New York Overrun by Demons

Source: American Broadcast Group --- ABG
IC Date: September 18, 2018

WASHINGTON DC, 18 Sept 2018 — A STATE OF EMERGENCY has been declared in New York, as an apparent demonic invasion has begun in the city. Authorities are scrambling to bring the situation under control, and are deploying troops and any superpowered teams available to respond to the New York Metropolitan area.

New Yorkers themselves, resilient as always, are trying their best to live their lives around the situation as best they can — including recording footage of the situation from their smartphones. This video in particular has been retweeted and reposted like wildfire across social media:

The camera work is shaky and frenetic, as if the person recording doesn't know where to even begin. The view pans over the familiar buildings and streets of New York transformed into a blasted, dusty hellscape, before it tracks upwards to record a wide shot of the cloud-choked sky. It is sickly shades of yellow, black, green, and red, banding together in the least aesthetic way possible, and it appears to be boiling. A zoom-in reveals the boiling effect is actually "immense numbers of demons dropping into the city from rips in the sky."

The camera view jitters and swings east. There is a view of the spire of Stark Tower in the distance, and coiled around the tower is the inert shape of a demonic dragon big enough to cover the majority of the skyscraper. The camera fixes on the image… until a sudden series of snarls from somewhere off-camera brings the picture to jolt wildly, as of the phone nearly being dropped, and its owner beginning to run. The video cuts out.

Location: New York

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NPC Mentions: All citizens of New York City.

OOC Notes:

The Inferno plot has officially begun, per this log and this cutscene A brief Cliff's Notes:

- The Elder Gods have been trying to break through the weakened barriers blocking them from Earth for some time, and have finally established a small foothold despite efforts to hold them back.
- To block them, Illyana made a pact to intersect Limbo over New York City:
- The unfortunate side effect is New York City is currently a Silent Hill hellscape overrun with demons!
- Though it is not impossible for people to try to continue with their lives (which New Yorkers tend to try to do no matter how crazy things get), the risk of being eaten by demons while so doing has gone up 200 percent.


Please feel free to interact with the plot as much as you want to. This is a temporary atmosphere plot (a few weeks in length) meant to create automatic scene hooks anyone can run with. You are welcome to use the "demonic invasion" condition in any of your scenes as you see fit, or even to run your own scenes about it. Hit up Illyana, Pietro, or Wanda if you have any questions, or if you want to engage deeper into helping to resolve the overall plot.

- Quicksilver

Originally Posted: 29 Oct 2018 18:22

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