King of Mutant Town?

Source: Word of Mouth
IC Date: August 30, 2018

“Whoso Pulleth Out the Sword of the Stone and Anvil is Rightwise King Born of All England.” – T.H. White

It is impossible to witness the events in “Mutant Town” and not see the legends of King Arthur come to life. Following the reported banishment of Thor hundreds of people from across the globe have flocked to mutant town to congregate at the site of his banishment where a simple umbrella, believed to be the mystic hammer Mjolnir in disguise, remains plunged into the sidewalk following the Thunderer’s disappearance.

While some lay tribute to the banished god most wait hours in a line stretching more than three city blocks to attempt to pull the umbrella from the sidewalk and prove their worth to Asgard. The spectacle has brought unprecedented attention to Mutant Town as an entire city block has been cordoned off and members of the NYPD work overtime to assure that that none of the would be immortals become disorderly during their wait.

At press time there is an estimated six hour wait to attempt to pull the umbrella from the sidewalk.

Location: New York

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