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"Protecting a world that fears and hates."

Shortly after creating the Institute, Charles Xavier resolved to take the training of his young students powers to a larger level. When they graduated and became adults, interested and selected members of the student body were selected to become X-Men.

The X-Men are less a team and more a group of people that believe. They believe in the dream of Charles Xavier. That mutant and humans can live together, in harmony. As to how to go about achieving that end? Well, the answers are as diverse as the followers themselves. Many of those who claim the title 'X-Men' have attended Xavier's Institute as children or teenagers, but not all.

What unifies the X-Men is Xavier's Dream. That humans and mutants can peacefully coexist. But there are many paths to that Dream, and over the years the X-Men have settled into different groups based on what they feel is the best way to make that Dream a reality.

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X-men In-game Timeline

1996 —- With the X-Gen previously identified more than a decade ago the "Mutant Condition" is made public knowledge. Public outcry is overwhelming, 'mutant' on human crime escalates as humanity finds a new 'enemy' amongst its own kind.

1997-1999 —- Professor Charles Xavier establishes the Xavier's School of Higher Learning. A specialized private boarding school that caters to mutant children. Its intention is to keep them safe and teach them how to integrate into society, to lead future human-mutates in a united vision of peace.

1999-2001 —- From the first and most gifted students Professor Xavier's "X-Men" are formed. Its roster consists of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel. Together they use their mutant gifts to fight against hatemongers and evil mutants like Magneto.

2002-2006 —- The original X-Men are 'plucked from time' and end up in the future. Lost to the current timestream.

2007-2008 —- Xavier recruits a new team that from the likes of Wolverine, Colossus, Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, Banshee and Storm. Together they rescue the original X-Men. *(Havok and Polaris are NOT part of the team at this point unlike Marvel's 616 Earth)
Helping to land a crashing shuttle Jean Grey 'dies' and is reborn as the Phoenix. Later on Jean sacrifices herself. This concludes the Dark Phoenix Saga.
Kitty Pryde joins the X-Men for a time while Scott leaves the team.

2009-2011 —- The X-Men are thought dead after encountering and fighting the Brood.
Charles seeks /new mutants/ to replace his team. Cannonball, Moonstar, Karma, Wolfsbane and Sunspot are these mutants.
The Morlocks in the sewers of New York adopt Storm as their leader.
Rogue joins the X-Men.
Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor get married.

2010-2012 —- Charles while suffering from injuries leaves the school and disappears with the Shi'ar. Magneto temporarily leads the school after being acquitted of crimes.
Storm becomes the leader of the X-Men while Nathan is born to Maddie and Scott.
Jean is discovered alive and Scott leaves Madelyne and Nathan.
The Morlock Massacre occurs.
Excalibur is formed.
Angel becomes one of Apocalypse's four horsemen. Dazzler and Longshot join the X-Men.

2013 —- Madelyne becomes the Goblin Queen.
Nathan is returned to Scott.
X-Men enter a portal, the Siege Perilous. The X-Men are scattered, Storm meets Remy, Psylocke becomes merged with Kwannon.
Nathan Summers is infected with the techno-organic virus and sent to the future with the Askani in order to survive.
Charles Xaver returns from space.

2014 —- The X-Men reform and training teams are established for the new generation of potentials.(*Comux's game timeline begins here)

2014 —- The Brotherhood of Mutants announced as a criminal threat once again after bombing Regal Towers in NYC and various other terrorist acts throughout the US. Secretly this is an act perpetrated by the Trasks and aligned Friends of Humanity.

An experimental bio-weapon that only affects human-mutants is created, it is unleashed and death tolls near a thousand. This is dubbed the Legacy-proto strain.

2015 —- The SRD nicknamed the 'MRD' is exposed as corrupt and dismantled. Many disgruntled former SRD members help form the Purifiers.

The Superhuman Control Act endorsed by Sarah Traverstein is proposed and considered but and ultimately shut down. Sentinels are however armed as per new articles as a contingency plan and for defensive purposes. In the wake of this X-Men members, Rachel Summers-Grey and Scott Summers are declared terrorists yet are quickly pardoned due to mishandling by the government. Scott Summers is unfortunately now a public mutant.

Incited by the FoH's Purifiers riots in New York City's District X (M-Town) reach an all-time record high. The armed forces are called in.

