Bones Of The City

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Plot Type: Micro Plot

Steel City, approximately 60 miles south of Gotham, has been guttered by a magical assault. No one knows who did it or why. Magical radiation stops 'mundanes' surviving in the city and the monsters have moved in.

Steel City, approximately 60 miles south of Gotham, has been guttered by a magical assault. No one knows who did it or why.

What is known, is that hundreds of thousands of people are dead, turned to salt statues. Those who survived, were underground when the ritual went off.

The city lies under a magical miasma - a radiation made of magic. The only ones who can safely get into and out of the city are supernaturals - magical beings, and some superheroes. Others, may, with magical protection get in and out. Those without may end up with magical poisoning.

The city is now being taken over by monsters. Factions of monsters are being given control of sectors.

The consolidation of monsters in the city poses a big problem. This allows the 'evil' or malcontent Supernatural a base of operations where Law Enforcement can not easily go. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if they stayed there, though it would still be a big problem. The issue now though, is that supernaturals have a safe haven on the US East Coast that they can fall back into and avoid prosecution by Law Enforcement Agencies etc. The authorities are getting antsy about that.

Currently there is a quarantine zone a 5 mile radius around the City limits.

There were very few survivors in Steel City. Those that did survive only did so because they were underground at the time. There are quarantine stations run by FEMA and SHIELD who will place anyone leaving the city who hasn't had the appropriate magical protection into quarantine to ensure they receive treatment.

General Notes:

  • Steel City with its problems is going to be around for a while. So have some fun with it.
  • It is not possible to fix it.
  • The magical miasma is radioactive. Magical beings are able to withstand it, some superheroes can. Mundanes can't without some form of magical protection.


RP Hooks

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Helping the afflicted. For the healers on the grid. Feel free to run scenes assessing people who are contaminated by the radiation. Agent Melinda May is the head of SHIELDs WAND division and will likely welcome offers of assistance from magical healers.
  • Finding survivors. There may be a few people left in the sewers and tunnels under the city. They could well be contaminated by now though, it's been a while and the underground will also be infested with magical nasties.
  • Go beat down some nasties. Each block or two of the city will have a different type of nasty. There is a good contingent of Vampires in there - they've been deserting their nests in NYC and Gotham to take up residence in Steel City. There's even been a dragon and some Fomorians come out to play.
  • Magical Maladies - If you think it might be fun RP and your character goes into the city, they might be affected by the radiation. Feel free to pose the effects of the radiation and finding ways to remedy it, or not.

Plot Logs

November 22, 2016: All the Fools

Talisman and Rain go investigate Steel City and talk with two of the monsters, which do not seem too monstrous on close sight. (Emits by Dr. Strange).

(permalink: log:4891 | tags: bones_of_the_city doctor_strange rain talisman | posted: 23 Nov 2016 22:40)

September 29, 2016: A Meeting of Witches

Dr. Strange takes Talisman to meet Rain, and they talk about solutions for Steel City

(permalink: log:4829 | tags: bones_of_the_city doctor_strange rain talisman | posted: 30 Sep 2016 13:33)

July 21, 2016: Good. Bad. Food. Sleep.

In a city of danger, The Hulk surprisingly makes a new friend.

(permalink: log:4522 | tags: bones_of_the_city hulk seikatsu | posted: 22 Jul 2016 03:01)

July 20, 2016: Ice Cream Owed

After a long owing of ice cream, [Red] Robin and Darcy have a chat over cold confection.

(permalink: log:4520 | tags: bones_of_the_city darce red_robin | posted: 21 Jul 2016 19:34)

July 13, 2016: Not Dragon Chow!

Jim Reha goes looking for errant Starktech. Power Girl shows up. Dragon! Editor Note: No Corvids were eaten during the writing of this scene…

(permalink: log:4482 | tags: bones_of_the_city corvinus power_girl | posted: 14 Jul 2016 01:04)

June 23, 2016: Princess Sparklefist And The Formorian (Backdated Scene)

Hearing of the Steel City disaster, Carol heads to the JL:A Headquarters to get Oracles assistance. (This is a backdated scene that occurs not long after the events in A Cacophonous Sound

(permalink: log:4380 | tags: bones_of_the_city captain_marvel oracle | posted: 23 Jun 2016 04:16)

June 17, 2016: Of Gods and Myths

Ozymandias ask for Tigra and Oracle for help with capturing The Sphinx, while Oracle informs Ozymandias and Tigra about Steel City

(permalink: log:4355 | tags: bones_of_the_city chaos_and_order oracle ozymandias tigra | posted: 18 Jun 2016 05:49)

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