Summers Speaks on FuturePharm

Source: Daily Bugle -- NYC Ed.
IC Date: September 03, 2018

Excalibur Alum Rachel Summers Speaks on FuturePharm
World News — September 3, 2018

(Lead image: Rachel Summers at a podium, fortunately dressed presentably in a lightweight black sweater, though there's definitely spikes on her statement necklace)

NEW YORK CITY — Rachel Summers, former member of British metahuman team Excalibur, spoke at a city press conference this morning concerning the recent raid of multiple offices belonging to biotechnology firm FuturePharm. Ms. Summers, who was a part of the investigation into FuturePharm, delivered a prepared statement and answered questions pertaining to metahuman involvement in FuturePharm's activities.

"FuturePharm was able to kidnap mutants and force them into torturous test programs for their weapon systems because mutants are so often pushed to the edges of society without a support network," said Ms. Summers during her statement.

Ms. Summers continued: "FuturePharm built months if not years of financial success on the abuse of people who have been denied an equal, respected place in society because of how they were born. Whenever lobbyists and lawmakers only care about the mutant community when offered a chance to sanction them, and never when help is needed, this is the result. Innocent people have lost their lives or had their lives irrevocably changed."

Ms. Summers went on to announce that legal and medical fees for the victims of FuturePharm would be covered by an anonymous philanthropic organization.

During questioning, Ms. Summers confirmed that several mutants, including herself, worked with the Avengers during the FuturePharm investigation. She declined to provide further identification, citing privacy, though reiterated that SHIELD had the full details of the situation. Ms. Summers did confirm that she was currently not working with Excalibur, though responded with no comment when asked whether or not the team had interests in a United States branch.


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