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The Avengers Mansion, New York

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"Avengers Assemble!"

The Avengers are a team of heroes that have assembled to fight for a better future. The team is associated with SHIELD and they have access to some SHIELD facilities, transportation and technology, although they remain autonomous in most regards. The Avengers are honor-bound to follow a code of behavior centered on the protection of innocents and the pursuit of justice. They are to work respecting international law (first) and local law (second) whenever possible. They do not murder, and they only kill under the most extreme circumstances, favoring the use of non-lethal procedures whenever possible. Protecting lives should always take precedence over eliminating enemies. Giving truthful reports on important events to law-enforcement agencies (particularly SHIELD) and responding to the questions of lawful authorities, concerned citizens and the media are also part of an Avenger's duty.

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