TCLEC Conference Announced!

Source: American Broadcast Group --- ABG
IC Date: September 02, 2018

In recent months, law enforcement representatives from Gotham City, Metropolis, and New York City have been meeting to discuss the uptick of vigilante justice across the three major East Coast cities. Caped, masked, and powered crusaders are becoming increasingly more visible, and Police are struggling to find a balance when it comes to criminals versus vigilantes.

Some critics of the local law enforcement agencies accuse the police departments of unfairly targeting vigilantes who are doing a better job at interrupting local crime. This challenges the rhetoric that claims that good intentions do not justify breaking the law.

In an effort to come together and actually examine how all three cities are handling their local vigilantes, the Tri-Cities Law Enforcement Coalition (TCLEC; pronounced 'Tee-Cleck') was created. The purposes of this Coalition is to examine and refine existing policies, provide education to law enforcement officers, and to collectively work to bring more security to the neighborhoods of Gotham, Metropolis and New York in hopes of reducing the need for vigilantes.

A conference has been announced to be held in New York City for later in the month.

(OOC: This information has been duplicated in the Daily Bugle, the Gotham Gazette, and the Daily Planet.)

Location: New York

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