SHIELD Raids Biotech Firm

Source: Daily Bugle -- NYC Ed.
IC Date: September 03, 2018

SHIELD Raids Biotech Firm FuturePharm
World News — September 3, 2018

(Lead images: a FuturePharm executive in handcuffs being taken to a car by SHIELD agents, Stark Tower with an absolutely wrecked front lobby and some damage to the top floor, and a SHIELD spokeswoman at a podium)

NEW YORK CITY — SHIELD raided multiple offices belonging to the biotechnology firm FuturePharm as part of an ongoing investigation that began on Saturday, September 1. Numerous FuturePharm employees have been detained for questioning, including the company's executive board.

New U.S. SHIELD spokeswoman Sara Katsaros, who replaced Chelsea Pugh a few months ago, appeared at a city press conference this morning to confirm that the agency has seized information related to FuturePharm's involvement with the illegal development and sale of prohibited weapons to domestic and international terrorist organizations, as well as the kidnapping of and experimentation on human and metahuman subjects.

Although Ms. Katsaros confirmed that the destruction of a FuturePharm production facility in Ohio and the attack on Stark Tower in New York City were connected to FuturePharm activities, she was unable to provide further information on either event at this time. Both FuturePharm and Stark Labs were unable to be reached for comment at the time of publication.

Ms. Katsaros went on to thank metahuman teams the Avengers and the Titans for their assistance in the investigation. She stated that SHIELD will turn over the proper evidence to the proper judicial channels and assured that full formal charges will be coming in the coming days as the results of the raids are processed.


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