Demons, Monstrosities, and the Dog

Source: Word of Mouth
IC Date: September 26, 2018

Wreak Havok, bring discord, cause wraith, carnage, and chaos. That's what demons do. They destroy all they touch. Corrupt with great and dark influence. Decimate.

Lower East Side. Shortly after 4am. A lone man stood against the hordes that encroached upon the Williamsburg Bridge where Delancey Street converts into the structure. His tattered clothing was stained with blood and dirt as he maintained his ground against the scores of foul monstrosities.

Big demons, little demons, tall demons, short demons - all. The masses of vile creatures closed upon the blonde hero who goaded them, taunted them, dared them to try and pass his station. He stood just east of Suffolk Street, in the middle, awaiting their encroachment. And when they came. When the numbers marched, lurched, and scampered toward him, he waited. He watched for the right time. The very second in which to act.

That moment came. The bulk of the demonic legion collected together in the street before him. They were within feet of his position when it happened. Suddenly there was a flash. It emitted from his core. His very chest alight with white-hot illumination. His arms quickly raised. They too became too bright to gaze upon. It was from his chest that the fiery white-hot plasma was driven down from his shoulders, down his arms and through his hands. The wide beam of energy cut a swath through the center of the swarm. The energy was such that the core of the writhing mob was atomized. While many outliers were burned, they were not destroyed. Not until his arms parted. And like when Moses parted the red sea, the single beam turned into twain. Spreading in two directions as his arms widened. Cutting down the demons. Ripping them asunder with the fiery white-hot energy that emitted from his body.

The army was decimated in just a few short instances. Leveled. Turned to ash. Yet, there were many more. Countless more that lurked in the shadows. And the man, he appeared spent. Exhausted in his one massive attack that drained most of his energies. Before the demons could regroup; before they could retaliate. He fled into the early morning hours of night. Gone into the darkness before the demons would attack again. But it was on this night that the demons learned a valuable lesson; The Williamsburg Bridge is a dangerous place to approach.

Location: New York

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