Revival: Mooney Dead (For Real)

Source: Gotham Gazette -- Gotham Ed.
IC Date: October 01, 2018


OCTOBER 1, 1998


Ending a reign of terror that gripped Gotham City for the better part of a year, Maria "Fish" Mooney has been confirmed dead by sources inside Gotham Police Department. Mooney had been one of the leading powers behind an alliance between the various gangs and mob families that redefined the term "organized crime."

This is not the first time that Gotham officials have reported Mooney dead. The urban legend of her getting right up off the morgue table after her body was recovered in March of 1995 is still cited as one of the city coroner's greatest flubs. Witnesses to that account claim that the coroner had just finished his autopsy when Mooney mysteriously sat up, fetched her clothes, and walked out of the morgue.

While some of Gotham waits with bated breath to see if Mooney returns to the streets once more, others are comforted by Captain Jim Gordon's reassurances that Fish Mooney's reign in Gotham is over.

Location: Gotham

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