TCLEC Conference Relocated

Source: American Broadcast Group --- ABG
IC Date: September 22, 2018

With the situation over New York City, the Tri-Cities Law Enforcement Coalition (TCLEC) has decided to relocate its conference from Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to the Gotham City Convention Center.

When asked why TCLEC did not just reschedule its conference until after the crisis in New York City was alleviated, New York City District Attorney and TCLEC Representative Samantha Reyes replied, "The situation in New York City is a prime example of why the Tri-Cities need a coalition to create a comprehensive response to these types of crises that do not rely on the intervention of vigilantes or the Avengers. Unsanctioned and unregulated action from groups or individuals weakens the authority of local law enforcement, and creates a domino effect of uncontrolled and almost militaristic response to crisis situations."

Reyes is just one of ten major law enforcement representatives to sit on the main TCLEC board, including Commissioner Jim Gordon out of Gotham City and Commissioner David Corporon of Metropolis.

Location: Gotham

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