Misfitting Relations

April 23, 2015:

Misfit checks in with Babs and doesn't get the response she expects

Clocktower - Gotham


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The Tracker in Misfit's comm gear has been all over the place over the last week. The usual out on patrol of course in the evenings. The wierd part is she has been spending a lot of time in the United Kingdom bouncing around from Castle, to Landmark, to Stone Henge, to Landmark. Some of it off the grid. Some of it very touristy.

Right now though she is back in the Clocktower having just been overseas. She meanders out of her room headed for the kitchen in a tight pair of jeans and a babydoll with a cute anime wolf on it. She seems to be in too good a mood. I mean sure she is always all chipperness but she has this cat eating the canary pleased with herself.

Babs has been busy as well. Hacking HYDRA, the HYDRA attack on Orleans, supporting JL:A and Gothamite vigilantes. She's in the kitchen, making tea and reading her tablet as she waits for the kettle to boil.

As Misfit enters the kitchen, Babs looks up and smiles "What are you looking so pleased about?"

Charlie blinks there and then blushes, man when does she ever blush. "God.. is it that obvious… I mean.. what… what do you mean?" she grins this cheshire cat of a grin there. "..guh…" she laughs and ducks over to the fridge now head shaking. "I've been sightseeing with a friend…"

"Who?" Babs cants her head and regards her young charge. The sightseeing isn't such a surprise. The blush is…

Charlie ducks back out with leftover pizza, god Lady Blackhawk needs to come back or something. She heads to the island with a soda as well. "Jeremiah and I have been touring the UK, he has been showing me castles and stone henge and I got to meet Robin Goodfellow.." yup still blushing.

Babs just stares at Misfit "You mean Fenris?" The redhead hasn't noticed the lack of food, obviously. "This is part of the project you're doing with him?" He'd mentioned something when she'd gone for the JL:A BBQ.

Charlie toys with her pizza and then takes a bite and eyes you "Well no… I mean he is teaching me magic yes… but no…" she trails off and eyes Babs "This is more… a fun trip to show me the world and the sights. It isn't a professional or superhero thing…"

Babs puts her tablet down and folds her arm, looking at Charlie rather firmly "So what is it then, that makes you blush so, if it's not a professional or superhero thing."

Charlie head tilts studying your reaction "Guh. .this is why I wasn't going to just up and tell you because you would give me that look Babs…. It's like.. a personal thing. I mean… I like him and he likes me. Whatever it is isn't solidified yet but I am enjoying myself…"

Taking her tablet, Babs nods quietly. "OK then, you're old enough to make your own decisions." Moving her chair out of the kitchen she heads towards the elevator and the top floor. "I'm going to go to work now."

Charlie blinks at that, okay that was a lot easier then she expected. She head tilts the other way and then narrows her eyes. "Are you mad at me?" she isn't positive really. She hops down with her pizza and soda now and follows you.

"Not mad, no" Babs says quietly "I'm not sure how to describe what I'm feeling, right now."

The elevator door opens and she gets in, pressing the button for the top floor. "You don't want me prying, I won't."

Charlie sighs "I don't mind prying.. I don't want to keep any secrets… I don't want you telling me not to do it though or judging me for it… but I don't mind sharing and talking at all Babs."

"There's nothing to talk about." Babs drops her eyes to her tablet. Her fingers moving data from one window to another. The redhead looks kind of hurt.

Charlie's shoulders slump and she sets the pizza down then pivots around and crouches down peering up at you with worried eyes. "Don't be mad… I didn't mean to hurt your feelings… I'm not always good with people…" she seems dismayed.

The elevator door opens and Babs glances at Charlie "I'm not mad, Charlie" she sighs as she moves to the exit heading for beloved computers. "You didn't think you could tell me, that hurt. And really… I just don't want to discuss it right now." She has enough on her mind with the HYDRA and SRD threats.

Charlie bounces back up to her feet now and sighs "No.. I didn't know how to tell you not that I didn't think I couldn't tell you… I was trying to formulate a plan… and okay…" she steps out carrying her pizza.

There's a lot more to it than that of course, but Babs isn't going to dwell on it. "So with all your sight seeing, have you kept up with what's going on here, at home?" Positioning her chair in front of her screens, Gothams Information Goddess blows out a deep breath and starts focussing on what's going on in Gotham, and around the world. Misfit should notice that the displays have changed to encompass more than just the city of Gotham.

Charlie murmurs "And learning magic. I've been bouncing to any call you or the Titans have made." she looks over the monitors "Woah you loaded up a lot more monitoring programs…" she squints looking it around. "The president was killed.. the Wonder Woman was in congress… lots of crazy going on. The news said mystical assault when the president died?"

