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Made up of the elite and powerful, the clandestine Hellfire Club originated in England, but expanded to open branches all over the world, including America. Rumors are rampant about the purpose of the group. Some believe it to simply be a social and depraved playground for the whims of the rich. Others fear it’s a network opportunity to control the economic, social, and political power throughout the world. One thing's for certain, however: the Club's membership certainly is very good about keeping their secrets.

The Hellfire Club is an international cadre consisting of the world's economic, political and social elite. Founded in the 18th century England, it was then a social organization that provided its members with pleasures that often moral criterion of the era. It has since evolved in its public appearance and reach, and membership to the Hellfire Club is seen as the ultimate status symbol. You're not a bona fide 1%'er if you're not a member.

On the surface, the club is rather achromatic, thoroughly tasteful and highly respectable, although also generally considered to be a safe place to indulge in a number of vices. Its ideal for the wealthy to gather, casually discuss business, make new partnerships, enjoy occasional entertainments sponsored by the Club, and engage in extravagant parties. It's a place where one can show off their wealth without judgment from the plebians of the world.

The true leaders of the Club are much more orphic and raw, calling themselves the Inner Circle.

This secretive cabal actively hides itself and the identities of its members. It manipulates the Club and leverages its combined resources to achieve global domination, wealth, and power. Their goals and activities are far darker and more inhumane than the Club's general membership—wolves among sheep.

Additional Notes

*The Inner Circle and Lord Imperial—along with their identities—are a fiercely guarded secret. Only the Inner Circle and those they bring into the fold are aware of them.

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