2016 —- Mysterious enemies try to assassinate Professor X. They are revealed to be Genoshans.

The African island nation of Genosha is revealed (by the X-Men) to engage in human trafficking and slavery. A trade embargo is initiated by a large number of world powers and the country itself falls under scrutiny on an international scale.
The mad External Apocalypse awakens from his rejuvenation chambers and begins to assault the world. Beast and Rogue of the X-Men are taken and transformed in to the Horsemen, Pestilence and Famine.
Scott and Jean disappear to the Savage Land (*This is also where the canon 'Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix' take place).

2017 —- The X-Men, Apocaylpse' Dark Riders and Inhumans battle on the Moon in the hidden city of Attilan. Black Bolt seemingly sacrifices himself to protect his people as they are led to safety by the X-Men. Unfortunately, the city is destroyed, there is no sign of the King of the Inhumans. The Royal family also disappears.

Apocalypse declares war on the world and launches Terrigen Bombs towards strategic locations across the planet. He is ultimately defeated and his ship crashes into the Atlantic. He is presumed dead as no remains are found.

Scott and Jean return from their extended /vacation/.

The fallout of the Terrigen Bombs creates a multiple point terrigen cloud crisis that starts to transform portions of the world while also killing mutants in its wake.
Through the combined efforts of several Inhumans, SHIELD, the Justice League and the X-Men the T-clouds are for the most part contained or dispersed. There are still freak anomolous formations that birth in zones or near point zero locations of Terrigen Bombs.

A crossbred mutant-Inhuman hybrid named Alphie O'Meagan initiates a mass reality 'reboot'. This results in a dimensional tear and overlap that rephases Earth-626.

The X-Men have a brief N'Garai outbreak that prompts the magical defenses of the school to be bolstered.
Plans to deal with Genosha are initiated.

Genoshan Rebels and the X-Men begin a lightning coup against Genosha overlords.
The X-Men's first strike brings down Genosha's 'firewall' it exposes the world to the countries hidden atrocities and opens Genoshan defenses to massive coordinated cyber assaults.

Madelyne Pryor is revealed as a Genoshan captive, she awakens and 'kills' Nate Grey.

Cyclops, Rogue and Meggan infiltrate the Citadel, President Renau is abducted and replaced. The inserted doppleganger begins to disrupt Genoshan politics.
It is discovered that Genoshans are using future tech introduced by Sugarman to advance their society, the AoA villain escapes through a portal and is pursued by Suicide Squad member, Ravager.

The Human Right are chased out of Genosha.

Cameron Hodge is seemingly killed by Illyana.
The Genoshans government is overthrown, ending when Magneto murders the Genigineer.

Magneto begins his campaign of leadership for Genosha as a liberated mutant nation for mutants. The UN reluctantly backs away from the proceedings and establish an accord, the master of magnetism may lead Genosha with a cabinet agreed upon by the UN security council and under the premise he never leaves the African island nation. Magneto agrees to these terms.

Having witnessed the capabilities of mutantkind in the overthrowing of an entire nation the world grows fearful.

The Brotherhood lead by Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver capitalize on this newly fed terror and attack a Charity Gala hosted by Emma Frost and Tony Stark.

The threat of the Brotherhood is more recognized than ever. Anti-mutant sentiment escalates on a global scale. The United States suffers the worst as riots, separation and violence is amplified.

A revised Mutant Registration Act is proposed and appears to be in favor of passing.

The Demon Bear begins it's campaign of supernatural horror directly attacking the X-Men, it obliterates the school but is eventually defeated and banished by Moonstar's efforts.

2018 —- The Brotherhood continues to be a thorn in the X-Men's side. Their actions growing louder and more bold with each passing month.

A ploy to entrap as many X-Men as possible results in a mental warp in to House of M.

Lorna, X-Men and company are kidnapped during her wedding to Marco Diaz by Sinister and his Marauders.

Trask Industries reveals it's inhibitor collars specific to mutants and teases a new improved Sentinel Program phase one teases improved Sentinels along with a privatized contract military called Sentinel Security. A unit specialized and geared to handle mutant targets.

A false Brotherhood attacks the school but is repelled.
Polaris is revealed to be possessed by Malice.


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