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Nanda Parbat, 'Eth Alth'eban, Temple of Cobras, various locations around the world mostly in Africa, India and Tibet

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A creation of Ra’s al Ghul, the League of Shadows attempts to guide humanity through its endeavors as an eco-terrorist group. With poverty, hunger, and despair as its weapon, it creates change through discord. The assassin wing is active in shaping the world through dubious means: poisonings, kidnappings, and more classic forms of murder.

Additional Notes

OOC KNOWLEDGE PLEASE READ: There are indeed 3 or 4 leaders of the League right now.

Talia leads a splintered faction called Leviathan.
Nyssa leads 'rebels' who go by the League of Assassins.
Ra's al Ghul (in his current weakened state) leads through his son the White Ghost the traditional League of Shadows.

ALL of these are considered the League of Shadows and only those with inside knowledge of the League itself knows what is going on or the actual separation (Damian) not even Batman, Oracle or the others know exactly what is transpiring right now. As far as anyone is aware outside of the loop Talia is the leader of the League of Shadows and Ra's is dead or dying.

Stay tuned for a plot and further details.

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