The Devil You Know

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Matt Murdock and friends are following a string of grisly murders in Mutant Town with no link other than the X-gene. Murders happen in Manhattan, sad but true, but is this string a harbinger of something even worse?


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December 09, 2015: The Devil You Know, Part 3

Matt Murdock visits Doctor Moore to get more information on Katelyn's death - and Liv provides alot more than she thought she could.

(permalink: log:2892 | tags: daredevil death_damsel the_devil_you_know | posted: 10 Dec 2015 01:20)

December 07, 2015: Phone a Friend

Matt, under the heavy influence of sedatives, has a mission for Foggy.

(permalink: log:2878 | tags: daredevil foggy_nelson the_devil_you_know | posted: 08 Dec 2015 00:07)

December 05, 2015: iZombie, You Lawyer

Foggy visits the ME's office on behalf of the family of Mutant Town's latest murder victim.

(permalink: log:2885 | tags: death_damsel foggy_nelson the_devil_you_know | posted: 09 Dec 2015 05:07)

December 03, 2015: The Devil You Know, Part 1

Foggy meets up with Matt the morning after another grisly murder in Mutant Town

(permalink: log:2858 | tags: daredevil foggy_nelson the_devil_you_know | posted: 04 Dec 2015 01:51)

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