Dresses? No, DEMONS!

Source: American Broadcast Group --- ABG
IC Date: September 25, 2018

The international community has turned its eye towards New York City. Travel advisories and cancellations continue out of the airports near the beleaguered destination, and air corridors over it are being diverted to add to international commutes.

But perhaps the most galling to some communities is the indefinite postponement of the vaunted FASHION WEEK. Designers worldwide who were looking forward to the new fall lines out of fashion powerhouses, to say nothing of all of the myriad festivities that typically surround the events.

The blogosphere is going nuts. Numerous channels are having interviews by affected designers, and reviews of last year's designs.

One reality TV star even used her cable show to start calling for a SAVE the STILETTO campaign, a fundraiser to prepare an alternate location to keep her avant grade shoe designers displaying on time. …public outcry against the show soon followed, and she recanted her heresy and offered a public apology on several American morning news shows.

But seriously! When New York is plagued by demons, what is a Devoted Fashion Watcher to do?!

Location: New York

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Originally Posted: 29 Oct 2018 19:27

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