"Mmmm, learning magic?" Charlie hasn't given Babs too much of an update recently. "And yes, with my position in the JL:A as communications, I have to monitor a lot more." Looking at Charlie, Babs smiles faintly "All the members of the JL:A know is that Oracle is doing comms."

"The president was killed by HYDRA, or agents of HYDRA." Babs shudders a little "The attack on Orleans was by Zombies. If you call that mystical, I guess. Fenris was there, he can give you the lowdown."

Charlie nods bobbing her head "I wouldn't slip unless I was suffering a head injury B… I don't want you in danger." she frowns a little "Hydra… I still haven't ever run into them but I know a lot of the magic cops on that team have been. They seem to be harnessing magic a lot to try to give themselves an edge on world domination." she considers "I'll ask him about the Zombies… but wasn't the President shot?"

"Yeah he was, you're right. I guess it was some form of compulsion." Her camera feeds didn't pick it all up but she'd got the gist from the members of the JL:A. "I trust you, Charlie. But it helps to be clear, so you know which story to maintain and when." As to HYDRA "In Gotham, HYDRA itself hasn't been seen, they're working through the Ton Ton Macoute."

Charlie nods "I know you trust me…" she is in here and all after all. She settles into one of the chairs with her pizza there. "Ton Ton Macoute?" she furrows her brow "What the heck is that.." yeah she should read case files more.

"You fought them, with The Fox and Batgirl. Organised crime syndicate." Babs fills in the gaps "They've extended their drug trafficking, courtesy of HYDRA, and are trafficking in magical items as well. " Babs smiles grimly "Control the money, control the crime, control the city. The Fox is going to take them out, and I'll need you and the rest of the Bats to be on the ready."

Perks being included in the Bats like that, she still hasn't ever got to see Batman face to face after all. "Okay I'm always on call B…. you just need to ping me and I'm where you need me in the time it takes me to bounce…" which for Charlie is no time at all "And yeah the magic drugs… bad news."

"Well, then there's Smooth. And I know little enough about that…" Babs, it seems, is quite busy. "Is that what you meant about magic drugs?" She's not really sure. "And I know you'll be there, when called, Misfit." the redhead smiles at Charlie. See… distract Babs with work, she'll be just fine.

Charlie bobs her head there "No I meant magic dealing drug dealers….. I should probably talk to the fox about it and see where he can use help I guess."

"Right… " Babs sighs "Sorry, there's a lot going on. Now… tell me about this learning magic thing." The redhead does care about her charge and does want to know what's happening in her life.

Charlie nods "Thought I mentioned it… Fenris has been teaching me to harness magic. I mean evidently my bouncing is magic not just a meta or mutant thing…" she fishes around and sets a runestone down "I learned how to make these… I call them unluck stones… they make people unlucky"

"I suspected as much from parts of conversations I'd had with Fenris." nodding she looks at the runestone "And where do you use them?" She frowns a little as she thinks about the name.

Charlie grins "Well I have to activate them… but then I pretty much bean the badguy with them or bounce and drop them into their pocket or …well you know and it transfers the unlucky fate and ends up making them have accidents… it has been very useful in fights… but yeah magic is very flexible… but tons of lessons to do even something this small"

"It doesn't sound small to me" Babs cants her head and considers "Messing with Fate can be tricky, I suppose. Lessons are always good and if Fenris is guiding that learning, then I trust you're learning good things." The redhead quite likes Fenris "And you've found a practical use for them, too. I'll have to pay more attention in your next fight. It might be a little amusing."

Misfit nods "I think it might be hard for some people…. but my magic is like … evidently pure chaos… so giving someone unluck with a jolt of chaos is evidently not too far of a reach..and yeah some really out of bounds stuff happens"

Babs blinks at the thought unluck runes powered by chaos magic. When did thinking about magic become so everyday for her? "What do you mean out of bounds? you mean pushing the limits or doing something you shouldn't be doing?" Magic, whilst Charlie says it's flexible, still has rules as far as Babs knows.

Charlie nudges the runestone and then pockets it. "No not like.. reality bending out of bounds… I was more saying just whacky and funny…"

Speaking of bending reality there's a knock at the window as a man with four feathered wings floats there and waves. Hey Babs. Charlie. It's your friendly neighborhood Blue. With tea. And pastries. Seems he's making a visit and a delivery.

Nodding slowly, Babs watches Charlie pocket the rune stone "I was just checking… words can have so many different meanings." Then a wild Rowan appears on Babs video and she looks at Charlie. "Would you mind letting Rowan into the apartment?" She'll follow behind.

Charlie laughs and nods "Of course…. he really gets around flying all over I'm telling you…." she smiles and heads over and pops the window for the Blue "oo pastry…" she snags one and notes "Babs will be like right down…" she looks about "I'm giving you two space to be all cutesy though."

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