Battle Shakes Ohio

Source: Daily Bugle -- NYC Ed.
IC Date: September 01, 2018

Towns across the state of Ohio rocked today in the mid afternoon, buildings left fractured and broken in multiple sites. Huge ruts of damage were left in the ground, fires beginning in the cities from tumblers and aftershocks from a subterranean battle of titans of massive strength. Upper Sandusky took the largest hit, in central Ohio, from the event.

The event lasted only perhaps fifteen minutes, before the battle ended. Streaks of green and black were seen in the sky, leaving the area. What could have happened below the ground? Some witnesses claim to have heard roars of challenge, and the Hulk is suspected to have been involved.

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Battle between Hulk and Faora. Follows the events of

Originally Posted: 29 Oct 2018 20:49

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