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"Courage, Honor, Hope, Truth, Equality, Justice"

The Justice League Alliance organization is the Earth's first line of defense against terrestrial, extraterrestrial and dimensional threats that fall beyond the power of conventional security measures. As a collective their primary purpose is the prevention, removal and suppression of high-tech terrorism, superhuman criminal violence and otherworldly beyond human menaces first and foremost. Secondly is the rescue and relief efforts around the global that normal measures are incapable of accomplishing.Third is charity and public events to encourage a universal respect for equality, peace and tolerance (as well as promote the public image of superheroes and the JLA itself). All Justice League members are to co-operate and promote a humanitarian character by respecting human rights, fundamental freedoms for all without distinction between race, sex, language, religion, or species. The Justice League Alliance is a symbol of harmony and a common united ground that stands for peace and freedom for Earth and it's people; alien, Amazonian, Atlantean, mankind and mutant alike. All are equal before the eyes of the JLA. Created by the partnership of Wonder Woman and Superman (and a rumored involvement by the Bat-Man of Gotham), the Justice League is a network of superheroes who aim to preserve justice and peace for the American people. Though not part of the government, they work hand in hand with the Federal Government, Interpol, S.H.I.E.L.D and the DEO to assist in matters where they can help.

Spiritual successor to the much-lauded, government-sanctioned Justice Society of America, active during the Second World War and the the Cold War that followed, the Justice League is a US-based, globally-minded organization of heroes — both meta-powered and otherwise — who have appointed themselves as guardians of Truth, Justice, and Democracy around the world. They were founded in 2010, nearly 40 years after the disbandment if the JSA, and are funded by a private benefactor who has taken great pains to remain anonymous over the years and whose true identity is known only to a select few insiders. Consequently, unlike the JSA, while the JLA maintains cordial, generally friendly relations with the US government, it is a wholly independent entity.

Its current leadership includes Superman of Metropolis, Wonder Woman in New York, and Batman of Gotham. Together, working alongside the rest of the membership, these champions strive to represent the highest ideals of heroism in this modern age.

Every member of the League commits to a clear code of conduct, which includes such standards as:

  • Rendering best possible aid to innocents in distress, regardless of nationality, gender, age, color, creed, religion, gene-status, or any other discriminatory factor;
  • Supporting the duties of legally appointed local authorities and emergency services personnel wherever such support does not run counter to either the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or Geneva Conventions, and does not put innocents at undue risk;
  • Refraining from the use of lethal force against foes and aggressors, regardless of their willingness to do the same.

Failure to abide by these standards can lead to the application of sanctions against an offending member, ranging from internal injunctions, administrative punishments and fines, to expulsion and criminal charges.

Additional Notes

*This version of JL:A is most similar at theme aimed towards the JLI (Justice League International) and intended to host representatives and champions from allover the world, galaxy, dimensions and even timelines.

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