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The Brotherhood of Mutants




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Mutant Town, NYC

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Scarlet Witch


"Scars are far more vivid reminders than memories."

First began more than a decade ago by Magneto, the Brotherhood serves as an underground fighting force which believes that mutantkind are the next step in evolution. From petty acts of violence and vandalism to higher-stakes missions such as destroying public landmarks or razing the infrastructures of institutions they perceive to oppress mutantkind, there is nothing that they won't do to further their cause, show off their strength, and protect mutantkind. Over recent years, after Magneto's departure from active leadership of the group to pursue governance in Genosha, the Brotherhood has fragmented somewhat, due to a lack of authority figures within the ranks while their numbers continued to grow like an evolving street gang. In New York, however, a coherent movement has coalesced again under the lead of Magneto's twin children, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

The Brotherhood are a group of mutants, founded originally by the Master of Magnetism, who generally believe that mutants are superior to "baseline" humans. As a whole, many of the Brotherhood share the fatalistic and resentful views of their founder. Even after the man's departure from their ranks, the Brotherhood has endured and has continued to resurface in various incarnations.

With Magneto's absence, the Brotherhood has become a rather loosely-affiliated, clan-like organization of individuals that will rally when a charismatic, powerful or ambitious mutant steps forward and calls them to arms. The latest of these are Magneto's own children, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, who have organized the Brotherhood within New York in particular.

Their past actions have caused the media to paint the Brotherhood as dangerous "super-terrorists," though some view them as underdogs with an understandable anger, and many others — who also feel powerless and subjugated in a world that is against mutants — view them as outright heroes.

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