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Though just a rumor to surface dwellers, Atlantis is a real place and is thriving deep under the waves. A group of superpowered mer-men and women reside there in harmony with the sea-life. Many have developed amazing powers due to the extreme pressure in which they live. Among Atlanteans in general, there is a great distrust of those on the surface, those who would willingly and carelessly pollute three quarters of the planet. Atlantis is ruled by King Orin.

Additional Notes

Physical Characteristics

Atlantean Physiology:

If one were to exclude the large racial variations that exist in Atlantean society, races that might be considered 'mutants' or 'metahuman' on the surface, your average Atlantean has evolved over the millennia to reflect the difficult conditions in which they live.

The "average" Atlantean is anywhere from 4x to 10x stronger than a human of similar build and size, the increased muscle and bone density required to survive beneath the ocean's pressure also allow them a more durable body type as well. Most blunt trauma can be shrugged off and even small arms fire is resisted (to a degree; high calibers and special rounds are not so easily dealt with).

They are quicker then your average human, reacting with the speed of an Olympic level athlete, though that tends to vary slightly with the profession of the Atlantean in question.

Very few Atlantean's possess the ability to breath air anymore, and so going to the surface requires an exosuit with a contained water rich environment.

*South Atlanteans (Namor's people) are the same physiology as your typical Atlantean with a difference of having blue skin.

*Lemurians have the same characteristics as the rest of Atlantis with a differing of Green or Greenish skin and fine to rough scales. Lemurians also have a higher potential of magical ability than most Atlanteans.

Blue Physiology:

Over time, and with the help of the Black tinkering with their genetics, the Blue have evolved to be quite different from their Atlantean parent race. Physically weaker, a Blue is only 2x to 5x stronger than a human of similar build and size. Their increased density lets them shrug off most blunt trauma but any small arms fire and even projectiles will injure them. Where the Blue have an advantage is that they are able to breathe both air and water and have varying levels of hydrokinesis. All Blue at least have passive ability to help them survive and move at depths beyond their mere physical abilities, essentially augmenting their toughness and strength.

Locations and Notable Members

The Places
Poseidonis (capital of Atlantis)
Ruins of Kamuu (previous capital of 'New' Atlantis)
Ruins of Tha-Korr

The People
Arthur Curry "Aquaman", King of Atlantis
Mera of Xebel "Aquawoman", Queen of Atlantis
Orm Marius "Ocean Master", Adviser to the Crown
Namor McKenzie "Sub-Mariner", Prince and Monarch of the Southern Tribes
Karthon "the Quester", King of the Lemurians
Warlord Krang, Second-in-Command of Namor, Southern Tribes
Lady Dorma, betrothed of Namor, Southern Tribes
Warlord Seth, Third-in-Command of Namor, Southern Tribes


  • Southern Tribal designation is not based off geographical location. It is actually in reference towards the separation between the 'Tribal' or Blue-skinned Atlanteans (Whom traditionally cover themselves in white tribal markings); though it is established that the Southern Tribes follow Prince Namor the Northern Tribes are still uncivilized and recognize no single ruler but their own Chieftains and Warlords like Attuma.
  • Lemurians are not actually Atlanteans but a cousin or relation that has an origin linked somewhere to the 'tribal' Atlanteans.

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