log:5607 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 28 Mar 2017 01:43)

March 09, 2017: Love and Spite in Limbo

Exhausted from their efforts and relieved at their reunion, John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara spend what they hope is one last night in Hell.

(permalink: log:5539 | tags: himmel john_constantine vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 17 Mar 2017 03:24)

March 08, 2017: The Meaning of Family

Takes place after AKA Get That Girl Some Netflix. Jessica Jones and Azalea Kingston get into a confrontation when Jess asks her ward to stay home from Hell.

(permalink: log:5506 | tags: himmel jessica_jones the_dark_devil vexed | posted: 13 Mar 2017 02:26)

March 08, 2017: AKA Get That Girl Some Netflix

Takes place after Breathe. Spider-Gwen attacks Matt Murdock, thinking he's the Murderdock of her world and behind her displacement. Jessica Jones intervenes, a move which leaves Gwen reeling in confusion.

(permalink: log:5493 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones spider-gwen vexed | posted: 10 Mar 2017 04:49)

March 08, 2017: Bad Bargains

Bucky Barnes adopts the mantle of the Winter Soldier again to interrogate the mouthpiece of Midnight. Jane Foster assists. Nothing goes as they expect; a death curse strikes Bucky and a parlay with Papa Midnite triggers an impulsive act on Jane's part that may have disastrous consequences later on…

(permalink: log:5484 | tags: dr._jane_foster himmel jessica_jones john_constantine the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 08 Mar 2017 07:20)

March 07, 2017: Breathe

Takes place directly after AKA Dr. Philgood. Trish Walker struggles to find her composure in the aftermath of her encounter with the Joker.

(permalink: log:5489 | tags: himmel jessica_jones trish-walker vexed | posted: 10 Mar 2017 01:05)

March 06, 2017: Long Hard Road Out of Hell

A travelogue in Hell. John and Zatanna find themselves negotiating the wastes of Limbo, until a chance encounter separates them. Infernal intrigues unfold in front of John, leading to the near-claiming of his doomed soul, and Zatanna races to put together the cryptic pieces of a vast puzzle in her search for a way out of the down-below. There are narrow escapes through cunning, last-moment gambits, foreshadowing hints of terrible things that have yet to come to pass, explosive rescues, astonishing confessions, and a desperate flight for what they can only hope will be their escape from eternal damnation…

(permalink: log:5479 | tags: john_constantine nsfw_language vexed zatanna_zatara | posted: 07 Mar 2017 06:09)

March 05, 2017: Destroying Dross

The Winter Soldier prepares to get answers from Kalfu's servant. Jessica Jones asks Bucky Barnes for training, and gets exactly what she asked for.

(permalink: log:5476 | tags: himmel jessica_jones the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 07 Mar 2017 03:18)

March 04, 2017: Chopping Wood

Jessica Jones awakens into the aftermath of the Hell's Viper attack, and comes to several important decisions.

(permalink: log:5464 | tags: himmel jessica_jones vexed | posted: 04 Mar 2017 21:46)

March 04, 2017: Into the Lair of the Fanged Children

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen leads Red Robin, Bucky Barnes, Jessica Jones, The Dark Devil, Elinor Ravensdale and Silk into the hideout of the gang known as Hell's Vipers, a gang with plenty of man power and meta-human leadership. Elinor discovers she gives a shit about someone alive, Azalea fights the good fight through the power of death metal, Red engages in the art and science of herding cats, Bucky Barnes is ready to turn this whole battle around right now, Jessica Jones has a bad day, Silk does something stupid and gets away with it, and Matt? Matt's just tired of these motherf'in' snakes in his motherf'in' neighborhood.

(permalink: log:5462 | tags: daredevil himmel jessica_jones morella red_robin silk the_dark_devil the_winter_soldier vexed | posted: 04 Mar 2017 07:59)

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