Albany Prepares for Protests

Source: Daily Bugle -- NYC Ed.
IC Date: August 27, 2018

Albany, NY (AP) - The city of Albany, NY has begun to prepare for the numerous groups who have begun to express their intentions to descend on the capital this fall in order to make known their opinions on the controversial MPASS bill that is due to be argued in the New York Assembly. Protests and counter-protests have already been announced, even as local television and radio programming has become a hotspot for commentary and sponsored advertisements.

Among those groups is MfT, a grassroots network of parents - mostly mothers - campaigning for MPASS and more stringent testing for adults in sensitive occupations, such as education. MfT earned the support of many after a peaceful rally they were holding at a New York City park was attacked by the same mutant terrorists responsible for the attack on the Stark Expo charity gala nearly a year ago. When asked whether she was concerned about future violence on their vigil, MFT President Cheryl Faber replied, "Of course, but everyone should be more concerned about the risk posed to our children if politicians back down from doing the responsible thing and getting this bill passed."

Moms for Transparency plans on beginning demonstrations this coming weekend, joining other groups already there.

Location: New York

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Originally Posted: 29 Oct 2018 20:40

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