Scientist's Murder Yields No Leads

Source: Daily Bugle -- NYC Ed.
IC Date: August 22, 2018

An article is buried deep in the Tuesday edition of the Daily Bugle, restoration efforts and positive community feel good stories from Hell's Kitchen still often dominating the front page.

BROOKLYN, NY (AP) - A community gathered Monday afternoon in a small church to celebrate the life of Bernadine Nakato.

Nakato, a 39 year old Brooklyn native, was found murdered on the front steps of her home last week and the investigation is on-going.

Her family, friends, and neighbors expressed their shock and horror over the death, as Nakato was a pillar in her community. Known by many for her efforts in NYC schools to encourage minorities in STEAM fields, she was a champion for partnerships between schools and scientific organizations and companies. She also was an active member of her church's choir and food pantry ministry.

Authorities say that they presently have no leads and ask that anyone with information please contact Det. Charles Brubaker at…

Location: New York

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