Anvil Dropped on Gotham

Source: Gotham Gazette -- Gotham Ed.
IC Date: August 28, 2018

by: Tilly Bailey

In wake of the Hell's Kitchen attack, the private military firm known as Anvil Security has pulled out of New York City and moved to Gotham. The company had been on-track to set up its offices and training facilities, but was halted by the attack on the Kitchen back in June.

According to sources inside city hall, Mayor Hady was approached by the firm's CEO Billy Russo soon after the tragedy in New York. Russo — a decorated veteran Marine — worked with Mayor Hady to buy up property in Lower Gotham previously seized by the city. "Mr. Russo presented a compelling case," said mayoral aide Felicity Crowne. "By putting use to abandoned properties in South Hinkley, Anvil may help revitalize that neighborhood."

"We are thrilled to be coming home to Gotham City," Mr. Russo told the Gazette. "Anvil's goal is to provide professional, high-quality security those who need it."

One of the major goals of Anvil Security is to provide work to veterans. Already Anvil recruiters have been setting up employment drives at Gotham's Veterans Center.

Anvil Security has the potential of providing some relief to the overtaxed Gotham City Police Department by supplementing security throughout the city. In addition, Gotham City's Homeland Security Offices have already outsourced upcoming contracts to Anvil to assist in urban training exercises once their facilities are up and running.

Location: Gotham

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