Masterson Party Planned

Source: Gotham Gazette -- Gotham Ed.
IC Date: July 31, 2018

Excitement is shaking the world of the Gotham Elite. Having claimed to be fully recovered from his ordeal, Alan Masterson is throwing a large party at his estate and all the rich and famous are being invited to visit him and his son Alex. They are going to show off a few trophies from their hunting trip and rub elbows with all the rich and famous. When asked for comment on what the party is for, Alan Masterson had this to say,

"I want to show the world that the Masterson's are alive and well. My company Masterson Inc. is still going strong and I for one am more than happy to show I am, too. My son and I survived quite the ordeal but I want the world to know that we are both not only fine but we have conquered the wild in much the same way Masterson Inc. has conqurered the world of guns."

Indeed, Masterson Inc., a known producer of fine firearms took a hit when the news of the missing Mastersons but since their return it has slowly begun to climb again. Perhaps a show of strength will help the business do well? Perhaps it is all just a chance for the rich to get drunk. Either way, the news is being spread by both his PR team and the excited elite alike.

Location: Gotham

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