BREAKING: Shots Fired at TCLEC

Source: American Broadcast Group --- ABG
IC Date: September 25, 2018

BREAKING NEWS (9/25/2018, 5:34 PM): There are multiple reports of shots fired at the TCLEC Convention in Gotham City. While still unconfirmed by law enforcement officials, it is believed that there is one gunman involved. ABG will continue to monitor and report on the situation as it develops.

UPDATE (6:12 PM): At least six confirmed dead at TCLEC, and another 20 wounded. A rough description of the shooter has been released: white male, between six-foot and six-foot-two-inches in height, weight estimated to be about 185 pounds; believed to be dark-haired, wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and possibly a baseball cap.

UPDATE (6:43 PM): Thirteen confirmed dead — ten police officers and three civilans. Estimates have changed to around 35 wounded. Suspect in custody, but city still on high alert. Stay tuned for more.

In the early evening hours, a shooter believed to be Frank Castle entered and opened-fire upon a ballroom in the Gotham City Convention Center. The weapon was recovered from the crime scene, and has been reported to be a MP5 submachine gun — a military-grade automatic weapon.

Law Enforcement officials are uncertain how Castle entered the building based on the heightened security, but investigations are still underway. A manhunt across New Jersey and New York is now being called, and any sightings of Frank Castle should be reported immediately by calling 911.

Commissioner Jim Gordon of Gotham City has commented that, "We are still investigating this tragic event, and ask the public for patience as the evidence is carefully combed through. As of right now, we have no actual evidence to suggest that Frank Castle is the actual perpetrator of these events. I ask that the public allow local and federal law enforcement to do their jobs, and to not approach Castle and instead call for assistance. For now, we must all mourn the loss of these brave men and women who came here today to learn from each other."

The suspect that was taken into custody has now been released. Sources from inside Gotham PD have said that the man had no evidence on him to suggest any involvement.

Location: Gotham

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