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The Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) is the United States government's newest response to possible threat of which origins cannot be accounted to the conventional or mundane and was officially recognized and sanctioned as an official department of the United States in October 2015. They have all due power and authority to monitor and safeguard American citizens against supernatural, mutant, metahuman, non-Earth technological, extraterrestrial, and other-dimensional threats.

The DEO is a extranormal threat-focused national security organization with intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities, the task of the DEO is to protect the United States and it's citizens against domestic and foreign supernormal dangers. It also provides detailed information, guidance, proper detention, conditioning and reintroduction of any classified as extranormals.

The DEO focuses on threats that exceed the capabilities of the conventional authorities and involve dangers far too large, complex or powerful for any local or state authority to handle alone. In executing the following priorities the DEO is recognized as both a national security and law enforcement agency. It will produce and use extensive intelligence to protect the nation and it's people from all threats beyond normal parameters that violate the law or expected legal foundations of American society.
1. Protect the United States from extranormal attacks.
2. Protect the United States against mystical, psychic, superhuman and advanced technology crimes.
3. Protect the Civil Rights of documented, known and law-abiding extranormals.
4. Detect, identify, assess and classify extranormal individuals and organizations.
5. Combat extranormal and monitor criminal organizations and enterprises.
6. Support federal, state, local and international partners in their efforts involving any and all extranormal operations.
7. Establish peaceful and cooperative rapport with active law-abiding extranormal organizations
8. Properly detain, quarantine and handle identified criminal extarnormals.
9. Assist, educate and rehabilitate non-criminal extranormals in to society proper.
10. Constantly upgrade technology, intelligence and personnel to successfully perform the DEO's mission.

Additional Notes

*DEO absorbed the assets of IO and Stormwatch.
*The DEO stores occult objects and individuals in a mysterious location known only as the Black Room. It is believed even the Spear of Destiny is held there (this is of course a misleading rumor - an actual character possesses this).
*DEO has developed psychic defense measures and is in charge of protecting important government assets.
*Comic reference for the DEO is a blend of DC's own DEO/DMA and Marvel's CSA (Commission on Superhuman Affairs) mixed with IO (International Operations already being a close relative of OSS), A.R.G.U.S., Stormwatch and Taskforce X.
*Knightwatch is combined with Squad K and Hulkbusters as well as it's typical incarnation.
*Though Suicide Squad and the Authority are listed as possible STARS teams they are "disconnected". Project: USA is highly classified in it's ongoings.

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