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" Hail Hydra! Immortal Hydra! Cut off a limb and two come to take its place!"

Strongest records suggest that the terrorist group known as Hydra was created in the 1930s in Nazi Germany, though rumor has it they started much earlier. What is known is that they are a shadowy, underground group who uses business, politics, magic, and science as weapons to control the world. Their strategy is often to work within the confines of other groups, take them over, and push along an agenda of control.

Despite it's many murky founding stories HYDRA as a whole is international, subversive and dedicated to global domination by any means necessary. It has multiple factions that are loosely connected and allied under the same multi-headed banner, they all share the same general ideology despite their inconsistent hierarchy of leadership.

No one knows who the true leader or found of HYDRA really is, rumors of a Supreme Hydra have surfaced that many speculate may be the Red Skull or the spymaster von Strucker but truth to this is yet unknown. It may just be more misdirection and the HYDRA High Council may actually exist. Also it's been documented civil war is a constant within the ranks of this massive terrorist super-org, how deep routed or full scale these wars are is also up to speculation and has little evidence.

HYDRA operates through secret bases throughout the world, it has countless sleeper agents, moles and spies stationed in every major organization known to the public (and some of those unknown). It's operation levels are singular individuals, cells to open military units that range in size from squads all the way up to full fledged armies that appear with lightning mobilization. Much like it's namesake cutting off one head only manages to encourage another three or four to surface. HYDRA is a primary reason SHIELD exists as it's counter-op and the organization usually takes point in all instances where this world-wide-threat exposes itself and it's many sister societies (such as THEM, the Secret Empire, H.I.V.E., Cobra and A.I.M.) No other organization has as much intel or experience fighting HYDRA as SHIELD.

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